Legislature(1995 - 1996)

04/21/1995 03:10 PM L&C

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+ teleconferenced
= bill was previously heard/scheduled
 HB 300 - APPROP: MONETARY TERM LOCAL 71 CONTRACT                            
 Number 500                                                                    
 HB 300, "An Act making appropriations for the monetary terms of the           
 collective bargaining agreement with Public Employees Local 71,               
 Labor, Trades and Crafts Unit; and providing for an effective                 
 date," was the next piece of legislation to come before the                   
 committee.  CHAIRMAN KOTT asked if there was anybody wishing to               
 testify.  There was nobody to testify.  Chairman Kott asked if                
 there was debate.                                                             
 There being no debate, REPRESENTATIVE PORTER made a motion to move            
 HB 300 out of the House Labor and Commerce Committee with                     
 individual recommendations and attached fiscal notes.  Hearing no             
 objection, HB 300 was moved out of the House Labor and Commerce               

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