Legislature(1995 - 1996)

01/27/1995 11:03 AM RLS

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 HRLS - 01/27/95                                                               
 SCR 6 - STATE V. BABBITT LAWSUIT CONTINUATION                               
 REPRESENTATIVE GAIL PHILLIPS brought up SCR 6 as an item for                  
 addition to the supplemental calendar and made a motion as such.              
 REPRESENTATIVE JERRY MACKIE objected.  He felt that it takes a                
 two-thirds vote by members and it would place a hardship on                   
 majority members.                                                             
 REPRESENTATIVE PHILLIPS stated that she wanted to expedite the                
 resolution and, without a supplemental calendar, it would add                 
 another day.  Representative Phillips moved that the committee                
 adopt SCR 6, relating to the State v. Babbitt Lawsuit continuation,           
 for a supplemental calendar.                                                  
 REPRESENTATIVE MACKIE objected.  He said this deviates from the               
 usual procedures and taking up the resolution on a supplemental               
 calendar, instead of on Monday, only gains the body one day.  He              
 further stated that taking a procedural vote on this matter makes             
 it awkward for some majority members, and they may vote for                   
 something they don't actually support.                                        
 REPRESENTATIVE MOSES asked if there was any further discussion.               
 Hearing none, he then asked the clerk to take the roll.                       
 Representatives Moses, Phillips, Bunde, Williams, and Vezey voted             
 in favor of the motion.  Representative Mackie voted against the              
 motion.  The motion was adopted.  Representative Moses asked the              
 clerk to notify the House Chief Clerk there would be a supplemental           
 calendar with SCR 6 as the only item.                                         

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