Legislature(1993 - 1994)

03/17/1993 05:00 PM House MLV

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  HB 175 - APPROP: WOMEN IN MILITARY SERVICE MEMORIAL                          
  JAY NELSON, AIDE TO REP. CLIFF DAVIDSON, stated that HB 175                  
  was a bill that would provide $15,000 in state funding                       
  towards the construction of the Women In Military Service                    
  Memorial in Washington, D.C.  He stated that this memorial                   
  was conceived after the Gulf War due to the large amount of                  
  women who participated in that war and in the military as a                  
  MR. NELSON said that U.S. Senator Frank Murkowski was a big                  
  supporter of the construction of the Women In Military                       
  Service Memorial.  He  that U.S. Senator Frank Murkowski                     
  introduced legislation for this memorial in Washington,                      
  D.C., and has raised funds for this memorial.                                
  MR. NELSON noted that the total cost of the memorial would                   
  be about $14 million and that states were giving money to                    
  show support for female personnel.  He stated that the                       
  memorial has received money from industry and countries in                   
  the Gulf area.  He said five states have donated to the                      
  REP. KOTT asked what happens to the appropriated sum of                      
  money that comes from the general fund for half of this                      
  memorial if it is not utilized towards the construction of                   
  this memorial.                                                               
  MR. NELSON responded that the states' contributions would                    
  only be a small part of the total construction cost.  He                     
  stated that this project started back in 1988 and they have                  
  actually spent somewhere around $7 million to $8 million on                  
  the design phase, developing the public computer system, and                 
  the public exhibition area.  He noted that their authority                   
  was to expire once it was extended by two years.                             
  Theoretically their authority will expire this fall if they                  
  do not raise the money, but since they have raised 50                        
  percent of the money, the only thing left is the                             
  construction part.  He stated that their authority to                        
  receive funds would be extended if that was a problem.                       
  MR. NELSON explained that U.S. Senator Frank Murkowski will                  
  introduce legislation that will allow for the authorization                  
  of coins to be issued by the Mint for the purpose of raising                 
  money for this memorial.  Any extra money for this project                   
  will be used to maintain the data base that they have been                   
  developing for all women veterans.                                           
  REP. KOTT asked if all veterans would be recognized or just                  
  the ones that participated in the Middle East Crisis.                        
  MR. NELSON stated that all women veterans would be                           
  REP. KOTT asked how the allocation was determined and was it                 
  equitable as compared to what other states have given                        
  towards the memorial.                                                        
  MR. NELSON stated that this would be up to the legislature                   
  to decide.                                                                   
  REP. FOSTER remarked that there was about 77,000 veterans in                 
  MR. NELSON said there were about 5,000 women veterans in                     
  CHAIRMAN MULDER stated that the way he saw the issue was                     
  that this committee would decide whether this was a good or                  
  bad idea and for the Finance Committee to decide whether it                  
  was the appropriate amount.                                                  
  JOELLE HALL, INTERN FOR REP. FRAN ULMER, she stated that she                 
  was a veteran of the U.S. Army, U.S. Army reserve, and the                   
  Alaska National Guard.  She said this bill is a good idea to                 
  honor the women who have come before and in the future and                   
  it is an investment.  She stated that the memorial that had                  
  been attempted before had faced various stumbling blocks and                 
  this was a good way of going about that - by recognizing all                 
  women who have ever served.  She stated that she thought it                  
  was important that Alaska participate.                                       
  REP. FOSTER asked to move HB 175 out of committee with                       
  individual recommendations.                                                  
  CHAIRMAN MULDER asked for any objections.                                    
  REP. KOTT responded yes, for the purpose of discussion.                      
  REP. KOTT asked if she would be willing to pay three dollars                 
  to have her name engraved.                                                   
  MS. HALL responded that she would; it would be a great                       
  REP. KOTT asked how much should Alaska appropriate for this                  
  MS. HALL stated that each state would have to look at it in                  
  terms of its fiscal ability to pay, but the state should                     
  also look at how many veterans are in the state.                             
  REP. KOTT said that he agreed and withdrew his objection.                    
  CHAIRMAN MULDER ordered the bill out of committee with                       
  individual recommendations.                                                  

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