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  HCR 17 KENAI PENINSULA INSURANCE POOL                                        
  REP. GARY DAVIS, PRIME SPONSOR of HCR 17, read the following                 
  sponsor statement:                                                           
  "The Legislature established a Health Resources and Access                   
  Task Force in 1991.  That Task Force submitted a final                       
  report with recommendations to the Governor and the                          
  Legislature in January 1993.  The recommendations can be                     
  found on page 2 of this resolution.                                          
  "The Kenai Peninsula Borough Economic Development District                   
  has established a Kenai Peninsula Borough Health Care                        
  Advisory Council to develop recommendations for a health                     
  care plan for the Kenai Peninsula Borough.  This plan is a                   
  step in the right direction to address health care reform                    
  issues.  They would like to have the plan address health                     
  care reform issues.  They would like to have the plan                        
  implemented as a model for other areas statewide.  The Kenai                 
  Peninsula Borough Health Care Advisory Council would like to                 
  be recognized as a model regional area for pooling insurance                 
  requirements, for establishing community rating for                          
  insurance premiums, for developing small group insurance                     
  regulatory reform measures, and for establishing a health                    
  maintenance organization.                                                    
  "HCR 17 requests that the Governor direct the Commissioner                   
  of Health and Social Services assist the Kenai Peninsula                     
  Borough Health Care Advisory Council in their pursuit of a                   
  model region wide health access and basic care program."                     
  Number 117                                                                   
  DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT and CO-CHAIR of the HEALTH CARE                         
  ADVISORY COUNCIL, testified in support of HCR 17.  Mr.                       
  Stedman pointed out that in the packet he included an                        
  overview of the project and was available to answer                          
  MR. STEDMAN stated that his group's primary goal would be to                 
  make available affordable health insurance to all residents,                 
  which would thereby increase access and utilization of the                   
  local health care system.                                                    
  Number 229                                                                   
  REP. PORTER asked if this project would provide insurance to                 
  some of the people who don't have insurance.                                 
  Number 235                                                                   
  ME. STEDMAN stated that this project would provide insurance                 
  to a certain number of persons who currently don't have                      
  insurance.  Mr. Stedman added that it would not be feasible                  
  to cover everyone at this time.                                              
  Number 250                                                                   
  CHAIRMAN HUDSON asked if this program would be all                           
  MR. STEDMAN replied that it would.                                           
  Number 253                                                                   
  CHAIRMAN HUDSON noted that the information states that they                  
  will access revenue bonding capabilities and asked what some                 
  of the expenses would be anticipated that would require                      
  raising millions of dollars.  He asked if the group was                      
  anticipating building clinics, etc.                                          
  Number 268                                                                   
  MR. STEDMAN answered that they would be just capitalizing                    
  against risk.                                                                
  Number 278                                                                   
  REP. GREEN asked if this concept was like a cooperative and                  
  what would prevent this organization from going under                        
  because of too many high risk persons joining.                               
  MR. STEDMAN stated that it was a complex issue and the                       
  project was being constantly worked on to be cost                            
  Number 296                                                                   
  REP. MACKIE moved for passage of HCR 17 with individual                      
  recommendations and a zero fiscal note.                                      
  No objections were heard; it was so ordered.                                 

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