Legislature(1997 - 1998)

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 HJR 39 - LIMIT DECLARATION OF NATL. MONUMENTS                               
 CO-CHAIRMAN OGAN announced the committee would hear House Joint               
 Resolution No. 39, urging the United States Congress to enact                 
 legislation that prohibits the President of the United States from            
 extending or establishing national monuments without the express              
 authorization of the Congress.  He asked if there was discussion.             
 Number 0117                                                                   
 CO-CHAIRMAN BILL HUDSON said it is an excellent resolution that               
 speaks to not only Alaska's interests but those of the entire West            
 Coast as well.                                                                
 Number 0138                                                                   
 CO-CHAIRMAN HUDSON made a motion to move HJR 39 from committee with           
 individual recommendations.  He asked unanimous consent.                      
 CO-CHAIRMAN OGAN asked if there was any objection.  He commended              
 committee aide Hans Neidig for his work on HJR 39; because of the             
 outstanding job Mr. Neidig had done, everyone was happy with the              
 resolution.  He thanked Mr. Neidig for his service to him and the             
 CO-CHAIRMAN HUDSON stated his belief that this is one of the best             
 committees he has worked with on resources; he cited the diversity            
 of the committee as an asset.  He said he was looking forward to              
 streamlining legislation over the summer to try to help develop               
 resources economically while protecting the environment.  He                  
 expressed appreciation for the fine work done by Mr. Neidig.  He              
 also commended Marieke Nordlinger, his own staff member, for her              
 outstanding job, saying she is one of the brightest and best                  
 committee assistants he has ever had.                                         
 Number 0353                                                                   
 CO-CHAIRMAN OGAN, noting there was no objection to the resolution,            
 announced that HJR 39 was moved from the House Resources Standing             

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