Legislature(1997 - 1998)

05/01/1998 05:11 PM RLS

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Number 019                                                                     
CHAIRMAN KOTT announced the first order of business would be CSSB
122(L&C), "An Act relating to unfair discrimination under a group              
health insurance policy for services provided by marital and family            
therapists; and providing for an effective date," sponsored by the             
Senate Labor and Commerce Committee.  He noted there is a proposed             
committee substitute (CS) dated 4/30/98, Ford, Version L.                      
Number 023                                                                     
REPRESENTATIVE BRIAN PORTER made a motion to adopt the proposed                
House CS for CS for SB 122, Version L.  There being no objection,              
Version L was before the committee.                                            
Number 029                                                                     
ROBERT PEARSON, Intern to Senator Loren Leman, Alaska State                    
Legislature, came forward to explain the proposed CS.  He said the             
legislation would provide equity for marital and family therapists             
on a par with a number of other health professionals, including                
mental health professionals, in what might be described as equal               
opportunity or protecting them from unfair discrimination in                   
insurance policy matters.                                                      
REPRESENTATIVE KIM ELTON asked if the only change is the effective             
MR. PEARSON responded in the affirmative.                                      
CHAIRMAN KOTT explained that it would give the insurance companies             
time to make the necessary changes to conform to the (indisc.).                
CHAIRMAN KOTT asked if there were further witness to testify.                  
There being none, he asked what the wish was of the committee.                 
Number 070                                                                     
REPRESENTATIVE PORTER moved and asked unanimous consent to move                
HCSCSSB 122(RLS), Version L, out of committee with individual                  
recommendations and with the zero fiscal notes.  There being no                
objection, HCSCSSB 122(RLS) moved out of the House Rules Standing              

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