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02/23/1998 04:03 PM House RLS

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HB 182 - QUALIFICATIONS OF STATE FORESTER                                      
Number 0027                                                                    
CHAIRMAN KOTT announced the committee would hear HB 182, "An Act               
relating to the qualifications of the state forester," sponsored by            
Representative Williams.                                                       
Number 0030                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE BILL WILLIAMS, Sponsor of HB 182, referred to the               
proposed committee substitute (CS), Version H, and said he has been            
working the Administration and the Society of American Foresters to            
come up with qualifications to be a state forester.  He referred to            
the version of the bill that moved out of the House Resources                  
Committee and said the committee members had misunderstood the                 
Society of American Foresters.  He referred to page 1, line 11, and            
stated he would like to change the language to read, "a bachelor's             
or higher degree in the broad field of forestry;".  He noted the               
Alaska Forest Association, the Administration and the American                 
Society of Forestry agrees with the proposed change.                           
Number 0165                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE BRIAN PORTER asked if you had a degree in the narrow            
field of forestry, you could qualify.                                          
REPRESENTATIVE WILLIAMS responded that was where it was at one                 
Number 0218                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE PORTER said what he interprets the change to mean is            
that it is an expansion of what was in the previous version of the             
legislation.  He said a general degree in forestry will be                     
Number 0247                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE GAIL PHILLIPS asked about degrees such as in natural            
resources management.                                                          
Number 0258                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE WILLIAMS explained that a problem with Resources                
version of the bill was it stated, "accredited by the Society of               
American Foresters."  He said he wanted to broaden it more and the             
Society of American Foresters agreed.  He said the Society of                  
American Foresters may change its philosophy, so they suggested                
making it the broad field of forestry.  Representative Williams                
pointed out that the Society of American Foresters also made the               
recommendation that a person have at least three years of                      
experience in forestry.  In order to work in forestry, you would               
have to have some sort of background.  The way the current statute             
is written it says you don't have to have a background in forestry.            
Anyone can be hired that has a degree in resources management such             
as mining, fisheries, et cetera.                                               
Number 0385                                                                    
CHAIRMAN KOTT said he understands that.  He said if the committee              
removed the wording, "accredited by the Society of American                    
Foresters", we would have a broad degree of forestry versus a                  
forestry-related program.  He asked if the opportunity would be                
REPRESENTATIVE WILLIAMS said he isn't sure.                                    
Number 0423                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE PORTER said the wording could be interpreted to mean            
that if the word "forestry" was not in the title of the degree, you            
might not be able to qualify.  He said if you had a degree in                  
national resource management with an emphasis in forestry and three            
years of experience, he would guess someone might want to consider             
that person.  Representative Porter said leaving "a forestry or                
related program" is better than "broad field of forestry."                     
REPRESENTATIVE WILLIAMS responded, "close related program."  He                
questioned changing the wording to "a bachelor's or higher degree              
in a forestry-related program."                                                
REPRESENTATIVE PHILLIPS added, "and the experience,".                          
Number 0495                                                                    
CHAIRMAN KOTT asked Representative Williams if that still captures             
the intent and would be supported by the foresters.                            
REPRESENTATIVE WILLIAMS responded that he believes it would be                 
Number 0544                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE PORTER made a motion to adopt the proposed CSHB 182,            
Version H, dated 2/16/98.  There being no objection, it was so                 
Number 0567                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE PORTER moved to amend page 1, line 11.  He said                 
strike "broad field of forestry" and insert "in a forestry-related             
program; and".                                                                 
CHAIRMAN KOTT said it is a conceptual amendment.  He asked if there            
was an objection.  There being no objection, the amendment was                 
Number 0809                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE PORTER made a motion to move CSHB 182, as amended,              
with individual recommendations and with the attached fiscal notes             
out of committee.                                                              
CHAIRMAN KOTT asked if there was an objection.  There being no                 
objection, CSHB 182(RLS) moved out of the House Rules Standing                 

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