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HB 35 - NOTICE & CONSENT FOR MINOR'S ABORTION                                                                                 
1:07:39 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR RAMRAS [announced  that the only order of  business would be                                                              
HOUSE BILL  NO. 35, "An Act relating  to notice and consent  for a                                                              
minor's  abortion;   relating  to  penalties  for   performing  an                                                              
abortion;  relating   to  a  judicial  bypass  procedure   for  an                                                              
abortion; relating  to coercion  of a minor  to have  an abortion;                                                              
relating to reporting  of abortions performed on  minors; amending                                                              
Rule  220,  Alaska Rules  of  Appellate  Procedure, and  Rule  20,                                                              
Alaska  Probate   Rules,  relating  to  judicial   bypass  for  an                                                              
abortion; and providing for an effective date."].                                                                               
1:07:53 PM                                                                                                                    
BRITTENY  A.  CIONI indicated  that  she  would be  testifying  in                                                              
opposition to HB  35.  After noting that she is  an economist, she                                                              
pointed  out  that  the economic  effects  of  childbirth  can  be                                                              
particularly  severe on a  teenager who drops  out of  high school                                                              
and  attempts to  support  herself  and a  child;  in addition  to                                                              
current  high  unemployment rates,  employment  opportunities  for                                                              
teenagers  and  young  adults  are   very  limited  and  typically                                                              
consist of low-wage  jobs that most often do  not include benefits                                                              
such as  healthcare.  To have  to care for  a baby at a  young age                                                              
saddles   a  teenager   with  responsibilities   that  limit   her                                                              
opportunities   for  education  and   therefore  also   limit  her                                                              
contribution   to  society.      In  addition   to  the   economic                                                              
consequences,  the health  consequences  for  minors giving  birth                                                              
can  also  be   rather  harsh:    maternal   mortality,  non-fatal                                                              
complications  from premature  birth, and  underweight babies  are                                                              
higher  among women  who  are under  the  age of  20.   Access  to                                                              
reproductive   healthcare,  including   abortion,  is   vital  for                                                              
pregnant  minors, and  being free  from  parental interference  is                                                              
just as vital.                                                                                                                  
MS.   CIONI  offered   her  belief   that   passage  of   parental                                                              
notification  legislation may  make girls  vulnerable to  physical                                                              
and  emotional  violence.    Often,   these  types  of  laws  will                                                              
frighten  teenagers away  from medical  care, delaying  counseling                                                              
and  abortion until  later on  in the  pregnancy, thus  increasing                                                              
the  number   of  second-  and   third-term  abortions   that  are                                                              
performed on  teenagers.  First-term  abortions, in  contrast, are                                                              
the safest.   Such legislation  will also increase  the likelihood                                                              
that  teenagers  will  seek  illegal   abortions  outside  of  the                                                              
healthcare   system.     Most  professional   medical   societies,                                                              
including   the  American   Medical   Association  (AMA),   oppose                                                              
parental  notification  laws;  such   laws  have  resulted  in  an                                                              
increase  in  self-induced  or  illegal  abortions,  and  in  more                                                              
minors bearing  unwanted babies -  the latter having all  sorts of                                                              
societal consequences.                                                                                                          
MS.  CIONI  pointed  out  that not  all  teenagers  are  fortunate                                                              
enough  to have  supportive  parents.   A  paper  produced by  the                                                              
American   Psychological   Association  (APA)   titled   "Parental                                                              
Consent and  Adolescent Reproductive Health  Care - What  does the                                                              
Psychological Research Say?" in part reads:                                                                                     
     A  disproportionate  number  of  young  adolescents  who                                                                   
     become  pregnant  live  in  severely  unstable  families                                                                   
     (Ambuel,  1995).   Thus, adolescents  most  at risk  for                                                                   
     pregnancy  are  also  those  most likely  to  come  from                                                                   
     violent  and/or  chaotic homes  where  they may  not  be                                                                   
     able to seek guidance from their parents.                                                                                  
MS. CIONI,  in conclusion,  opined that HB  35 would  impact [some                                                              
of] society's  most vulnerable members  - at risk teenagers  - and                                                              
that it's  the job  of political leaders  and citizens  to protect                                                              
those teenagers rather than harm them.                                                                                          
1:13:18 PM                                                                                                                    
JEFFREY A. MITTMAN,  Executive Director, American  Civil Liberties                                                              
Union of  Alaska (ACLU of  Alaska), said  that the ACLU  of Alaska                                                              
strongly opposes  HB 35; as  a nonpartisan organization,  the ACLU                                                              
of  Alaska seeks  to protect  the  rights -  guaranteed under  the                                                              
U.S.  Constitution and  the  Alaska State  Constitution  - of  all                                                              
Alaskans, and to  preserve and expand civil liberties.   Requiring                                                              
parental  consent  for  a minor's  abortion  violates  the  Alaska                                                              
State  Constitution  according  to  the Alaska  Supreme  Court  in                                                              
State v.  Planned Parenthood of  Alaska.  Furthermore,  regardless                                                            
of  how one  views the  bill's constitutional  infirmities, HB  35                                                              
will put  Alaska's teenagers at  risk.  Parents,  rightfully, want                                                              
to be involved in  their teenagers' lives, but no  law can mandate                                                              
family communication,  and HB 35,  if passed, would  have terrible                                                              
consequences in  the real world  because desperate  teenagers will                                                              
do   desperate  things.     Recognizing   this,  leading   medical                                                              
organizations, whose  members provide  care for the  vast majority                                                              
of  adolescents,  have  policies   explicitly  opposing  mandatory                                                              
parental notification.                                                                                                          
MR.  MITTMAN  offered   that  one  of  the  American   Academy  of                                                              
Pediatrics (AAP)  Committee on  Adolescence policy statements  [in                                                              
part] reads:                                                                                                                    
     Genuine  concern  for  the   best  interests  of  minors                                                                   
     argues strongly  against mandatory parental  consent and                                                                   
     notification  laws.    Although  the  stated  intent  of                                                                   
     mandatory  ... laws is  to enhance family  communication                                                                   
     and  parental  responsibility,  there is  no  supporting                                                                   
     evidence  that the laws  have these  effects. ...  There                                                                   
     is  evidence that  such  legislation  ... increases  the                                                                   
     risk   of  medical   and  psychological   harm  to   the                                                                   
     adolescent.     Judicial   bypass   provisions  do   not                                                                   
     ameliorate  the  risk. ...  The  AAP holds  that  public                                                                   
     policies    can   and    should   encourage    voluntary                                                                   
     involvement   of   parents   ...,  but   specific   laws                                                                   
     mandating notification ... are counterproductive.                                                                          
MR.  MITTMAN  explained  that  the   American  Academy  of  Family                                                              
Physicians  (AAFP),  the  American College  of  Obstetricians  and                                                              
Gynecologists  (ACOG), the  AMA,  and the  American Public  Health                                                              
Association  (APHA),  as  well   as  the  Society  for  Adolescent                                                              
Medicine (SAM),  all oppose laws  like HB 35.   Furthermore, while                                                              
HB  35 can't  force teenagers  to talk  to their  parents, it  may                                                              
force  them to  seek illegal,  unsafe abortions  or even  consider                                                              
suicide.  Another  problem with the proposed  legislation includes                                                              
the judicial bypass  provision, because it isn't  a real solution:                                                              
a scared,  pregnant teenager  is not going  to navigate  a crowded                                                              
court  system and reveal  intimate  details about  her life  to an                                                              
unfamiliar  judge in  an  impersonal courtroom.    There are  also                                                              
problems with  the requirements  outlined in the  abuse exception;                                                              
for  example,   the  mandatory   notarization  and   corroboration                                                              
requirements are so  difficult for a teenager to  comply with that                                                              
the exception is essentially meaningless.                                                                                       
MR. MITTMAN  noted that  a comprehensive  review, released  today,                                                              
of published  research on  the effects  of laws  like HB  35 finds                                                              
that such laws  do little to reduce teenage abortion  or pregnancy                                                              
rates; there  is no evidence  that these laws affect  parent-child                                                              
communication, whereas  there is  some evidence that  they instead                                                              
cause harm  to teenagers.   The real  answer to teenage  pregnancy                                                              
and reducing  abortion, he  opined, starts  with caring  families.                                                              
As  a  state, Alaska  should  try  to foster  an  atmosphere  that                                                              
ensures Alaska's  daughters can  always go  to their parents,  but                                                              
the ACLU  of Alaska must  oppose any measure  that would  delay or                                                              
stop  Alaska's  teenagers  from  seeking  counseling  and  medical                                                              
care.   In  conclusion,  he said:    "We ask  you  to protect  the                                                              
health  and safety  of our  teenagers and  vote 'Do  not pass'  on                                                              
HB 35.  Thank you."                                                                                                             
MR. MITTMAN,  in response to a  question, explained that  the ACLU                                                              
of  Alaska has  a difficult  mandate  and one  client  - the  U.S.                                                              
Constitution  and the Alaska  State Constitution  - and  therefore                                                              
finds that when  it is confronted with difficult  questions, it is                                                              
not a  question of  one right  versus another  but rather  often a                                                              
question of  competing rights.   So when  discussing the  issue of                                                              
"life,"  in  addition  to  being  a  personal  question  for  many                                                              
people,  the  ACLU  of  Alaska's  position  does  not  necessarily                                                              
pertain - at least  with this bill - to the issues  of abortion or                                                              
choice, but instead  pertains to the rights of  the teenager whose                                                              
life is at  risk with the  unwanted pregnancy she's facing.   With                                                              
difficult  decisions, the  ACLU of  Alaska has  to weigh the  many                                                              
conflicting  rights of  individuals, societal  interests, and,  in                                                              
the end,  it turns  to the  constitutions to  determine what  they                                                              
mandate, and  in the case  of HB 35,  the ACLU of  Alaska believes                                                              
that  the  constitutions  mandate  that teenagers  must  have  the                                                              
right to seek necessary medical care.                                                                                           
MR. MITTMAN, in  response to another question, said  that the ACLU                                                              
of  Alaska  believes   that  HB  35  pertains  to   the  issue  of                                                              
protecting  the health and  safety of  teenagers; HB 35  addresses                                                              
teenagers that  may need medical  care and/or medical  counseling,                                                              
and  its focus  is  on  what do  teenagers  - those  whose  family                                                              
situation  involves violence,  abuse,  incest -  need and  require                                                              
from  the State  of Alaska.   In  this  case, the  ACLU of  Alaska                                                              
asserts that  what such teenagers  don't need  is a law  that puts                                                              
them at  greater risk, but  rather a law  that will  support their                                                              
right to take care of their own health and safety.                                                                              
1:19:26 PM                                                                                                                    
MR.  MITTMAN, in  response  to  a further  question,  acknowledged                                                              
that  one of  the issues  being raised  pertains to  when might  a                                                              
teenager need parental  involvement for medical care,  and offered                                                              
that  this again  requires  consideration  of conflicting  rights.                                                              
The  obstacles -  the real  world  problems -  in seeking  medical                                                              
care  and the  medical issues  that  must be  confronted are  very                                                              
different  for   a  teenager  who  is  experiencing   an  unwanted                                                              
pregnancy  than  they are  for  a  teenager  who has  a  headache.                                                              
Instead  of  just  putting  up   with  a  headache,  the  pregnant                                                              
teenager is  facing either  an illegal,  unsafe abortion  or going                                                              
through with  an unwanted  pregnancy, and so  what the  courts do,                                                              
and  what the  constitutions  mandate [they  do],  is balance  the                                                              
interests,  balance   the  obstacles,   and  balance   the  risks.                                                              
Clearly,  the risks posed  by an  illegal abortion  - such  as the                                                              
death of  the pregnant teenager -  are much greater than  the risk                                                              
posed by a headache causing temporary suffering.                                                                                
MR. MITTMAN,  in response  to another  question, pointed  out that                                                              
if  an  adolescent  were  in  school,  suffered  from  a  case  of                                                              
appendicitis,  and  had  to  be  rushed  to  the  hospital  on  an                                                              
emergency  basis,  all  states  have  an  emergency  exception  to                                                              
parental  consent/notification.   If a  hospital is  faced with  a                                                              
teenager  who has  an  emergency, life-threatening  condition,  of                                                              
course the hospital  will provide the necessary medical  care.  In                                                              
life-threatening  situations,  where  the courts  have  determined                                                              
that the health and  safety of a teenager is at  risk, the role of                                                              
the parent  to be  involved is  bypassed; it's  clear that  what's                                                              
medically  necessary  must  be  performed.   In  response  to  yet                                                              
another question, he  reiterated that what the courts  do and what                                                              
the  ACLU of  Alaska looks  at is  the reality  of the  situation,                                                              
and, although abortion  is an elective procedure,  the courts also                                                              
look at  the medical  reality.  With  appendicitis, if  the person                                                              
were  not  to be  operated  upon,  he/she  would face  death,  and                                                              
published  medical research  illustrates that  when a teenager  is                                                              
prevented  from having  an  abortion, she  may  do something  that                                                              
threatens  her own life.   Again,  the courts  try to  balance the                                                              
reality of the situation.                                                                                                       
CHAIR RAMRAS characterized that argument as subjective.                                                                         
1:22:02 PM                                                                                                                    
MR.  MITTMAN, in  response  to  another question,  explained  that                                                              
there  are peer-reviewed,  scientific-journal  articles  regarding                                                              
medical facts  alone which consider  whether, with the  passage of                                                              
a parental  consent/notification  law, although  there might  be 1                                                              
or 2  teenagers who  could possibly  go to  a parent, there  could                                                              
also be  30, 40, 50,  or 100 teenagers  who would seek  an unsafe,                                                              
illegal  abortion  rather  than   face  their  parent,  and  those                                                              
reports are  finding that  yes, there is  greater evidence  of the                                                              
latter.   In  response  to comments,  he  opined  that in  passing                                                              
legislation,  the legislature  has  the responsibility  of  caring                                                              
for  society as  a  whole.   In  an ideal  world,  there would  be                                                              
individuals  available  to  help   every  family,  to  help  every                                                              
teenager, but  the reality is that  the legislature must  pass the                                                              
best laws  it can while  considering the  available evidence.   So                                                              
if there  are only  going to be  1 or 2  individuals who  would be                                                              
helped by  a particular piece  of legislation,  but 30, or  40, or                                                              
100  individuals  who  would  be harmed,  then,  on  balance,  the                                                              
legislature ought  to find that  the harm of  such a law  would be                                                              
greater than  the benefit,  and, in that  case, should  argue that                                                              
it  would constitute  poor  public policy  and  thus shouldn't  be                                                              
MR. MITTMAN  indicated his  belief that  [HB 35] would  negatively                                                              
affect  the  most vulnerable  teenagers:    those who  don't  have                                                              
support networks,  who don't have caring families,  who are living                                                              
in  situations involving  violence and/or  abuse.   His point,  he                                                              
relayed, is that  the medical studies have found  that on balance,                                                              
the harm  outweighs any  benefit.   In response  to a request,  he                                                              
reiterated that  a comprehensive  review of published  research on                                                              
the effects of laws  like HB 35 finds that such  laws do little to                                                              
reduce teenage abortion  or pregnancy rates.  He said  it is clear                                                              
that the  intent of HB  35 is to  support teenagers  and families,                                                              
adding  that the  ACLU  of Alaska  agrees with  that  goal but  is                                                              
merely arguing that there is a better way to accomplish it.                                                                     
CHAIR RAMRAS said he disagrees with Mr. Mittman's point of view.                                                                
1:27:08 PM                                                                                                                    
CAYLEIGH ALLEN  relayed that  she is against  HB 35,  offering her                                                              
understanding  that there  are only  a few cases  in which  minors                                                              
don't already  involve their  parents in the  decision to  have an                                                              
abortion, and  surmising that  HB 35 will  only have an  impact on                                                              
those  few  cases   that  involve  children  who   are  living  in                                                              
difficult family  situations with unsupportive parents  who aren't                                                              
capable  of making  good  judgments and  thus  shouldn't be  given                                                              
priority  in   such  a  decision.     Requiring  minors   in  such                                                              
situations  to go through  the court  system  or prove abuse  only                                                              
through  the third  parties  listed  in the  bill  is  a huge  and                                                              
unreasonable  burden  to  place  on  pregnant  minors,  and  is  a                                                              
violation of  their privacy  as well.   If the  goal is  to reduce                                                              
the number  of abortions  occurring in  Alaska -  a goal  that she                                                              
said she  thinks everyone  one can  agree upon  - then  the better                                                              
approach,  instead  of  putting  restrictions on  minors  who  are                                                              
already  pregnant,  would  be  to  put  time  and  resources  into                                                              
lowering   the  number   of  unwanted   pregnancies  and   teenage                                                              
pregnancies to  begin with.   Better to provide  comprehensive sex                                                              
education,   education  about   contraceptives,   and  access   to                                                              
contraceptives.   In conclusion, she  offered her belief  that the                                                              
important  issue to  be considering  is the health  and safety  of                                                              
Alaska's teenagers,  and opined  that HB  35 doesn't support  that                                                              
1:29:05 PM                                                                                                                    
ALICE  SMOKER said  she  opposes  HB 35,  which,  she opined,  has                                                              
effectively     already    been     declared     unconstitutional,                                                              
discriminates  against  young women  by  negating  their right  to                                                              
freely choose  their own  reproductive health  care, and  provides                                                              
as an  alternative to parental  consent a costly  and logistically                                                              
unrealistic process  that is narrowly applicable  and only further                                                              
violates  a young  women's  right  to privacy.    She offered  her                                                              
understanding that  the arguments in  favor of HB 35,  as outlined                                                              
in  the  dissenting  opinion  in  Planned  Parenthood  of  Alaska,                                                            
include that  it is in the  State's interest to protect  the right                                                              
and  obligation of  parents  to be  involved  in their  children's                                                              
lives, and to  protect minors from their own  immaturity, and cite                                                              
as example that  many rights are not conferred to  minors, such as                                                              
the right to vote,  to get a tattoo, or to consent  to get his/her                                                              
teeth cleaned.                                                                                                                  
MS.  SMOKER, noting  that  she would  not  be  here testifying  if                                                              
HB 35 was  merely about a minor's  right to get her  teeth cleaned                                                              
without parental  consent, characterized  the bill as  taking away                                                              
a person's  much more  fundamental  right than  many of the  other                                                              
rights  that are  conferred upon  adults by  the government,  that                                                              
being  the natural  right of  a woman  to privately  make her  own                                                              
reproductive choices,  and as instead  conferring that  right upon                                                              
her parents if  the woman is a  minor.  This is wrong,  Ms. Smoker                                                              
opined; instead,  it is the State's obligation  to protect, rather                                                              
than erode,  the natural  rights  of its citizens.   For  example,                                                              
while  it is  not  the norm,  neither  is it  unheard  of in  some                                                              
communities  in  the nation  for  parents  to coerce  their  minor                                                              
daughters into  marrying at a young  age, even against  their will                                                              
or to  a person  they do  not desire.   In  such a situation,  she                                                              
remarked, "we feel  obliged as a society to intervene  in some way                                                              
because  we recognize  that  this  coercion violates  the  natural                                                              
right  of young  women  to  marry freely  when  and  to whom  they                                                              
MS.  SMOKER  opined  that  reproductive  choice  is  another  such                                                              
natural  right, and  that  therefore  it would  be  wrong for  the                                                              
State to  allow a woman  of any age to  be coerced into  having an                                                              
abortion, and  it would be  wrong for the  State to allow  a woman                                                              
of any age  to be coerced into  carrying a pregnancy to  term even                                                              
if it is her  own parents who are doing the coercing.   Passage of                                                              
HB  35  won't just  endorse  the  naturally-coercive  parent-child                                                              
relationship;  it will take  it one step  further by  legalizing a                                                              
parent's veto  power over a  young woman's most  fundamental right                                                              
- [choosing  her own]  reproductive destiny.   Just  as it  is not                                                              
feasible  for a  parent  to have  veto  power  over his/her  minor                                                              
child's sex  life, it  is not natural  for a  parent to  have veto                                                              
power  over his/her  daughter's  reproductive destiny.   She  said                                                              
she feels it  would be sad to  pass the proposed law  in a society                                                              
that claims  to value  young women  and tells  them that  they own                                                              
their own  bodies, but then in  this most crucial  and fundamental                                                              
aspect tells them  they don't.  In the interest  of protecting the                                                              
natural rights  of Alaska's  minors and  the health and  wellbeing                                                              
of young  women and  children, she said,  she urges  the committee                                                              
not to pass HB 35.                                                                                                              
1:32:34 PM                                                                                                                    
LISA  EAGAN-LAGERQUIST,  after  noting  that  she  is  opposed  to                                                              
HB 35, relayed  that she is a  concerned parent and a  former high                                                              
school  teacher who  taught in the  "CHOICE program"  - a  program                                                              
for teenagers at  risk of not graduating - for three  years, and a                                                              
former  middle  school  teacher  in  Sacramento,  California,  and                                                              
therefore  has a  fair  bit of  experience  with  teenagers.   She                                                              
opined that  HB 35  would be very  detrimental to those  teenagers                                                              
who cannot  talk to their parents.   All parents want  what's best                                                              
for their children,  have dreams for them, and want  to be able to                                                              
talk with  their teenagers.  However,  that's not reality.   There                                                              
are a  lot of  children who cannot  talk to  their parents  - they                                                              
are afraid  of their  parents or their  parents are  not available                                                              
to them;  for teenagers in  such a situation,  HB 35  is horrible,                                                              
she opined.                                                                                                                     
MS. EAGAN-LAGERQUIST  relayed that she  hopes her son, when  he is                                                              
older -  and her  daughter, should  she have one  in the  future -                                                              
will be willing  to talk to her.  However, if  her children decide                                                              
that they can't  talk to her, she  added, she needs to  trust that                                                              
their judgment  about their  healthcare is good  and that  she has                                                              
given them  the right resources  to make  their own judgment.   To                                                              
protect  teenagers and  keep them  safe and  healthy, she  opined,                                                              
HB 35 must  be blocked from passage.   The bill  targets teenagers                                                              
who can't  talk to their  parents and puts  them in  jeopardy, but                                                              
won't  actually force  teenagers to  talk to  their parents.   She                                                              
said she has seen  teenagers who are afraid of  their parents, and                                                              
teenagers  who  rarely  see  their   parents,  and  surmised  that                                                              
passing  legislation  mandating  that  teenagers  speak  to  their                                                              
parents  about an  unplanned  pregnancy will  not  work, but  will                                                              
instead drive teenagers  to make other choices  such as committing                                                              
suicide  and  seeking  illegal  and  therefore  unsafe  abortions;                                                              
teenagers will  find ways to abort if  they do not want  to have a                                                              
MS. EAGAN-LAGERQUIST  said that  no bill  will force teenagers  to                                                              
communicate  with   their  parents;  good   communication  between                                                              
parents  and teenagers  takes  a  lifetime to  foster  - years  of                                                              
building trust  - and, therefore,  by the  time a child  becomes a                                                              
teenager, if  such a relationship  doesn't already exist,  then HB
35 won't  create one.  In  conclusion, she asked the  committee to                                                              
protect the health and safety of teenagers by not passing HB 35.                                                                
1:36:35 PM                                                                                                                    
SUZANNE  FORSLING  said  she is  very  much  in  favor of  HB  35.                                                              
Referring to  the argument that  pregnant teenagers will  miss out                                                              
on  educational   opportunities,  she  offered  her   belief  that                                                              
options  such  as  homeschooling  will suffice,  adding  that  she                                                              
herself,  as  a single  parent  with  five  children, went  on  to                                                              
college  and maintained  a grade  point  average (GPA)  of 3.0  in                                                              
physics.   She then expressed  her belief that the  aforementioned                                                              
[articles/reports/studies]  were produced  by people and  entities                                                              
that  make  money  off  of  performing  abortions,  and  thus  she                                                              
questions their  perspective.   She added, "This  is a  very, very                                                              
important, very  moral, and often  very religions  decision within                                                              
a family."  No  one, she observed, is speaking on  behalf of those                                                              
who've gotten teenage  girls pregnant, and questioned  how men can                                                              
be expected  to protect their families  when they are not  given a                                                              
say with regard to protecting their [unborn children].                                                                          
MS.  FORSLING  said that  allowing  a  minor  to get  an  abortion                                                              
without parental  consent reduces  the opportunity for  parents to                                                              
convey  their religious  beliefs  [about abortion];  for  example,                                                              
noting that she  is Catholic, she offered her belief  that if [one                                                              
of  her children]  were to  get an  abortion, it  would be  really                                                              
hard  to reconcile  that  fact with  her  faith -  it  would be  a                                                              
problem  for eternity.    Abortion  raises a  lot  of issues,  and                                                              
parents need  to have  an opportunity to  talk to their  children.                                                              
All  teenagers  are  going  to object  to  having  to  tell  their                                                              
parents something  they wish to  keep private, but  this shouldn't                                                              
preclude  parents   from  having  the  opportunity,   legally,  to                                                              
participate  with   their  children   in  important,   moral,  and                                                              
physical  decisions, such  as those  necessitated  by an  unwanted                                                              
teenage pregnancy.   Abortion is a medical procedure  and involves                                                              
a  deeply  moral  issue.    Abortion   doesn't  just  concern  the                                                              
pregnant minor;  in addition to  the pregnant minor, there  is the                                                              
unborn baby  to consider, the person  who got the  minor pregnant,                                                              
the  parents  of  both  the  minor and  the  person  who  got  her                                                              
pregnant, as  well as others  who would  be related to  the unborn                                                              
baby.   Families  need  to be  supported  and  supportive in  such                                                              
MS.  FORSLING,  in  response to  questions,  opined  that  parents                                                              
should  have  the right,  legally,  to  be  notified when  such  a                                                              
"severely moral and  physical" medical procedure is  about to take                                                              
place;  that ultimately,  regardless  of what  the pregnant  minor                                                              
wishes,  her parents  should have  the final  say in what  occurs,                                                              
because their  daughter is  a minor; that  the person who  got the                                                              
minor pregnant  has rights  as well; that  his rights  are greater                                                              
than  those  of the  pregnant  minor's  parents; and  that  paying                                                              
child support is an important aspect of parental responsibility.                                                                
1:42:43 PM                                                                                                                    
AARON  K. "KIT"  DAHLSTROM testified  that  as the  parent of  two                                                              
daughters  and  two  sons,  he wants  to  know  exactly  what  his                                                              
children  are  doing.     Regardless  that  prior   testimony  has                                                              
indicated that  there are a lot  of parents who are mean  to their                                                              
children  or  beat their  children,  he  offered his  belief  that                                                              
there are  a lot of kids  who are mean  to their parents  and lie,                                                              
cheat, steal,  and do  everything they can  to harm  their parents                                                              
even though  their  parents are  very good people  who are  trying                                                              
their best  to help  their children.   Without  passage of  HB 35,                                                              
the  family  unit  is being  eroded  and  destroyed,  because  the                                                              
[court  ruling]  has taken  away  minors' responsibility  for  the                                                              
consequences  of their actions,  he opined;  pregnant minors  have                                                              
already shown  that they  don't have good  judgment and  have made                                                              
mistakes  and therefore  need  the help  of  responsible adults  -                                                              
their  parents  -  to  help  them  make  a  decision  about  their                                                              
pregnancies,  a  decision  which  should be  made  by  responsible                                                              
adults - again, their parents.                                                                                                  
MR. DAHLSTROM surmised  that if his son, back when  he was 16, had                                                              
vandalized  someone's property  and been  caught, the judge  would                                                              
have made  Mr. Dahlstrom responsible  for paying  restitution even                                                              
though it was  his son making the  bad decision.  Under  the court                                                              
ruling [in  Planned Parenthood  of Alaska], a  minor could  make a                                                            
bad decision  that results  in her getting  pregnant but  would be                                                              
alleviated  of the  consequences  of her  actions  - actions  that                                                              
resulted from  her bad judgment  - and that's  not the way  to go,                                                              
he  opined.   In conclusion,  he  said he  is highly  in favor  of                                                              
HB 35.                                                                                                                          
MR. DAHLSTROM,  in response  to questions,  said he believes  that                                                              
when a  minor becomes  pregnant, her  parents, regardless  of what                                                              
her wishes might  be and regardless of her age -  either now or at                                                              
the time when her  baby might be born - should  have the final say                                                              
regarding  whether   she  gets  an  abortion,  because   they  are                                                              
legally,  financially, and  morally responsible  for her  [and her                                                              
baby] until she reaches the age of majority.                                                                                    
1:56:23 PM                                                                                                                    
SIDNEY HEIDERSDORF,  President, Alaskans  For Life, Inc.,  said he                                                              
would be speaking  in support of HB 35, and that  his organization                                                              
believes  that  the  bill  constitutes good  public  policy.    He                                                              
shared  his  opinion  that  the  support  for  and  protection  of                                                              
abortion  in   society  leads  to   many  problems.     Given  the                                                              
importance of parents  in the upbringing of their  children, it is                                                              
disturbing  to  him, he  relayed,  to  have people  argue  against                                                              
forcing  abortion  facilities  and school  counselors  to  consult                                                              
with parents  regarding serious  medical care for  their children.                                                              
He characterized  this as a problem,  and surmised that  it is the                                                              
result  of  various court  actions  such  as the  "[U.S.]  Supreme                                                              
Court raising  abortion to  the level  of a constitutional  right"                                                              
and  the  Alaska  Supreme  Court referring  to  the  Alaska  State                                                              
Constitution's privacy clause.                                                                                                  
MR.  HEIDERSDORF said  he  doesn't believe  that  either the  U.S.                                                              
Constitution or  the Alaska State  Constitution allows  or permits                                                              
the kinds  of things  that the  courts have  said are  permitted -                                                              
namely the  killing of a baby  in the womb.   Responsible parents,                                                              
he opined,  must reject the concept  that the care and  concern of                                                              
a parent  for a  child can  be preempted  by what  he termed  "so-                                                              
called privacy  rights," adding  his belief  that when  the courts                                                              
make  decisions   based  on  what   he  considers  to   be  flawed                                                              
[premises], the  courts will only  be drawing faulty  conclusions.                                                              
Allowing  children to  have serious  medical procedures  performed                                                              
without parental  guidance runs counter to everything  people know                                                              
about the  importance of  the parent-child  relationship  in child                                                              
upbringing.   Parental consent  is required  in myriad  situations                                                              
involving children,  yet abortion  and contraception appear  to be                                                              
the  only exceptions  though they  have  lifelong ramifications  -                                                              
especially abortion,  which constitutes a life and  death decision                                                              
with lifelong physical, mental, and emotional effects.                                                                          
MR. HEIDERSDORF  said his  organization believes that  instituting                                                              
a  parental  consent  requirement  would  constitute  good  public                                                              
policy because it  would protect children and support  the concept                                                              
of  family,  family  wherein parents  are  responsible  for  minor                                                              
children  who   are  not  mature   enough  make   decisions  about                                                              
appropriate  medical care.    Parents, he  opined,  have the  best                                                              
interests of  their children at  heart, but for the  extreme cases                                                              
in which  this is not  true, the bill  contains a judicial  bypass                                                              
provision.    The  legislature's  role is  to  legislate  for  the                                                              
common good  of society, and  that includes protecting  the rights                                                              
of  good  parents who  want  the  best  for  their children.    In                                                              
conclusion,  he  encouraged  the   committee  to  consider  HB  35                                                              
MR.  HEIDERSDORF, in  response to  questions,  offered his  belief                                                              
that  no one  should have  the right  to obtain  an abortion,  and                                                              
that  parents  may or  may  not  have a  financial  obligation  to                                                              
support their  minor child's  offspring, just  as they may  or may                                                              
not have  a financial  obligation to  support their adult  child's                                                              
offspring.  He  expressed support for anyone's decision  to have a                                                              
child instead of an abortion.                                                                                                   
2:03:00 PM                                                                                                                    
ELIZABETH  ROLL,  M.D., relayed  that  she  would be  speaking  in                                                              
opposition  to HB  35,  adding that  she  is  a physician  serving                                                              
rural  Alaska and  the mother  of two  small children.   She  said                                                              
that she works hard  as both a parent and a doctor  to foster good                                                              
communication, both  with her own  children and with  her patients                                                              
and  their families.    She  relayed that  in  her  practice as  a                                                              
family physician  in rural  Alaska, she  sees many teenagers  with                                                              
unwanted pregnancies;  in most of  these cases, she sees  both the                                                              
parents and  the children  working really  well together,  talking                                                              
about  the options  and making a  decision.   However, she  added,                                                              
she also sees a  small group of teenage patients  who don't feel -                                                              
either for  safety reasons  or for other  reasons - that  they can                                                              
talk  to or  work with  their  parents, and  HB  35 targets  those                                                              
teenagers,  placing significant  barriers  in front  of them  even                                                              
though they don't  feel they can talk with their  parents about an                                                              
DR. ROLL  surmised that [these  barriers] would increase  the risk                                                              
that  teenagers   will  delay  seeking  either  medical   care  or                                                              
abortion  services until  later on  in their  pregnancy, or  could                                                              
force teenagers  into having a  baby that they  do not want.   She                                                              
said that  as a physician,  she has cared  for many  teenagers who                                                              
have hidden  their pregnancy, delaying  their medical care  - both                                                              
prenatal  care and  any  "options-counseling"  available to  them.                                                              
This sort  of hiding  and subsequent delay  can develop  into many                                                              
different  types of  tragedies as  the  pregnancy progresses,  and                                                              
makes everything  more complicated  for both  the minor's  parents                                                              
and  the  minor.    She  said  she   wants  Alaska's  teenagers  -                                                              
throughout  the state  but  especially  in rural  Alaska  - to  be                                                              
healthy and safe.                                                                                                               
DR. ROLL  pointed out that  providing good birth  control options,                                                              
counseling,  et   cetera,  could  help  towards   eliminating  the                                                              
problem of  unwanted pregnancy  to begin with.   However,  when an                                                              
unwanted pregnancy  does occur, and a teenager  seeks an abortion,                                                              
she needs to be  able to have that option.  House  Bill 35 targets                                                              
only a  small group  of teenagers -  teenagers living  in troubled                                                              
families - and  creates significant barriers to  accessing medical                                                              
care.   She offered  her belief  that people  need to  rethink the                                                              
concept  of  providing  birth  control  education  throughout  the                                                              
state, and  that HB 35 should  be opposed since it  doesn't target                                                              
the appropriate populations.                                                                                                    
DR. ROLL,  in response to questions,  said that when  her children                                                              
become teenagers, she  would try to encourage them  to talk to her                                                              
about difficult  issues, but  if they were  still unwilling  to do                                                              
so, she would  suggest to them  that they speak with  someone they                                                              
were comfortable  talking with  such as one  of their  aunts; that                                                              
if, in the  end, one of her  children chooses to have  an abortion                                                              
and have  others help her,  Dr. Roll said  she would be  fine with                                                              
that decision; and  that she agrees that speaking  with someone is                                                              
preferable  to  not speaking  with  anyone.   To  illustrate,  she                                                              
     I've  seen  situations  where teens,  again,  have  been                                                                   
     concerned  and  scared to  talk  to their  own  families                                                                   
     about   pregnancies;  they've   hid  their   pregnancies                                                                   
     [until]  very late,  and they  were  very unhappy  being                                                                   
     pregnant.   They were talking  about suicide,  they were                                                                   
     talking about  ... trying to  get an abortion  by taking                                                                   
     a  bunch of  pills,  they've ...  talked  about lots  of                                                                   
     different   other  options,   which   are  just   really                                                                   
     concerning for  their safety.   It's better for  a teen,                                                                   
     if they're  in a situation  where they need help,  to be                                                                   
     able   to    turn   to   someone   they    trust,   and,                                                                   
     unfortunately,  especially in  rural Alaska,  especially                                                                   
     ...  [in  the Yukon-Kuskokwim  delta  area],  there's  a                                                                   
     large  amount  of  domestic violence,  there's  a  large                                                                   
     amount of  sexual abuse [of  a minor crimes, so]  it may                                                                   
     not be  that the person  that they  feel they can  go to                                                                   
     is  one of  their parents  - it  may be  a parent  who's                                                                   
     perpetrated  sexual abuse.   We  need to  not have  this                                                                   
     bill, as this bill will not help those teens at all.                                                                       
REPRESENTATIVE  GATTO  referred  to the  word  "unemancipated"  as                                                              
used in  proposed AS  18.16.010(a)(3), and  asked whether  a minor                                                              
could  become emancipated  on  her  own, or  whether  emancipation                                                              
requires a court order.                                                                                                         
REPRESENTATIVE GRUENBERG said yes [to the latter].                                                                              
2:09:30 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR   RAMRAS   referred  to   the   language  in   proposed   AS                                                              
18.16.020(a)(4)  that read in  part, "the minor  is the  victim of                                                              
physical  abuse, sexual  abuse, or  a pattern  of emotional  abuse                                                              
committed by one  or both of the minor's parents  ...", and opined                                                              
that  that language  should alleviate  the  concerns expressed  by                                                              
Dr. Roll.                                                                                                                       
REPRESENTATIVE  COGHILL  offered  his  belief  that  in  order  to                                                              
bypass  the notice  and consent  provisions of  the bill,  a minor                                                              
could  simply  either become  emancipated  by  demonstrating  self                                                              
sufficiency to the  court, or could demonstrate to  the court that                                                              
she has been neglected or abused.                                                                                               
REPRESENTATIVE GRUENBERG  pointed out, however, that  the language                                                              
of proposed AS 18.16.035(b), reads:                                                                                             
     In addition  to emancipation by other means  provided by                                                                   
     law,  denial of  financial  support by  a parent,  legal                                                                   
     guardian, or  custodian who has a legal duty  of support                                                                   
     for purposes  of coercing  a minor  to have an  abortion                                                                   
     shall be  sufficient evidence of emancipation  status of                                                                   
     the minor for purposes of AS 18.16.010 - 18.16.090.                                                                        
2:12:05 PM                                                                                                                    
TAMMIE WILSON  relayed that as a  parent, she is totally  in favor                                                              
of  HB 35.    Whether  to have  an  abortion constitutes  a  major                                                              
decision, one  that in some  cases is being  made by a  child, and                                                              
HB  35,  she  opined,  addresses  the right  of  a  parent  to  be                                                              
involved in  what could  potentially be one  of the  biggest life-                                                              
changing decisions  anyone, particularly  a child, may  ever make.                                                              
Such a  decision, in  addition to  its physical implications,  has                                                              
mental and psychological  implications.  How, as a  parent, is she                                                              
to help  her child  if she  isn't even  informed that  an abortion                                                              
has  taken  place?   If  there are  medical  complications,  who's                                                              
responsible,  and  what  symptoms   should  she  be  looking  for?                                                              
Please do  not punish  good parents  because of  the actions  of a                                                              
few, she requested.                                                                                                             
MS. WILSON  indicated that  her right as  a parent has  been taken                                                              
away  [by the  courts] -  teenagers,  for a  reason, shouldn't  be                                                              
allowed to  make these  kinds of  decisions.   She said  she would                                                              
hope  that if  her  daughter had  became  pregnant  while she  was                                                              
still a minor, that  she would have come to her  for help, because                                                              
[her  goal is  to be]  able to  make decisions  for her  children.                                                              
The issue  of civil  liberties or  competing rights doesn't  apply                                                              
to children, she  opined, because as a parent,  she is responsible                                                              
for them.   She said she doesn't  trust the judgment  of teenagers                                                              
because  they don't  have the  capacity  to make  "these types  of                                                              
decisions."    Regardless  that  some children  are  abused,  [the                                                              
government]  shouldn't be  taking away  her right  as a parent  to                                                              
help her  children make good decisions,  and that is  exactly what                                                              
will occur,  she surmised, if  HB 35 is not  passed into law.   In                                                              
conclusion,  she asked  the committee  to  please pass  HB 35  and                                                              
allow parents  to do the  best they can  for those whom  they love                                                              
the most.                                                                                                                       
2:15:22 PM                                                                                                                    
KASSI  GRUNDER said  she  opposes  HB 35  because  she feels  that                                                              
every woman  has the right to  make her own decisions,  especially                                                              
the big  ones in  her life.   Ms. Grunder  said that although  she                                                              
agrees  with Ms.  Wilson's statement  that good  parents can  help                                                              
their  teenagers make  hard decisions,  what is  at issue  here is                                                              
protecting those  children who don't  have good parents  whom they                                                              
can go  to.  Those teenagers  who already have  good communication                                                              
with  their  parents don't  need  this  type of  legislation,  and                                                              
hopefully their parents  have established a rapport  with them and                                                              
are teaching  them the  real facts  about sex  at home;  this will                                                              
help ensure  that if  a teenager  gets into  trouble, she  will be                                                              
able to ask  her parents for help  and get good advice.   However,                                                              
a  lot  of  teenagers  don't have  such  a  relationship  or  such                                                              
parents, and  this is a  really tough place  for a teenager  to be                                                              
MS. GRUNDER  mentioned that at her  last job as a  victim advocate                                                              
at Standing  Together Against  Rape (STAR),  she had many  teenage                                                              
clients who  could not go to  their parents.  Regardless  that the                                                              
Office  of  Children's  Services   (OCS)  discovers  some  of  the                                                              
instances  of sexual  abuse of  a  minor crimes  occurring in  the                                                              
home, there are  still many victimized teenagers who  have to make                                                              
a choice  between winding  up in  State custody -  a hard  path to                                                              
take;  moving out  onto  the streets;  or  staying  in an  abusive                                                              
home.   She  mentioned  that  she's met  a  lot of  teenagers  who                                                              
choose to stay in  abusive homes because they are  subject to less                                                              
abuse there  than they would be  living out on the street.   Those                                                              
teenagers who  are already  making the decision  to have  sex, she                                                              
opined,  need  to  also  be  able  to  make  their  own  decisions                                                              
regarding  their reproductive  health and  wellbeing if they  then                                                              
become  pregnant.    Mandating   parental  consent  will  delay  a                                                              
teenager obtaining  important medical services -  whether abortion                                                              
services or prenatal  services - and this delay -  of days or even                                                              
weeks - is  especially critical for  a teenager living  in a rural                                                              
area of the state.                                                                                                              
MS.  GRUNDER,  in  response  to a  question,  surmised  that  [for                                                              
reproductive  purposes],   a  girl   becomes  a  woman   at  first                                                              
2:20:19 PM                                                                                                                    
GAIL McCANN  relayed that  as a  parent, she  supports HB  35, and                                                              
questioned whether  all those  who are in  opposition to  the bill                                                              
are  actually  parents.    She   opined  that  parents  should  be                                                              
notified prior to an "abortion decision being made."                                                                            
[Chair Ramras turned the gavel over to Vice Chair Dahlstrom.]                                                                   
MS. McCANN  expressed disfavor with  [laws] that erode  and hinder                                                              
the functioning of  the family unit, and opined  that parents have                                                              
the  right   to  address   each  situation  individually   without                                                              
legislative  interference.    If  a  parent's  decision  regarding                                                              
abortion were  in conflict  with that of  the pregnant  minor, the                                                              
minor  would still  be able  to go  through the  courts and  would                                                              
therefore not  be left  without options.   Parents should  be part                                                              
of the process,  however a situation plays itself  out, and that's                                                              
what  HB 35  is about.   She  offered  her belief  that for  those                                                              
teenagers  who  cannot  -  with  good  reason  -  speak  to  their                                                              
parents, the  judicial bypass  procedure outlined  in the  bill is                                                              
sufficient.   In  conclusion,  she said  she  wants to  see HB  35                                                              
supported and passed.                                                                                                           
MS.  McCANN,  in response  to  questions,  said  she has  not  had                                                              
dealings with  the court system  but is  familiar with the  way it                                                              
functions;  that she  would not  look  forward to  having to  deal                                                              
with  the court  system under  the circumstances  outlined in  the                                                              
bill; and  that she finds having  to deal with  [laws] superseding                                                              
her function as a parent appalling.                                                                                             
2:24:30 PM                                                                                                                    
JEANETTE LACEY  DUNN -  after noting that  she will  be graduating                                                              
with a  Master of Social  Work (MSW) degree  in May,  is currently                                                              
working as  a case manager at  Bartlett Regional Hospital,  and is                                                              
a mother  - relayed that earlier  today she attended  an "adoption                                                              
training," during  which one of  the exercises involved  imagining                                                              
that she was 18  years of age and unexpectedly  pregnant, what she                                                              
would do, and who  she would want to tell.  The  first person that                                                              
came to  her mind  to tell,  she relayed,  was her mother,  adding                                                              
that  she is  very fortunate  to  have that  kind of  relationship                                                              
with her  mother.   Another exercise  involved imagining  what she                                                              
would  do  and  what  she would  want  if  her  own  child  became                                                              
pregnant unintentionally.   Her  hope, she  relayed, was  that her                                                              
child would  be able to come  to her and explain  what's happened,                                                              
but she  recognizes  that ultimately  her child  would need  to be                                                              
able to make that choice.                                                                                                       
MS. LACEY DUNN  said that although  she is lucky enough  to have a                                                              
relationship  with  her parents  that  allows  her to  confide  in                                                              
them, there are  a great many teenagers who are not  lucky in that                                                              
regard, either  because of  safety concerns or  because of  a lack                                                              
of  parental  involvement, and  she  believes  that HB  35  really                                                              
targets those teenagers  with limited resources,  limited support,                                                              
and  more  challenges.   House  Bill  35,  she opined,  places  an                                                              
unfair additional  burden on such  teenagers.  With regard  to the                                                              
comment that  abortion involves  a moral issue requiring  parental                                                              
involvement,  she  offered  her  belief  that  parents  should  be                                                              
instilling  their  morals  while  their children  are  growing  up                                                              
rather  than waiting  until  their  children become  pregnant;  if                                                              
there  is already  a good  parent-child  relationship, then  those                                                              
children will be able to go to their parents.                                                                                   
MS. LACEY DUNN,  with regard to the comment that  teenagers should                                                              
have  to bear  the  consequences  of  their actions,  opined  that                                                              
pregnancy  and/or  any  resulting  births  shouldn't  be  seen  as                                                              
"consequences."   Teenagers should be  able to make a  choice, and                                                              
the various circumstances  in which people find  themselves should                                                              
be respected.   In conclusion,  she said  she is in  opposition to                                                              
HB 35.                                                                                                                          
REPRESENTATIVE HOLMES  noted that her  mother died when she  was a                                                              
teenager and that  although she is extremely close  to her father,                                                              
she would  not have  wanted  to speak  to him about  sex or  other                                                              
female gynecological  issues, and would have instead  preferred to                                                              
speak  with the  other women  in her life.   She  surmised that  a                                                              
pregnant teenager is  more likely to speak with her  mother if she                                                              
has one or  has one that she  can speak to, but not  all teenagers                                                              
are so lucky.                                                                                                                   
MS. LACEY  DUNN said that  she has seen  too many young  girls who                                                              
don't  have parents  who  are there  for  them,  either during  or                                                              
after their pregnancy,  and reiterated her belief that  HB 35 will                                                              
place  an  unfair burden  on  those  teenagers.   In  response  to                                                              
questions, she  agreed to  research the code  of ethics  of social                                                              
workers to  see if it  addresses any of  the issues raised  by the                                                              
bill,  and acknowledged  that  even less-than-ideal  parents  have                                                              
2:31:35 PM                                                                                                                    
PATRICIA  FINK relayed  that her  daughter had  an abortion  while                                                              
she  was a  college student,  but  she and  her  husband were  not                                                              
notified and  thus were not  given the opportunity  to participate                                                              
in what she  characterized as perhaps the most  difficult decision                                                              
of  their then-young  daughter's  life; even  though  she and  her                                                              
husband  have  a  good  relationship   with  their  daughter,  and                                                              
wouldn't  have persuaded  her  to choose  one  path over  another,                                                              
because they  were not notified,  they weren't there,  as parents,                                                              
to provide  comfort  and assistance  during that  time.  Ms.  Fink                                                              
offered  her belief  that her  daughter's decision  back then  has                                                              
resulted in  emotional scars  that are still  evident.   She noted                                                              
that when  she was a teacher,  she wasn't even allowed  to provide                                                              
aspirin to a  student without parental consent, but  that now some                                                              
states allow  an abortion  - which she  characterized as  the most                                                              
egregious procedure,  and potentially risky - to  be performed [on                                                              
a minor] without notifying her family.                                                                                          
MS. FINK, with regard  to the argument that the parent  may be the                                                              
abuser, questioned  why that  fact shouldn't  be brought  out into                                                              
the open,  with the involvement  of the  parents.  She  shared her                                                              
belief that  the current situation  has diminished her right  as a                                                              
parent as  well as the  rights of other  parents, people  who have                                                              
cared for and supported  the pregnant minor from birth.   At least                                                              
one  parent should  be notified,  she  opined, so  that help  with                                                              
this difficult  decision can  be provided  to the pregnant  minor,                                                              
particularly given that  it is the parents who end  up paying what                                                              
she called the emotional bill.                                                                                                  
[Vice Chair Dahlstrom returned the gavel to Chair Ramras.]                                                                      
MS. FINK,  in response to comments,  offered her belief  that if a                                                              
situation  involving  child abuse  is  not  brought out  into  the                                                              
open, the abuse will simply continue.                                                                                           
2:37:52 PM                                                                                                                    
MARIA  RENSEL, relaying  that she  supports HB  35, expressed  her                                                              
hope that members  will all vote "Yes" on the bill.   She said she                                                              
agrees  with Ms.  McCann's comments,  particularly  that of  being                                                              
appalled at  having to defend  the basic  rights of parents.   She                                                              
shared her belief  that parents of minor children  should have the                                                              
right to make  the decision with regard to all  medical procedures                                                              
involving  their  children, and  doesn't  believe  that a  child's                                                              
right to privacy  trumps parental rights.  She  indicated that she                                                              
also  agrees with  Mr.  Heidersdorf's  comments,  and offered  her                                                              
belief  that  the  [U.S.] Constitution  guarantees  the  right  to                                                              
life, and  thus "we"  ought to  err on  the side  of the right  to                                                              
life  - the  right of  the  unborn child  to  be born.   She  also                                                              
offered her belief  that those who are opposed to  the bill simply                                                              
want to encourage  more abortions by making it simpler  to get one                                                              
- without  giving the child  in the womb  a chance at  that basic,                                                              
guaranteed  right, the  right to  life - and  are using  emotional                                                              
arguments to justify  their position, such as that  those who want                                                              
an  abortion but  feel they  can't get  one will  resort to  self-                                                              
induced abortions.                                                                                                              
MS.  RENSEL  opined  that  those  opposed to  the  bill  are  also                                                              
attempting   to  make   people   believe   that  the   legislature                                                              
[shouldn't] pass  laws protecting parents' right  to counsel their                                                              
minor children.   The  very definition of  a minor,  she remarked,                                                              
is a person who  hasn't achieved the age of majority,  and thus it                                                              
is absolutely  a parent's  right to  influence his/her  child with                                                              
regard  to  morals and  religious  beliefs.   In  conclusion,  she                                                              
surmised  that there  are  a lot  of constitutional  arguments  in                                                              
favor of passing  HB 35, and reiterated her hope  that the members                                                              
will vote "Yes" on it.                                                                                                          
2:41:44 PM                                                                                                                    
MIKE  PRAX  offered his  belief  that  the concerns  expressed  by                                                              
prior  speakers regarding  a  lack of  communication  ought to  be                                                              
given  serious consideration,  particularly  since the  [proposed]                                                              
law would  be applied in situations  wherein parents  and children                                                              
are  not  communicating  and/or   where  there  is  some  trouble,                                                              
surmising that  in situations where  there is good  communication,                                                              
the proposed  law won't come into  play.  However, what  must also                                                              
be recognized  is that  a pregnant  minor needs help  - as  do her                                                              
parents  -   and  [HB   35],  he   surmised,  will  address   such                                                              
situations,  and  will probably  force  some decisions  and  force                                                              
some  people to  communicate,  which he  characterized  as a  good                                                              
thing regardless that  it might come at a very delicate  time.  He                                                              
offered  his belief  that HB 35  will also  address situations  in                                                              
which a  pregnant minor  wants an abortion  and her  parents don't                                                              
agree, by  allowing the  minor to  go before  the court  and prove                                                              
that she  is capable of  making such a  decision and  doesn't need                                                              
protection  from her own  immaturity, [one  of] the objectives  of                                                              
the  [proposed]  law.    In  conclusion,   he  indicated  that  he                                                              
supports  the  [HB 35],  and  characterized  its passage  as  very                                                              
2:45:04 PM                                                                                                                    
KAREN  LEWIS, Executive  Director,  Alaska  Right  to Life,  after                                                              
mentioning  that  there  are  almost   50,000  households  in  her                                                              
organization's   database,   offered    her   understanding   that                                                              
approximately 1.2  million abortions  are performed every  year in                                                              
the U.S., with  approximately 20 percent of those  being performed                                                              
on  teenagers.    She also  offered  her  understanding  that  the                                                              
Guttmacher Institute  estimates that  approximately 40  percent of                                                              
the abortions performed  on teenagers take place  without parental                                                              
involvement; as a  result, the parents of those  teenagers have no                                                              
advanced  warning  of  the  potential  physical  and/or  emotional                                                              
complications associated  with abortion, and thus  can unwittingly                                                              
exacerbate  the  problems experienced  by  teenagers  who have  an                                                              
abortion, such  as depression,  anger, and  substance abuse.   The                                                              
cost  of  concealing  an  abortion can  be  dreadfully  high,  she                                                              
remarked;  for example,  a  16-year-old from  Maryland  and a  13-                                                              
year-old from New  York both died from complications  arising from                                                              
abortions performed  without the  knowledge of their  parents, and                                                              
a  14-year-old  from  Missouri   with  a  history  of  psychiatric                                                              
problems committed  suicide after  having an abortion  without her                                                              
mother's knowledge/consent.                                                                                                     
MS. LEWIS offered  her belief that abortion advocates  continue to                                                              
fight laws  that could  help prevent  such tragedies.   Teenagers,                                                              
she remarked, are  more likely to report higher  levels of feeling                                                              
misinformed  during  pre-abortion  counseling,  less  satisfaction                                                              
with  abortion services,  and greater  post-abortion stress;  such                                                              
teenagers consider  the abortion procedure itself  to be stressful                                                              
and associated  with feelings  of guilt,  depression, and  a sense                                                              
of  isolation.     She  asserted  that  studies   illustrate  that                                                              
abortions  performed on  teenagers  have been  linked to  problems                                                              
such  as substance  abuse  and suicide,  that  teenagers who  have                                                              
abortions are  two to  four more times  likely to commit  suicide,                                                              
and  that half  of the  teenagers  who get  an  abortion suffer  a                                                              
worsening of  psychosocial functioning  within seven  months after                                                              
the  abortion.    In addition,  abortions  appeared  to  have  the                                                              
greatest immediate  impact on those teenagers under  the age of 17                                                              
and  on  those  with  existing   psychosocial  problems;  symptoms                                                              
include    self-reproach,    depression,     social    regression,                                                              
withdrawal,  obsession with  the  need to  become pregnant  again,                                                              
and  hasty  marriages.    Teenagers are  more  likely  to  develop                                                              
psychological  problems   and  are  generally  in   need  of  more                                                              
counseling  and  guidance with  regard  to  an abortion  than  are                                                              
adult women.                                                                                                                    
MS.  LEWIS  offered  her  understanding  that  teenagers  who  get                                                              
abortions  are more  likely than  older  women to  be admitted  to                                                              
mental health  hospitals, and  are twice  as likely to  experience                                                              
cervical  lacerations.   A  pregnant  teenager, she  remarked,  is                                                              
more  vulnerable than  she will  most  likely ever  be again,  and                                                              
therefore  needs her  parents all  the more.   In conclusion,  she                                                              
     Parents  overwhelmingly give  loving guidance and  solid                                                                   
     advice   to  their   children,   especially  in   crisis                                                                   
     situations,  and for the  courts and Planned  Parenthood                                                                   
     and  others   involved  in  the  abortion   industry  to                                                                   
     believe  that  an  underage  child  can  bear  the  full                                                                   
     burden of an  abortion decision and the weight  of guilt                                                                   
     from   that  decision   along   with  lifelong   damages                                                                   
     incurred  from the  abortion  is simply  outrageous  and                                                                   
     completely irresponsible.                                                                                                  
2:50:21 PM                                                                                                                    
KEN ERBEY  opined that the  only parents  who should be  given the                                                              
right to  give consent before their  teenage daughters can  get an                                                              
abortion  are  the parents  who  were  involved in  their  teenage                                                              
daughters' lives  enough to have  given consent for  their teenage                                                              
daughters  to get  pregnant in  the  first place.   Supporters  of                                                              
HB 35  claim that  the bill  addresses parents'  rights, and  that                                                              
parents should  have the right to  impose their values  and morals                                                              
upon their  children.   However, HB  35 is  not a parents'  rights                                                              
bill,  but is  instead a,  "Let's close  the barn  door after  the                                                              
horse has  already escaped" bill;  the time for parents  to impose                                                              
their values  and morals  upon their  teenage daughters  is before                                                              
their daughters get pregnant, not afterwards, he opined.                                                                        
MR.  ERBEY  offered  his understanding  that  the  Alaska  Supreme                                                              
Court has  already determined that  the existing  parental consent                                                              
statute is  unconstitutional in  that it  burdened a minor  girl's                                                              
fundamental right  to reproductive freedom.   If HB 35  were truly                                                              
about parents' rights,  then why does it attempt  to deny parental                                                              
rights  to the  pregnant  teenager?   Why does  it  take away  her                                                              
fundamental right to  choose whether or not she wants  to become a                                                              
parent in  the first place?   House Bill  35 has everything  to do                                                              
with abortion, he  surmised, and allows big government  to intrude                                                              
and deny  the rights  and freedoms  of its citizens,  specifically                                                              
the fundamental  right of  reproductive freedom.   It's  countries                                                              
like  China, he  opined, that  deny its  citizens the  fundamental                                                              
right of  reproductive freedom; "if  you have one child  in China,                                                              
you're not allowed  to have another - the government  intrudes and                                                              
takes away your rights."                                                                                                        
MR. ERBEY  questioned  why the parents  of a  pregnant minor  need                                                              
the  government's  involvement if  they  are  only going  to  give                                                              
consent for  their daughter  to get  an abortion  anyway.   Why do                                                              
they need HB 35?  He added:                                                                                                     
     I can see why  "Joe Sixpack" - who can't  tell you where                                                                   
     his daughter is  half the time or even the  names of her                                                                   
     best  friends,  let alone  the  fact that  she's  gotten                                                                   
     herself pregnant  - would need  House Bill 35.   It lets                                                                   
     the government  do his parenting  for him.   Joe Sixpack                                                                   
     rarely  communicates   with  his  daughter,   especially                                                                   
     about responsible  sexual behavior.   After all,  if she                                                                   
     doesn't  know  about  responsible  sexual  behavior,  he                                                                   
     hopes,  [then] ... she'll  be abstinent.   As we've  all                                                                   
     seen  recently,   hoping  that  his  daughter   will  be                                                                   
     abstinent  can only  be described as  "not realistic  at                                                                   
MR.  ERBEY opined  that  if  the supporters  of  HB  35 are  truly                                                              
concerned  about parenting  and  about government-mandated  forced                                                              
family communication,  then, instead of forcing  teenage daughters                                                              
to have  a conversation  that has  been described  as harder  than                                                              
labor and  nauseating, the supporters  of the bill  should instead                                                              
make efforts  to "prevent  the horse  from escaping  in the  first                                                              
place" by  legislating prevention  of teenage  pregnancy  to begin                                                              
with.  Instead  of working on unrealistic policies,  he suggested,                                                              
work on  proven prevention  strategies such  as comprehensive  sex                                                              
education.     "Let's   communicate   and  teach   our  kids   the                                                              
consequences of  engaging in sexual  behavior, before they  go out                                                              
and  find out  on  their  own, before  a  House  Bill  35 is  even                                                              
necessary," he added.  In conclusion, he said:                                                                                  
     If  we're  truly concerned  about  parents'  rights  and                                                                   
     pregnant  teenage daughters,  if  we're truly  concerned                                                                   
     about  family   communication,  instead  of   passing  a                                                                   
     parents' [rights]  bill - House Bill 35  - let's instead                                                                   
     pass  a parents'  responsibility  law  - a  true  family                                                                   
     values  law -  that states  if a  teenage daughter  gets                                                                   
     pregnant   without  her  parents'   consent,  then   the                                                                   
     parents   should  be  held   responsible,  liable,   and                                                                   
MR. ERBEY,  in response to  a question,  said he believes  that if                                                              
HB 35 is passed,  the government will force pregnant  teenagers to                                                              
communicate with their parents.                                                                                                 
2:54:47 PM                                                                                                                    
DOUG  McKINNIS,  after  noting  that  he is  the  father  of  five                                                              
children,  asked the committee  to vote  "Yes" on  HB 35.   Noting                                                              
that  parental consent  is even  required  for hunter's  education                                                              
classes,  he remarked  that should  HB  35 fail,  the State  would                                                              
allow  a  teenager  to kill  her  unborn  child  without  parental                                                              
consent, but won't  allow his minor children to learn  how to kill                                                              
a  rabbit without  parental  consent.   He  characterized this  as                                                              
absurd, adding  that he  just doesn't see  how any State  lawmaker                                                              
could  defend  such a  position.    House  Bill 35  addresses  the                                                              
significant matter  of teenage pregnancy and the  major surgery of                                                              
abortion, and at  issue is the question of whether  parents should                                                              
be informed about  their child's health and wellbeing  when she is                                                              
facing a pregnancy and possibly major surgery.                                                                                  
MR.   McKINNIS   pointed   out  that   pregnant   teenagers   face                                                              
loneliness, despair,  and helplessness,  and - in their  young and                                                              
understandable  immaturity -  are  forced to  deal with  frightful                                                              
imaginings  of an  extremely uncertain  future.   It is  therefore                                                              
ludicrous, he opined,  to be debating whether the  parents of such                                                              
a teenager  should be informed  of her  situation.  Why  would any                                                              
reasonable  person  have  to  consider,  for even  more  than  one                                                              
second, whether  parental consent  for a major surgical  procedure                                                              
- in this  case, abortion - is  advisable?  He offered  his belief                                                              
that the merits  of parental consent are now  being debated simply                                                              
because supporters  of abortion do  not want to face  the obstacle                                                              
of parental consent  because it - and parents  overall - interfere                                                              
with their agenda.                                                                                                              
MR. McKINNIS opined  that HB 35 addresses the  majority of parents                                                              
- not  a minority  of teenagers.   "Will we  as a state  encourage                                                              
the structure  of our society to  be based on the family,  or will                                                              
we,  like Plato,  attempt  to arrange  society's  structure to  be                                                              
based on  rule and decision-making  by the trained  professional?"                                                              
he  queried.     In  conclusion,  he  suggested   that  the  State                                                              
emphasize that parents  have the right to make  decisions on their                                                              
children's  behalf, and again  asked the  committee to  vote "Yes"                                                              
on HB 35.                                                                                                                       
2:59:32 PM                                                                                                                    
SHANA CARDOZA asked  the committee to vote "Yes" on  HB 35, adding                                                              
that she  believes that parents  have a right to  their children's                                                              
medical history  and all  that their children  are doing  in terms                                                              
of receiving medical care.                                                                                                      
3:00:31 PM                                                                                                                    
CHARLES  ROHRBACHER, Deacon,  Roman  Catholic  Diocese of  Juneau,                                                              
relayed  that the  Catholic Church  is  pro-life -  life from  the                                                              
moment of conception  until the moment of death -  and supports HB
35,  which attempts  to balance  the  rights of  parents with  the                                                              
[Alaska  State] Constitution.   He  noted that  the bill  contains                                                              
provisions  addressing  emergency  situations  and  situations  in                                                              
which it  would be better  for the court  to act on behalf  of the                                                              
minor in place  of her parents, but ultimately  allows "parents to                                                              
be  parents"  and be  made  aware  of situations  in  which  their                                                              
"often  immature" children  find themselves.   One  of the  bill's                                                              
provisions  that really struck  him, he  relayed, is [proposed  AS                                                              
18.16.035,  which]  prohibits  coercing  a minor  into  having  an                                                              
abortion,  adding that he's  counseled those  who've been  coerced                                                              
into having an abortion;  that provision "speaks well  of us" as a                                                              
state and as a society.                                                                                                         
MR. ROHRBACHER asked  the committee to support passing  HB 35 from                                                              
committee.   He posited  that everyone  shares  the hope that  the                                                              
number of  abortions in the state  and in society can  be reduced,                                                              
and characterized  the bill  as a starting  point for  everyone to                                                              
be  able   to  work   together  to   further  that  goal   without                                                              
undermining  the  relationship  between parents  and  their  minor                                                              
children and the  authority that parents have with  regard to this                                                              
"very important and vital" issue.                                                                                               
REPRESENTATIVE   HOLMES  surmised   that   an  unplanned   teenage                                                              
pregnancy  can create  a  difficult  situation for  all  involved.                                                              
She asked Mr.  Rohrbacher whether he has any  concerns about those                                                              
teenagers who can't  or shouldn't speak to their  parents about an                                                              
unplanned pregnancy.                                                                                                            
MR.  ROHRBACHER  offered  his  understanding   that  the  judicial                                                              
bypass  provisions  are  meant  to  provide  an  option  for  such                                                              
teenagers, those  who would be  threatened with violence  or other                                                              
forms of abuse  if they were to  tell their parents.   In response                                                              
to another  question, he said that  abortion is a  serious matter,                                                              
a matter  of life and  death for the  unborn child,  so regardless                                                              
of  how frightening  or  daunting  it might  be  for the  pregnant                                                              
minor to  have to go  before the court,  it's important  to always                                                              
err on the  side of life rather  than against it.  In  response to                                                              
a  further question,  he  said that  his  response  if a  pregnant                                                              
teenager were to  come to him for advice but said  she couldn't go                                                              
to her  parents would  be to  discuss the  options of  adoption or                                                              
keeping the  baby, and he  would offer to  go with her  to discuss                                                              
the issue with her parents.                                                                                                     
3:08:57 PM                                                                                                                    
ANNIE MEURLOTT  read a letter  signed by  herself and some  of her                                                              
neighbors  [original  punctuation,  though  with  some  formatting                                                              
changes, provided]:                                                                                                             
     We  the  undersigned  Alaskan   registered  voters  from                                                                   
     Fairbanks  encourage the  passage  of HB  35 to  require                                                                   
     parental  consent  for  minors seeking  abortions.    We                                                                   
     realize that  children are  often pressured into  making                                                                   
     decisions  on   life  changing  events   without  proper                                                                   
     consideration  of the  consequences.   Parental  consent                                                                   
     will help  minors and parents  to properly evaluate  the                                                                   
     long term ramifications of abortion.                                                                                       
     Parental  consent can recognize  the State's  compelling                                                                   
     interest   in   "protecting   minors  from   their   own                                                                   
     immaturity  and  aiding  parents   in  fulfilling  their                                                                   
     parental  responsibilities."   In  addition to  parental                                                                   
     consent,  HB  35  provides  for a  judicial  bypass  for                                                                   
     sexual abuse cases.                                                                                                        
     Parents   are  a  child's   first  and  most   important                                                                   
     resource  for assistance in  decision-making.   For that                                                                   
     reason,  the  state's interest  in  protecting  children                                                                   
     from the  consequences of their  own immaturity,  and in                                                                   
     so  doing protecting  the health  of  its children,  and                                                                   
     its interest  in supporting  parents' right and  duty to                                                                   
     guide the  upbringing of their children  is particularly                                                                   
     The  Alaska  Parental  Consent Act  attempts  to  ensure                                                                   
     that  pregnant minors  who  are sufficiently  mature  to                                                                   
     make the  decision to  obtain an  abortion on their  own                                                                   
     are  allowed   to  do  so   while  those  who   are  not                                                                   
     sufficiently  mature either  obtain  a parent's  consent                                                                   
     or,  in   the  case  of   parental  abuse,   a  judicial                                                                   
     determination  that  the  procedure  is  in  their  best                                                                   
3:10:59 PM                                                                                                                    
AMY  BOLLENBACK,   after  relaying  that  she   taught  psychology                                                              
classes for  many years, noted that  she's heard a lot  of stories                                                              
from  her  female  students  about parental  abuse  -  sexual  and                                                              
otherwise  -  and is  therefore  not  excited  about a  bill  that                                                              
requires  parental consent  or parental  notification.   She  said                                                              
she  agrees  with   most  of  those  testifying   against  HB  35,                                                              
especially  with  Dr.  Roll,  particularly  given  that  a  recent                                                              
article in  the Anchorage Daily  News quoted a memorandum  from an                                                            
official of  the Catholic  Church written  [long ago]  that stated                                                              
it would be  useful to send a  pedophile priest to an  Eskimo area                                                              
of Alaska because "they don't talk."                                                                                            
MS.   BOLLENBACH  expressed   disbelief  that   the  most   abused                                                              
teenagers in  Alaska would be talking  to their parents  about the                                                              
very  abuse their  parents  have perpetrated.    She suggested  to                                                              
members that  they imagine themselves  as a shy,  13-year-old girl                                                              
living in  a small village outside  of Bethel, for  example, whose                                                              
stepfather  has been  raping  her  and whose  aunt  is the  health                                                              
aide.  "Who are  you going to talk to?" she queried;  "If you talk                                                              
to your friends,  [are any of  them] going to know  anything about                                                              
judicial  bypass procedure?"   Ms. Bollenbach  surmised that  none                                                              
of them would.                                                                                                                  
MS. BOLLENBACH relayed  that in the one village  outside of Bethel                                                              
that she has visited,  there are only two telephones  - one at the                                                              
school and  one at  the grocery store.   "Are you  going to  go to                                                              
one of those two  places to try to phone ...  a judge?" she asked,                                                              
and  surmised  that  the  answer  would  be  "no."    Furthermore,                                                              
cellular phones  don't work  everywhere in Alaska.   She  said she                                                              
is unsure,  therefore, how  any judicial  review of the  situation                                                              
is  going  to  take  place.    Adoption   of  a  parental  consent                                                              
requirement will  be putting a  barrier between a  teenager living                                                              
in such  a situation  and the  healthcare that  she needs,  opined                                                              
Ms. Bollenbach,  and characterized that as  wrong psychologically,                                                              
medically, and constitutionally.                                                                                                
3:13:59 PM                                                                                                                    
CHRIS FONTAINE,  after relaying  that she  is associated  with the                                                              
Kachemak  Bay  Family   Planning  Clinic  (KBFPC)   -  a  private,                                                              
nonprofit,  community-based,  reproductive  health clinic  -  said                                                              
she  is  in  opposition  to  HB  35  in  part  because  she's  had                                                              
experience working  with those that  this bill would  most impact:                                                              
adolescent girls.   When the KBFPC receives calls  from adolescent                                                              
girls  who  have   questions  about  reproductive   health,  birth                                                              
control, and  abortion, she  relayed, the KBFPC  is often  able to                                                              
resolve those  calls simply  by encouraging parental  involvement,                                                              
and is  in fact mandated by  law to do  so in order to  screen for                                                              
things like  domestic violence  (DV) and sexual  abuse of  a minor                                                              
crimes.   Often it is the  parents making the  appointments and/or                                                              
accompanying their daughter to her appointments.                                                                                
MS. FONTAINE explained  that she's also received a  few calls from                                                              
minors  who say  they've  taken  pills or  herbs  or have  allowed                                                              
someone to physically  abuse them in order to  induce an abortion.                                                              
Such girls - fortunately,  very few - won't be able  to access the                                                              
judicial  bypass procedure  outlined  in the  bill, because  going                                                              
through the  judicial system  is a  daunting task, especially  for                                                              
someone  experiencing domestic  violence  or sexual  abuse.   Such                                                              
girls,  again, will  be turning  to those who  are not  healthcare                                                              
providers,  and  so  may  be getting  information  that  could  be                                                              
harmful to  their health, or  will seek  an illegal abortion.   In                                                              
conclusion,  she said,  "We  would like  to  partner together,  on                                                              
both sides  of this  issue, to decrease  the number  of [abortions                                                              
overall],  but we should  not do  so by  increasing the  number of                                                              
illegal abortions or unwanted children."                                                                                        
3:18:38 PM                                                                                                                    
HANNAH FOREMAN,  after relaying  that she is  15 years  old, asked                                                              
the committee  to support HB 35.   She offered  her interpretation                                                              
of prior testimony  to mean that some people  believe that parents                                                              
give up their  rights as parents once their children  start making                                                              
their own  choices with regard  to reproductive behavior.   Alaska                                                              
law  doesn't  agree  with  such  a  belief,  she  remarked.    For                                                              
example, language  in [Title  47] says in  part that  parents have                                                              
the "right  to direct  the child's  medical care".   This  is just                                                              
one,  among  several,  of  the   rights  and  responsibilities  of                                                              
parents that the  State of Alaska recognizes; parents  have a very                                                              
unique authority over their children.                                                                                           
MS.  FOREMAN  mentioned  that  on the  Department  of  Health  and                                                              
Social  Services'  (DHSS)  web  site,  language  on page  2  of  a                                                              
document  titled,  "PARENTAL  RIGHTS  and  RESPONSIBILITIES"  says                                                              
that a  parent has  the legal  right to  make important  decisions                                                              
about  their child's  life such  as  where the  child shall  live,                                                              
what  the child  can do from  day to  day, what  school the  child                                                              
will  attend,  when  the  child   needs  medical  care,  and  what                                                              
religion, if any,  the child will practice; and  that these rights                                                              
extend  until the  child  reaches  the age  of  18.   Noting  that                                                              
parental  consent  is currently  required  for many  activities  a                                                              
minor  might wish  to  engage in,  she  asked  that abortions  for                                                              
minors not be made the exception to parental authority.                                                                         
3:21:06 PM                                                                                                                    
JESSICA WELLER,  Victim Advocate,  Standing Together  Against Rape                                                              
(STAR),  relayed that  she opposes  HB  35.   Mentioning that  Ms.                                                              
Grunder has  already touched on  many of her concerns,  Ms. Weller                                                              
referred  to the  language  of  proposed AS  18.16.020(a)(4)  that                                                              
requires  a  minor  seeking  judicial bypass  on  the  grounds  of                                                              
sexual abuse  to produce a  notarized statement signed  by herself                                                              
and a  witness to the abuse  who is a  sibling 21 years of  age or                                                              
older, a  grandparent, or a stepparent.   Pointing out  that she's                                                              
worked with children  who are victims of rape,  she explained that                                                              
it is  very unlikely that  such children  will be able  to produce                                                              
such a witness in order to obtain judicial bypass.                                                                              
3:22:19 PM                                                                                                                    
MEGH BARNETT  explained  that one  of the premises  of the  social                                                              
workers'  code of  ethics  is that  of  self  determination:   all                                                              
clients, regardless  of age,  have the  right to determine  what's                                                              
best for  them, since they  are the experts  with regard  to their                                                              
own lives.   She opined that  the same applies to  pregnant minors                                                              
regardless that they  might not have reached full  maturity - they                                                              
are  still  the  experts  with  regard  to  their  own  lives  and                                                              
therefore need  to have the right  to make the best  decisions for                                                              
themselves at  that time.   She offered her  belief that HB  35 is                                                              
largely  influenced   by  religion,   and  that  maintaining   the                                                              
separation  between church  and State is  extremely important  and                                                              
should be kept  in mind when the legislature  considers bills that                                                              
are based upon religion.                                                                                                        
3:24:16 PM                                                                                                                    
NANCY BISHOP,  after noting  that she  has recently been  accepted                                                              
to medical  school and  intends to return  to Alaska  and practice                                                              
medicine, said  that as a future  physician, she wants  to be able                                                              
to provide  her patients with  the best  possible care.   She said                                                              
that  although she  would be  encouraging a  pregnant teenager  to                                                              
consult her  parents in the  decision-making process  regarding an                                                              
unwanted pregnancy,  ultimately her responsibility  as a physician                                                              
will be  to her patient; however,  a government mandate  requiring                                                              
parental  consent  would prohibit  her  and all  other  physicians                                                              
with their  patients' best interests  at heart from  providing the                                                              
best possible  care.  Despite the  best intentions, laws  in other                                                              
states  requiring parental  consent  for abortion  have  increased                                                              
the number  of later-term  abortions.  She  said she  worries that                                                              
when access  to healthcare  is intimidating  or prohibited,  teens                                                              
will resort to any  means available to have an abortion  - such as                                                              
home remedies and  "back alley" abortions - or  will delay seeking                                                              
prenatal  care.  Alaskans  already face  significant obstacles  in                                                              
accessing healthcare,  particularly in  rural communities,  so why                                                              
would [the  legislature] wish  to place  another barrier  in front                                                              
of  teenagers from  rural Alaska  who are  dealing with  unplanned                                                              
and unwanted pregnancies?                                                                                                       
MS. BISHOP, in conclusion, said:                                                                                                
     It makes  me very  disheartened and  uncomfortable  as a                                                                   
     future  healthcare provider  in  Alaska to  know that  I                                                                   
     may  not be  able to  provide my  patients medical  care                                                                   
     when  they  need it.    It  ... makes  me  question  ...                                                                   
     [whether]  I want  to be a  physician in  Alaska, if  we                                                                   
     are  not keeping  our daughters'  health  and safety  in                                                                   
     mind.  Clearly, I oppose HB 35.  Thank you.                                                                                
3:26:15 PM                                                                                                                    
JACKIE  CASON  shared that  she  is  a  survivor of  child  sexual                                                              
abuse, adding  that it's  a difficult  thing to  talk about.   She                                                              
     It's interesting  to hear characterizations  of families                                                                   
     and  the  kinds of  families  that  this sort  of  thing                                                                   
     happens  in.   Not all  these families  are people  like                                                                   
     the  "Pilgrims"  in  Alaska.    I  come  from  a  fairly                                                                   
     ordinary  family  with loving  parents  [and  siblings],                                                                   
     and  you  might  ask,  "How  does  this  kind  of  thing                                                                   
     happen?"   Well, I had  an older sister  who had  a teen                                                                   
     pregnancy [and]  who was trying  to make ends  meet; she                                                                   
     was  working the swing  shift, her  husband was  working                                                                   
     the day shift,  and I as a teen was filling  in the gaps                                                                   
     between  the  day  and  swing   shift  and  babysitting,                                                                   
     preparing  dinner - things  like that -  and I  ended up                                                                   
     being the victim  of his [sexual] abuse for  a number of                                                                   
     [The]  fortunate thing  was, I  guess, [is]  he'd had  a                                                                   
     vasectomy and  so I didn't  end up pregnant, but  it was                                                                   
     very difficult  for me to tell anyone about  this abuse.                                                                   
     In  fact, in  35  years, I've  never  spoken about  this                                                                   
     publicly.   And  ...  I can  only say  one  word as  the                                                                   
     reason I  probably never  spoke out:   is shame  - sheer                                                                   
     and  utter shame.   It's  very difficult  to talk  about                                                                   
     this  thing; I  can't  imagine trying  to  go through  a                                                                   
     judicial  bypass  procedure  to get  permission  to  ...                                                                   
     [get  an  abortion]   I  think  the possible  harm  that                                                                   
     HB 35 could  do is to delay  action from a  young person                                                                   
     in this  situation and ...  [delay her from]  being able                                                                   
     to  seek  assistance  and help  from  people  who  would                                                                   
     Sure,  my parents  ...  would've probably  accepted  me,                                                                   
     [though] at  the time I didn't  think so.  But  the fact                                                                   
     of the matter  is, I can't imagine having  borne a child                                                                   
     from  this  episode in  my  life  and [then]  face  that                                                                   
     child each day  as a reminder, because I  sit before you                                                                   
     today  healed but not  completely whole  - these  wounds                                                                   
     kind of  stay with you.   Fortunately, this  episode has                                                                   
     not defined my  life.  My life is characterized  by many                                                                   
     health relationships  today, but you have  to understand                                                                   
     what sexual predators  are like:  ... they  seek out the                                                                   
     vulnerable,  the shy, those  who have  a very hard  time                                                                   
     speaking up  on their own behalf.   And my father  was a                                                                   
     passionate man;  I look back and wonder, many  times, if                                                                   
     he'd ever  known about this,  what he might have  done -                                                                   
     he was  a hunter,  he had  ready access  to guns.   It's                                                                   
     ...  not [a]  far stretch  of the  imagination to  think                                                                   
     that he  might have killed  the predator in  our family,                                                                   
     and I would  have had to then face not only  a pregnancy                                                                   
     but possibly  watching my father  spend the rest  of his                                                                   
     life in prison.                                                                                                            
MS. CASON continued:                                                                                                            
     These are difficult  ... conversations to have.   I grew                                                                   
     up in  a family that though  they were loving,  were not                                                                   
     comfortable  with this topic  of sexuality.   I've tried                                                                   
     to remedy  that in my own  family life, and I  talk very                                                                   
     openly  about  this.   I  ask  the committee  to  please                                                                   
     consider that  if you would like to intervene  in family                                                                   
     conversations  about  human sexuality,  that  you do  it                                                                   
     very  early  -  please insist  that  families  speak  to                                                                   
     their children  from a very  young age [and]  teach them                                                                   
     about their  bodies, teach them  that there is  no shame                                                                   
     in  this  -  and that  if  you're  going  to  intervene,                                                                   
     intervene    early    with    comprehensive    sexuality                                                                   
     education,  but  don't  wait  until it's  too  late  ...                                                                   
     [and]  do  further  harm  to  these  kinds  of  victims.                                                                   
     Thank you for listening.                                                                                                   
3:30:08 PM                                                                                                                    
AMY  LEE, after  noting  that she  is  an educator  in  Anchorage,                                                              
pointed   out  that   a  similar   bill  was   passed  but   ruled                                                              
unconstitutional  at  the federal  level,  and questioned  why  it                                                              
should be  any different  now with  regard to  HB 35, which  would                                                              
take  away a  teenager's  rights to  reproductive  freedom.   Even                                                              
though a  teenager may be  a minor, it is  still her body  and she                                                              
has the  right to choose  [whether or not  to give birth].   In an                                                              
ideal  world, all  teenagers  would  openly discuss  these  issues                                                              
with  their   parent/guardians;  however,  there   are  situations                                                              
wherein  this   is  impossible.     If  a  pregnant   teenager  is                                                              
determined  to   have  an  abortion  but  can't   obtain  parental                                                              
consent,  she will  find an  alternative method,  which will  most                                                              
likely result  in an  unsafe or deadly  procedure performed  by an                                                              
untrained individual,  increasing the likelihood  of complications                                                              
that could  result in  the teenager's death.   In conclusion,  she                                                              
said, "We  all want  all children to  grow up and  live in  a safe                                                              
world and  have a life that  is protected; however,  taking [away]                                                              
their right  to make  their own decisions  will limit  the chances                                                              
of safe  options, and creating  a safe and supportive  environment                                                              
should  be  the  first  priority,   so  I'm  clearly  against  ...                                                              
[HB 35]."                                                                                                                       
3:31:43 PM                                                                                                                    
KRYSTAL  MEULENERS, after  relaying  that she  is  an educator  in                                                              
Anchorage,  said she  would  be  testifying against  HB  35.   The                                                              
majority of  teenagers in  Alaska are  talking with their  parents                                                              
about their reproductive  health and have their  support when they                                                              
need  it.   Such  teenagers are  fortunate  to  have "these  adult                                                              
voices"  to guide  them  through tough  times,  she remarked,  but                                                              
pointed out  that there are a number  of teenagers who  are not as                                                              
blessed.   House  Bill 35  would mainly  affect Alaskan  teenagers                                                              
who do  not have  the parental  support they  need, and  may cause                                                              
these teenagers  to delay seeking  care or force them  into making                                                              
unsafe  choices.    States  that  have  enacted  similar  parental                                                              
consent have seen an increase in late-term abortions.                                                                           
MS. MEULENERS  offered that  in her  experience mentoring  at-risk                                                              
youth,   she  has   felt   comfortable  referring   teenagers   to                                                              
reproductive  health  clinics,  knowing  that  they  will  receive                                                              
thoughtful  advice and care  from professionals.   It's  extremely                                                              
important  for teenagers  in compromised  situations to feel  safe                                                              
and have access  to adults and professionals whom  they can trust.                                                              
She offered  her understanding  that a similar  bill was  found to                                                              
be unconstitutional  in 2007 because of the limitations  it placed                                                              
on  young women  to  care  for their  own  best interests.    It's                                                              
within  the rights  of teenagers,  she  opined, for  them to  have                                                              
reproductive choice and access to reproductive healthcare.                                                                      
3:33:30 PM                                                                                                                    
DIANNE HOLMES  characterized HB 35  as really being  about consent                                                              
by those  who would be grandparents,  and pointed out that  once a                                                              
teenager gives  birth, regardless  of how old  she is, then  she -                                                              
and not the  grandparents - is  totally in control of  and totally                                                              
responsible for the  baby.  If a teenager seeking  judicial bypass                                                              
for an abortion  must go before  a judge and prove that  she ought                                                              
to be  allowed to have  an abortion, then  why doesn't  a teenager                                                              
have  to  similarly prove  to  a  judge  that she  is  responsible                                                              
enough to care for  a baby?  Referring to the  argument offered by                                                              
some  that  a  pregnant  teenager  isn't  mature  enough  to  make                                                              
reproductive decisions,  Ms. Holmes countered that  once that same                                                              
teenager gives birth,  she is then assumed to be  mature enough to                                                              
make appropriate decisions regarding her baby.                                                                                  
MS. HOLMES  also pointed  out that  teenage pregnancies  are often                                                              
high-risk  pregnancies  because,  physiologically,  teenagers  are                                                              
still growing.   She characterized the argument made  by some that                                                              
getting   an  abortion   will   have  detrimental   physical   and                                                              
psychological  ramifications as  an overstatement, surmising  that                                                              
any such psychological  ramifications are perhaps  more the result                                                              
of  how  others  treat  the  teenager  who's  chosen  to  have  an                                                              
abortion, and  pointing out that  carrying a pregnancy to  term is                                                              
riskier,  health-wise, than  getting  an abortion.   She  observed                                                              
that it's  not possible  to legislate good  parenting -  which, in                                                              
any case,  should have occurred  before the teenager  got pregnant                                                              
-  nor  is  it  possible  to  legislate  morality.    Furthermore,                                                              
studies illustrates  that a large  population of the  young adults                                                              
currently in prison were borne of young mothers.                                                                                
MS. HOLMES,  in conclusion, said:   "If you really want  to reduce                                                              
abortions -  and, let's be  truthful here,  this is what  it's all                                                              
about  -  then  please  fund  proper   education  on  reproduction                                                              
[because teaching]  abstinence only doesn't work.   How many times                                                              
do we have to have that proven to us?"                                                                                          
3:37:34 PM                                                                                                                    
BRITTANY  GOODNIGHT, Public  Affairs  Manager, Planned  Parenthood                                                              
of the  Great Northwest  (PPGNW),  explained that  it is with  her                                                              
family and  her community in  mind that  she is coming  forward to                                                              
speak against  HB 35.   She said that  her parents did  a fabulous                                                              
job raising  her; they gave  her love and  support, and  made sure                                                              
she  grew  up  in  a  trusting   and  respectful  household  where                                                              
communication  was   always  possible,  and,  as   a  result,  she                                                              
included  them  in  all  of  her  major  life  decisions  such  as                                                              
finishing high  school and applying  for college.  She  added that                                                              
she would have  also included them in her  decision-making process                                                              
had  she  become  pregnant,  not  because  the  state  would  have                                                              
mandated her  to do so, but  because her parents fostered  a sense                                                              
of trust,  respect, and  communication throughout  her life.   She                                                              
relayed  that her  parents  are  now outraged  that  the State  of                                                              
Alaska  is attempting  to mandate  good  family communication  and                                                              
would thereby  be stepping into  a private family situation.   She                                                              
shared her hope  that should one day her daughter  not come to her                                                              
for whatever  reason, that  her daughter  would still  have access                                                              
to  quality,  safe medical  care  and  be  kept safe  and  healthy                                                              
during her decision-making process.                                                                                             
MS. GOODNIGHT, mentioning  that while growing up  she had numerous                                                              
people upon  whom she could rely,  opined that it was  having just                                                              
such  a  network of  caring  adults  that  helped her  become  the                                                              
confident  person  she  is  today.    Many  Alaskan  parents  have                                                              
fostered    healthy   relationships    and   an   atmosphere    of                                                              
communication with  their children.  However, HB 35  appears to be                                                              
targeting a small  number of teenagers who don't  have healthy and                                                              
safe relationships  within their  families, and this  is worrisome                                                              
to her,  she relayed,  because it  is impractical  to expect  that                                                              
such teenagers  will be able  to take their  case before  a judge.                                                              
She  predicted  that   only  the  most  confident   and  savvy  of                                                              
teenagers are  likely to be capable  of using the  judicial bypass                                                              
procedure outlined  in the  bill; only  those teenagers  that have                                                              
had positive  experiences  with law enforcement  and the  judicial                                                              
system  and  therefore wouldn't  be  intimidated  to go  before  a                                                              
judge will be able  to do so, particularly given  how difficult it                                                              
is even  for adults  to go  before a  stranger and speak  publicly                                                              
about personal issues.                                                                                                          
MS. GOODNIGHT referred  to the timeline that would  be required by                                                              
the judicial bypass  procedure outlined in the  bill, and surmised                                                              
that a  pregnant teenager  would  have to go  through a  nine-step                                                              
process.    A pregnant  teenager  would  first  have to  obtain  a                                                              
pregnancy  test  and documentation  from  a  clinic; in  an  urban                                                              
setting, that  could take only two  days, but in a  rural setting,                                                              
it could  take three  or more  days.   The pregnant teenager  must                                                              
then "write  a statement  of circumstances"  and retain  a lawyer,                                                              
and this  could take another  two days.   Once the  court receives                                                              
that statement,  the court  has three  business days  to set  up a                                                              
hearing.   If  the  ability to  access  abortion  services is  not                                                              
granted  during  that hearing,  then  the pregnant  teenager  must                                                              
consult with  her lawyer - taking  up another day - and  write and                                                              
submit an  appeal to the Alaska  Supreme Court- taking  up another                                                              
two  days.   After receipt  of  that appeal,  the  court then  has                                                              
three business  days to  file a brief,  and another  five business                                                              
days to hear oral arguments and make a decision.                                                                                
MS. GOODNIGHT  pointed out  that this process  would take  18 days                                                              
not including  weekends  or holidays,  and if  one assumes  that a                                                              
pregnant teenagers is  10 weeks along by the time  she decides not                                                              
to  give birth,  the  judicial bypass  procedure  outlined in  the                                                              
bill isn't  timely, regardless  that proponents  of the  bill feel                                                              
that that  procedure is sufficient  for those teenagers  living in                                                              
tough situations  who cannot obtain parental consent.   Under that                                                              
procedure,  such a teenager  would effectively  be prevented  from                                                              
accessing a  first-trimester abortion  in Alaska.   In conclusion,                                                              
she  said,  "We  have  to trust  a  young  woman  who  chooses  to                                                              
terminate her  pregnancy, just  as we also  have to trust  a young                                                              
woman who chooses to raise a child."                                                                                            
3:43:04 PM                                                                                                                    
GERAN  TARR, Director,  Alliance for  Reproductive Justice  (ARJ),                                                              
offered  her understanding  that  although the  sponsor  of HB  35                                                              
says that  the bill is really  about families, every  supporter of                                                              
the bill says it  is about abortion.  She opined,  therefore, that                                                              
the real  intent  of the bill  ought to  be clarified.   She  then                                                              
pointed out that  a lot of the  terms that are being  used are not                                                              
medically  accurate, and  opined  that there  is  great danger  in                                                              
using terms  that people come  up with  on their own,  adding that                                                              
she  teaches  anatomy   and  physiology  at  the   university  and                                                              
stresses  to  her  students  the  importance  of  using  medically                                                              
accurate terminology.                                                                                                           
[Chair Ramras turned the gavel over to Vice Chair Dahlstrom.]                                                                   
MS.  TARR noted  that  an earlier  testifier  referred to  various                                                              
statistics but neglected  to cite the source of  those statistics,                                                              
and warned  of the danger of  using statistics that are  not "from                                                              
a peer-reviewed  journal" because they  are then suspect  at best.                                                              
She then  disclosed that  the ARJ  would financially benefit  from                                                              
the passage  of HB 35, but relayed  that her comments  would be in                                                              
opposition  to  bill.   She  offered  her understanding  that  the                                                              
[Planned Parenthood  of Alaska case] resulted in  about $1 million                                                            
in  legal   fees  being   paid  out  by   the  State   to  various                                                              
organizations,  adding that  the  ARJ would  have  an interest  in                                                              
participating  in any future  lawsuit that  resulted from  passage                                                              
of HB 35 because  the ARJ would stand to benefit  financially from                                                              
doing so.                                                                                                                       
MS. TARR,  noting that  many have pointed  out that  other medical                                                              
procedures require  parental consent,  surmised that  that consent                                                              
is required  for purposes  of establishing  who  will pay  for the                                                              
procedure.    She  mentioned,  too,   that  there  are  women  and                                                              
teenagers  who  are choosing  to  have  an abortion  because  they                                                              
cannot afford  [to give birth], and  opined that no woman  or girl                                                              
in  Alaska  should feel  forced  into  having an  abortion  simply                                                              
because  it's her  only  economic option.    She expressed  dismay                                                              
that some committee  members and those in support of  the bill are                                                              
discounting  the stories  of  abuse  and the  fear  of abuse,  and                                                              
characterized  that  discounting  as  inappropriate  - a  lack  of                                                              
recognition of the  pain and suffering endured by  the girls being                                                              
MS. TARR asked:   "Has it been so long that  we've truly forgotten                                                              
Papa  Pilgrim?"  and  "Have  we  really  forgotten  the  pain  and                                                              
suffering  endured by  those  teenage girls  while  they lived  in                                                              
that house of terror?"   She responded, "I will not  forget, and I                                                              
will not  stand by while others  forget."  This  conversation, she                                                              
opined, should  have started  out by discussing  what is  best for                                                              
pregnant teenagers,  and if that had been the  starting place, she                                                              
surmised,  the  bill  would  be  far different  than  it  is  now,                                                              
because  it is  those teenagers  who  are experiencing  a time  of                                                              
crises  who  truly need  everyone's  support.    On the  issue  of                                                              
constitutionality  and   the  State's  compelling   interest,  she                                                              
proffered that in  this case, the State has a  compelling interest                                                              
in ending the cycle  of abuse once and for all -  for far too long                                                              
has Alaska  topped the charts with  regard to the rates  of sexual                                                              
abuse  of children,  sexual  assault,  child abuse,  and  domestic                                                              
violence.   For [those  in authority]  to know  that these  things                                                              
are occurring,  without doing  everything in  their power  to stop                                                              
it,  is distressing;  there  can  be no  greater  purpose than  to                                                              
protect the children of the state.                                                                                              
MS.  TARR predicted  that the  committee wouldn't  be hearing  any                                                              
testimony from  those parents  who abuse  their children;  none of                                                              
those parents  are going to come  before the committee  and admit,                                                              
"I was  an alcoholic parent,  I beat my  daughter, I know  that my                                                              
boyfriend raped  her, and I didn't  do anything about it."   Those                                                              
are  the parents  being  discussed  with  regard to  the  judicial                                                              
bypass  procedure  outlined  in  the bill.    In  conclusion,  she                                                              
encouraged those  members who  had to leave  the meeting  early to                                                              
listen to  a recording of  the meeting  and take into  account the                                                              
personal stories  of those who have  been affected by  child abuse                                                              
and sexual  abuse, so  as to be  able to  start thinking  of their                                                              
needs first.                                                                                                                    
[Vice Chair Dahlstrom returned the gavel to Chair Ramras.]                                                                      
3:48:54 PM                                                                                                                    
STEPHANIE TAYLOR,  after noting  that she  has five children,  two                                                              
of them  teenage  girls, said  that she  is in support  of HB  35.                                                              
She offered her  belief that neither the passage of  HB 35 nor the                                                              
lack of its passage  will change anything for victims  of abuse or                                                              
provide them with  more protections, and that at  issue instead is                                                              
the question of  what abortion does.  Teenagers,  she pointed out,                                                              
are  not always  mature enough  to  think about  the future;  when                                                              
they are  making choices, they think  only of the  present without                                                              
considering  where  the decisions  they're  making  now will  lead                                                              
them in the future.   Furthermore, a teenager is  unlikely to have                                                              
sufficient  knowledge about  her own and/or  her family's  medical                                                              
history;  for example,  without parental  involvement, a  teenager                                                              
making  medical  decisions  might  not  know  about  her  family's                                                              
propensity  for  having  adverse   reactions  to  certain  medical                                                              
MS. TAYLOR  pointed out, too,  that regardless  of how good  a job                                                              
parents  might  do  in  instilling  their  children  with  certain                                                              
values, teenagers  still do things  they know their  parents don't                                                              
want them to do,  and this can make it difficult  for teenagers to                                                              
then tell their  parents that they've done something  wrong anyway                                                              
even while  knowing it was  wrong.  Not  passing HB 35  would make                                                              
it okay for  a teenager to  usurp her parents' authority  and make                                                              
these  kinds of  choices and  medical  decisions on  her own;  not                                                              
passing  the bill  would make  it easier  for a  teenager who  has                                                              
made  a bad choice  to keep  her parents  out of  the loop  simply                                                              
because  she doesn't  want to  face  her parents  with that  fact.                                                              
Again, the fact  that teenagers, even ones who  normally make good                                                              
choices, could  make a bad  decision and find themselves  pregnant                                                              
speaks to the fact  that teenagers don't always think  in the long                                                              
MS. TAYLOR  relayed that as a parent,  she tries to talk  with her                                                              
children  about all  of these issues,  but there  is no  guarantee                                                              
that they will always  do the right thing, no guarantee  that they                                                              
won't do  something and  thereby create  problems for  themselves.                                                              
Parents are responsible  for their children, and  if complications                                                              
arise from  an abortion, the  parents are  the ones who  are going                                                              
to be  responsible for  providing care  and seeing their  children                                                              
through those difficulties,  and so to leave parents  out of "this                                                              
part  of the  process"  is just  not right.    In conclusion,  she                                                              
encouraged  the  committee to  pass  HB  35 and  support  parents'                                                              
3:53:24 PM                                                                                                                    
SARAH CASE  relayed that  she is  in favor HB  35.  She  explained                                                              
that she  became pregnant  with her  first child  when she  was 17                                                              
and a junior  in high school.   Although it was difficult  for her                                                              
to tell  her parents,  she relayed,  her parents  helped her  make                                                              
her decisions regarding  what her future would be,  made sure that                                                              
she  continued her  education,  and provided  assistance  [raising                                                              
the baby].   Given  that she  has to  sign parental consent  forms                                                              
for  her daughter  to get  a shot,  she said,  she has  difficulty                                                              
with the  concept that her daughter  could get surgery  that might                                                              
endanger  her life  and ability  to have children  herself  in the                                                              
future  without  parental  consent  or  even  notification.    All                                                              
medical  procedures  have a  risk  of complications,  and  require                                                              
follow-up  care.   Teenage pregnancy  is  an incredibly  traumatic                                                              
event, and  every pregnant minor  needs long-term  care regardless                                                              
of the  path she chooses.   She offered  her belief  that allowing                                                              
girls who've  been abused to obtain  an abortion will  only result                                                              
in  their continuing  to  be abused,  because  the  abuse will  be                                                              
covered  up, and  that's not  going  to help  anyone.   It is  the                                                              
majority  of parents, those  who know  how to  take care  of their                                                              
children,  who  need  to  know   about  their  children's  medical                                                              
procedures in order to take care of them.                                                                                       
3:56:04 PM                                                                                                                    
JESSICA LARSON  said she supports  HB 35, and is  really concerned                                                              
about  the State  driving  wedges  between parents  and  children.                                                              
There are lots of  good, attentive parents who are  trying to have                                                              
relationships   with   their   teenagers,    she   remarked,   and                                                              
characterized  HB 35  as important  because it  will permit  those                                                              
parents to  play a  role in  some of the  hardest decisions  their                                                              
children  may have  to  make.   She  indicated  that she  strongly                                                              
supports parental  notification and, to a lesser  degree, parental                                                              
consent.     She  also  relayed   that  she  is   concerned  about                                                              
situations  in which older  men are  impregnating minors  and then                                                              
attempting  to destroy  the  evidence  of their  sexually  abusive                                                              
behavior by bringing those minors to abortion clinics.                                                                          
MS. LARSON  opined that  in no  way should  a concerned  parent be                                                              
deprived  of  knowing  about  such  a  situation  involving  their                                                              
child, or  lose the ability to  press charges for  statutory rape;                                                              
furthermore,   the  courts  should   be  involved  in   situations                                                              
involving sexual  abuse of  a minor.  Regardless  that only  a few                                                              
ideal families exist,  if striving for that ideal  is abandoned or                                                              
the destruction  of that ideal is  allowed to occur, then  what is                                                              
society left with?   Don't desert parents who  are working towards                                                              
having  the best  family  relationships  they can,  she  remarked,                                                              
opining  that to  do  so would  be a  travesty.   Regardless  that                                                              
HB 35 may  be litigated, she offered,  her belief is that  it will                                                              
stand.     In  conclusion,  she   pointed  out  that   people  are                                                              
accountable  [for   the  ensuing   results]  if  they   allow  the                                                              
disintegration of the family.                                                                                                   
3:58:33 PM                                                                                                                    
ANN GRAY  said that she,  the mother of  four children  who aren't                                                              
old enough  to speak  for themselves,  supports  HB 35, which  she                                                              
characterized  as dealing  with parental  consent -  not abuse  or                                                              
abortion.   She relayed  that she  became pregnant  at the  age of                                                              
14,  and  is thankful  for  the  guidance  she received  from  her                                                              
parents as  she made the important  decisions she was  then forced                                                              
to make  because of  her pregnancy.   Now, at the  age of  24, she                                                              
said she  can't imagine  having her daughter,  once she  becomes a                                                              
teenager, have  to face  the situation  of being pregnant  without                                                              
parental  support  and  instead  only receive  counseling  from  a                                                              
medical professional  - it's  a horrifying  thought to  any loving                                                              
parent,  particularly given  that it's  the parent  who must  deal                                                              
with the  consequences of  a pregnant  minor's decision.   Looking                                                              
back,  she admitted,  she wouldn't  have been  able to  comprehend                                                              
the long-term  consequences of  her decision  had she had  to make                                                              
it on her own.   In conclusion, she acknowledged  the difficulties                                                              
faced by a  minor who finds herself  in the same position  she was                                                              
in,  and  the  fact  that there  are  extreme  cases  in  which  a                                                              
pregnant minor can't  rely on her parents; nonetheless,  it is her                                                              
understanding  that laws  are  meant to  protect  the majority  of                                                              
Alaska citizens - children and parents like herself.                                                                            
[Chair Ramras turned the gavel over to Vice Chair Dahlstrom.]                                                                   
4:00:52 PM                                                                                                                    
MARGARET  BROWN,  after relaying  that  she  is  a mother  and  an                                                              
educator,  said that  she  is in  favor of  HB  35 and  encourages                                                              
support of  bill.   She said  that she  agrees with comments  that                                                              
pregnant  minors must  not be separated  from  their parents  at a                                                              
critical-decision  juncture in their life.   As a  society, people                                                              
want and  need parents to  guide their children  through decisions                                                              
of all sorts, but  parents must especially have the  ability to do                                                              
so during  their children's  most desperate times.   To  place the                                                              
State  between  the  parent  and  the child  at  the  point  of  a                                                              
critical decision  such as  ending a pregnancy  is bad  [case] law                                                              
and needs to  be reversed, because  it puts the State  in the role                                                              
of  the  parent  -  encouraging  a  contemptuous  relationship  of                                                              
deceit and  manipulation.  Removing  parental consent for  a major                                                              
medical procedure  does not support  family strength  and bonding;                                                              
it does  just the opposite.   She opined  that 13-  to 17-year-old                                                              
teenagers are  not ready to  make adult decisions,  surmising that                                                              
that is why they  aren't considered to be adults  until they reach                                                              
the  age  of  18.    Current  [case]   law,  however,  gives  such                                                              
teenagers the ability  to decide to take the life  of a developing                                                              
fetus without the advice of those who support them.                                                                             
MS.  BROWN indicated  her belief  that  having the  option of  the                                                              
judicial bypass  procedure will be sufficient for  those teenagers                                                              
who do not have  the loving support of their  parents.  Regardless                                                              
that that  procedure may  be difficult to  undertake, that  is not                                                              
the primary  concern of HB 35, though  it should be the  intent of                                                              
the State  to make that procedure  available and timely  for those                                                              
who need  it the most.   In conclusion,  she shared her  hope that                                                              
the committee will support the bill.                                                                                            
4:02:46 PM                                                                                                                    
STEPHANIE SCHURTER  - after  mentioning that  she has worked  as a                                                              
[maternity]  nurse and  in a pediatric  clinic,  and that  she has                                                              
two children  - relayed that she  would be speaking in  support of                                                              
HB 35.   She  characterized parental  consent  for an abortion  as                                                              
vital to protecting  the foundation of what society  is built on -                                                              
the  family -  and offered  her  belief that  HB  35 will  protect                                                              
minors  because  it will  aid  parents,  who are  responsible  for                                                              
their  children, to  fulfill their  parental roles.   Parents  are                                                              
the first  and foremost resource  minors have when  making serious                                                              
decisions, especially  decisions about their bodies,  beliefs, and                                                              
futures.  To  take away parents' right to provide  that assistance                                                              
will  tear  at the  social  fabric  of  the  state.   Noting  that                                                              
parental  consent is required  in numerous  other situations,  she                                                              
remarked that  it is completely  inconsistent to apply  the Alaska                                                              
State Constitution's  privacy clause to minors solely  in the case                                                              
of abortion,  and makes no  sense to her.   She shared  her belief                                                              
that abortion is not a medically necessary procedure.                                                                           
MS. SCHURTER  opined that there  are also important  psychological                                                              
and spiritual aspects  and repercussions that a  pregnant teenager                                                              
[with the  assistance of a  responsible adult] needs  to consider,                                                              
without  making  any rash  decisions.   Acknowledging  that  there                                                              
will be  situations in which  pregnant teenagers are  being abused                                                              
or can't  rely on their parents,  she opined that in  the majority                                                              
of situations, teenagers  must discuss their pregnancy  with their                                                              
parents.    In  conclusion,  she said  she  greatly  fears  giving                                                              
medical institutions  the right to perform procedures  on children                                                              
without  parental consent,  and  again relayed  that she  supports                                                              
HB 35.                                                                                                                          
4:05:42 PM                                                                                                                    
ROBERTA N.  HUNTER relayed that  she would be speaking  in support                                                              
of HB 35, and offered the following:                                                                                            
     The   supreme  court   decision   that  overturned   our                                                                   
     original  PCA   was  based  on  the  right   of  Alaskan                                                                   
     children  to autonomy  specifically in  [regard] ...  to                                                                   
     whether or  not the children  wanted to have a  child or                                                                   
     not.   I am here  to speak on  behalf of the  subject of                                                                   
     autonomy  for pregnant  minors who are  forced by  their                                                                   
     parents  to get abortions.   I've  studied abortion  and                                                                   
     related  issues, and  have  spoken with  pre- and  post-                                                                   
     abortive women  and young ladies for many years.   I can                                                                   
     assure  each of the  legislators that  there are  minors                                                                   
     in  the state  of Alaska who  have been  and are  forced                                                                   
     and  coerced  into  having abortions  by  their  parents                                                                   
     against their wishes and wills.                                                                                            
     Since  the ...  [Alaska] Supreme  Court  has ruled  that                                                                   
     the   Alaska  [State]   Constitution  protects   Alaskan                                                                   
     minors' rights  to autonomy in [regard] ...  to having a                                                                   
     child  or not, this  same right  must, in all  fairness,                                                                   
     be applied to  minors who want to keep their  babies and                                                                   
     raise them.   Currently, the lack of a  parental consent                                                                   
     law in  our state leaves  young ladies wishing  to carry                                                                   
     their  pregnancies   to  term,   and  raise  their   own                                                                   
     children, unprotected.                                                                                                     
[Vice Chair Dahlstrom returned the gavel to Chair Ramras.]                                                                      
MS.   HUNTER   then   [paraphrased]    from   some   log   entries                                                              
[purportedly]  written by  pregnant teenagers  on an Internet  web                                                              
site titled "Teen  Abortion Issues" about being forced  to have an                                                              
abortion.   She offered  her understanding  that such  stories are                                                              
common,  and  that  those  teenagers  were  forced  by  their  own                                                              
parents to  have abortions and as  a result are  suffering serious                                                              
trauma  during  their developing  years.    She argued  that  such                                                              
teenagers must be  protected from their parents  - those teenagers                                                              
have to  be allowed to  retain their options  if true  autonomy is                                                              
to be  the rule of  law in Alaska.   She  said she supports  HB 35                                                              
because  it  will protect  the  autonomy  of  minors who  seek  to                                                              
continue  their  pregnancies and  keep  their babies,  and  opined                                                              
that  the bill  contains  enough  provisions  to ensure  that  all                                                              
minors  are protected  with regard  to  their own  bodies.   House                                                              
Bill  35,  she   asserted,  would  promote  parental   rights  and                                                              
responsibilities  for   all  parents,  including   those  pregnant                                                              
minors wishing  and choosing to  become mothers themselves,  would                                                              
strengthen  Alaska families,  and  would protect  the autonomy  of                                                              
every pregnant  minor in Alaska.   Current law, she  opined, fails                                                              
to  protect pregnant  minors seeking  to exercise  their right  to                                                              
decide whether to become mothers.                                                                                               
4:09:41 PM                                                                                                                    
CARISSA  PHILLIPS offered  her  belief that  it  is parents'  god-                                                              
given responsibility,  right, and privilege to raise,  govern, and                                                              
protect their  own children.   There is  something very  wrong and                                                              
destructive,  she   opined,  with  the  fact  that   Alaska  [law]                                                              
currently  allows a  pregnant minor  to have  an abortion  - which                                                              
she characterized  as an  invasive medical  procedure -  or obtain                                                              
abortifacient    medication,   that    could   potentially    have                                                              
devastating   results  mentally,   physically,  emotionally,   and                                                              
spiritually,  without her  parents'  knowledge or  consent.   She,                                                              
too,  noted  that  parental  consent   is  currently  required  in                                                              
numerous other  situations, and characterized  the lack of  such a                                                              
requirement   with  regard   to  abortion   as  inconsistent   and                                                              
absolutely ridiculous.                                                                                                          
[Chair Ramras turned the gavel over to Vice Chair Dahlstrom.]                                                                   
MS. PHILLIPS observed  that under current [case]  law, in addition                                                              
to  the  possible  loss,  grief,   and  lack  of  trust  in  their                                                              
relationship with  their child, parents are still  responsible for                                                              
providing  care for their  daughter after  an abortion,  including                                                              
providing  counseling or  medical help  if needed  as a result  of                                                              
the abortion; furthermore,  as a dependent, a minor  relies on her                                                              
parents for  post-abortion care  addressing the possible  risks of                                                              
abdominal pain,  cramping, nausea,  vomiting, diarrhea,  bleeding,                                                              
infection,  internal  organ  damage,  heavy  bleeding,  incomplete                                                              
abortion, reaction  to anesthesia,  damage to the  cervix, scaring                                                              
of the uterine  lining, perforation of the uterus,  breast cancer,                                                              
preterm delivery,  placenta previa, suicide, substance  abuse, and                                                              
death.    She  mentioned  that  she  acquired  the  aforementioned                                                              
information  about   the  risks   of  abortion  from   the  Crisis                                                              
Pregnancy Center (CPC).                                                                                                         
MS.  PHILLIPS asked  that  parents be  allowed  to oversee  "these                                                              
types  of  medical  decisions,"  adding her  belief  that  current                                                              
[Alaska  case]  law  reaps  destruction  upon  families  and  robs                                                              
parents of  their parental  rights.   "How are  we to protect  and                                                              
guide  our children  if  the State  is  working  against us?"  she                                                              
queried.   Passage of  HB 35, she  posited, will protect  parental                                                              
rights  and   strengthen  families   by  allowing  the   doors  of                                                              
communication  to be opened  between children  and their  parents,                                                              
by preventing the  coercion of minors to have an  abortion, and by                                                              
allowing  parents to  oversee  their children's  health  decisions                                                              
and give  guidance, support,  and encouragement.   In  conclusion,                                                              
she mentioned that  she has three children, stated  that she is in                                                              
favor of  parental rights, and urged  the committee to  "give back                                                              
to  us  our  fundamental  rights  as  parents  and  witness  [the]                                                              
strengthening of Alaska's families."                                                                                            
4:12:17 PM                                                                                                                    
PAULINE  LAFOREST,  after relaying  that  she has  four  children,                                                              
pointed out that  whenever she takes her children  to the hospital                                                              
at  Elmendorf Air  Force  Base, the  doctors  there recognize  and                                                              
respect  her right  as  a parent  to consent  to  or refuse  their                                                              
recommendations  regarding medical  procedures  for her  children.                                                              
If  this  federally-run  military  base  recognizes  her  parental                                                              
rights  regarding  her  children's medical  procedures,  then  why                                                              
doesn't  the State  of  Alaska?.   She offered  her  understanding                                                              
that at the heart  of HB 35 is the issue of  parental consent, and                                                              
characterized  that as  a right  parents have  when raising  their                                                              
children.    She  said  she  takes   her  parental  responsibility                                                              
seriously  and  works  hard  to  fulfill  it.   On  the  issue  of                                                              
responsibility,  she  pointed out  that  when a  13-year-old,  for                                                              
example, gives  birth, although she  then has a  responsibility to                                                              
her  child,  it  doesn't  make  her  a  responsible  person.    In                                                              
conclusion, she asked the committee to support HB 35.                                                                           
[Vice Chair Dahlstrom returned the gavel to Chair Ramras.]                                                                      
4:15:27 PM                                                                                                                    
DEBBIE  JOSLIN, President,  Eagle  Forum Alaska,  said  she is  in                                                              
support  of the  passage  of HB  35, adding  her  belief that  the                                                              
family,  which  she  characterized  as  the  fundamental  building                                                              
block  of society,  is in trouble  in  a variety  of ways.   House                                                              
Bill 35 would  not force parents and children  to communicate with                                                              
each other, she  remarked, but as the law currently  stands, there                                                              
is  a   wall  between   parents  and   children  that   stops  the                                                              
communication that  should be there.   She said that  although she                                                              
herself  was raised  in a  dysfunctional home,  she believes  that                                                              
the  vast  majority   of  parents  want  what's   best  for  their                                                              
MS. JOSLIN  relayed that she had  an abortion when she  was 18 and                                                              
was assumed to  be fairly mature because she'd  become emancipated                                                              
at the age  of 17; she didn't  have parents that she  could go to,                                                              
and  instead  relied  on  the  advice  of  the  man  who  got  her                                                              
pregnant.   Had she been  a minor  in a state  with a law  such as                                                              
HB 35  in  place, she  acknowledged,  she  would  have had  to  go                                                              
through   a  judicial   bypass   procedure,   but  surmised   that                                                              
regardless of  how scary  that process might  have been,  it would                                                              
have been well  worth it to get  input from an unbiased  judge who                                                              
might have pointed  out to her that she had other  options besides                                                              
just getting  an abortion,  options she didn't  get to  hear about                                                              
from the man who got her pregnant or from Planned Parenthood.                                                                   
MS. JOSLIN  opined that what should  be considered is  that what's                                                              
really best  for teenagers  is for them  to have input  from their                                                              
parents, or,  lacking that, input  from the courts.   In addition,                                                              
if a  pregnant teenager  is living  in an  abusive situation,  she                                                              
proffered,  then  the  teenager  could  simply get  input  from  a                                                              
school counselor,  for example.   All of  Alaska's laws  should be                                                              
passed based  on what's best for  the whole [of society],  and for                                                              
the majority  of teenagers,  she opined, the  best thing  would be                                                              
to  have a  parental consent  law in  place.   In conclusion,  she                                                              
asked the committee to pass HB 35 quickly.                                                                                      
4:19:28 PM                                                                                                                    
DAVID BRONSON,  Alaska Family Council,  after explaining  that the                                                              
Alaska Family Council  is a pro-family organization  whose goal is                                                              
to  protect and  defend Alaska  families, said  he disagrees  with                                                              
the earlier  comments that referred  to pregnant minors  as women;                                                              
instead,  he  opined,  HB  35  pertains   to  children,  and  will                                                              
solidify parents'  access to  their children.   Although  the bill                                                              
won't address all  situations, it will do a good  job of assisting                                                              
parents  and will  create an  opportunity  for the  State to  help                                                              
parents during  what could be one  of the most difficult  times in                                                              
theirs  and  their child's  life.    In  conclusion, he  said  the                                                              
Alaska Family Council appreciates HB 35.                                                                                        
4:22:05 PM                                                                                                                    
CATHY COTTON, after  noting that she is in favor  of HB 35, opined                                                              
that  parents  have a  fundamental  right  to know  whether  their                                                              
minor child is seeking  an abortion, and the right  to be involved                                                              
in any  and all  medical decisions  pertaining to their  children.                                                              
She indicated  that  HB 35 "makes  perfect common  sense"  to her,                                                              
and shared her hope that members will vote "Yes" on HB 35.                                                                      
4:22:59 PM                                                                                                                    
PAMELA SAMASH said  she supports of HB 35 because  of the right of                                                              
parents  to make decisions  for  their children.   She asked  [the                                                              
legislature]  to protect  parental  rights  and teenagers'  lives,                                                              
and offered  her understanding that  the bill will  protect abused                                                              
teenagers  and  could  break the  cycle  of  destructive,  abusive                                                              
patterns  via intervention.   She  relayed that  a friend  of hers                                                              
was  raped repeatedly  by  her friend's  father;  surmised that  a                                                              
bill  such as HB  35 would  have made  a difference  by forcing  a                                                              
legal  intervention, stopping  the  abuse; and  asserted that  her                                                              
friend is  also in support  of the bill.   She opined that  to not                                                              
pass HB  35 would be  more destructive  to teenagers  because they                                                              
could get hurt  during the abortion procedure; parents  need to be                                                              
involved in such  a situation in order to be able  to take care of                                                              
their  daughter.    In conclusion,  she  asked  the  committee  to                                                              
please pass HB 35.                                                                                                              
4:27:00 PM                                                                                                                    
MICHAEL REMILLARD  - after  mentioning that  he agrees  with those                                                              
[who have  spoken in  favor of  HB 35],  and that  he, too,  is in                                                              
favor  of  HB 35  -  said  he  thinks  it will  help  protect  the                                                              
fundamental  rights  of parents  to  be  involved in  the  medical                                                              
decisions  of their  minor children.   With regard  to the  notion                                                              
that  children are  experts in  their  own lives,  he pointed  out                                                              
that teenagers  have always believed  they are experts on  a great                                                              
many subjects only  to realize later on in life  that they aren't;                                                              
society recognizes  that, and parents  recognize that,  and that's                                                              
why there  are age  limits with regard  to driving,  drinking, and                                                              
voting, for example.                                                                                                            
MR. REMILLARD  shared  his belief  that HB 35  is very  important,                                                              
and that the  vast majority of families fall  somewhere in between                                                              
being  so perfect  that  they don't  need the  bill  and being  so                                                              
dysfunctional  that the bill  won't help them  - somewhere  in the                                                              
middle wherein it's  a combination of factors and  influences that                                                              
result  in a teenager  choosing  one path over  another; in  these                                                              
situations  it is  important for  teenagers  to go  back to  their                                                              
parents  and  receive  guidance.     Furthermore,  the  bill  does                                                              
provide for  judicial bypass, and  so regardless of how  scary the                                                              
judicial  system  and the  social  services  network are  to  deal                                                              
with, people  [in this  country] are fortunate  to have  them, and                                                              
when a teenager  has to interact with the judicial  system, it's a                                                              
good  thing   regardless  that  it   can  be  intimidating.     In                                                              
conclusion, he said he supports HB 35.                                                                                          
4:30:11 PM                                                                                                                    
RICK SIKMA relayed  that he is in favor of HB 35,  and offered his                                                              
belief that parents  have been making good decisions  on behalf of                                                              
their children for  centuries, and that it has  been understood by                                                              
society that  parents are the ones  who are supposed to  take care                                                              
of and make  decisions for their  children.  The court  system and                                                              
the  legal  system,  over  the   last  several  years,  have  been                                                              
deciding that  the courts and  the government should  take control                                                              
of children,  and this  has resulted  in more  and more  crime and                                                              
problems in the  community, he opined, and shared  his belief that                                                              
parents should  have the right to  make decisions for  their child                                                              
- especially  a  serious decision  like whether  the child  should                                                              
have an  abortion.   He offered  his understanding  that when  his                                                              
daughter-in-law  had   an  abortion  when  she  was   13,  Planned                                                              
Parenthood  never asked  her whether  she wanted  an abortion  and                                                              
didn't notify  her parents; that  she now wishes that  her parents                                                              
had been  involved; and  that she is  now experiencing  health and                                                              
emotional problems  because of that  abortion.  In  conclusion, he                                                              
offered his  hope that all  members will vote  to pass HB  35 from                                                              
4:33:04 PM                                                                                                                    
KAT  DAVIS offered  her  belief that  HB 35  should  be passed  in                                                              
order to  protect young  women and parental  rights.   Parents are                                                              
liable for the  actions of their child, she observed,  and pointed                                                              
out that  a minor is  unable to  get a tattoo  and can only  get a                                                              
piercing with  parental consent, and  that if a minor  changes her                                                              
mind after  getting a piercing,  the stud can be  removed, whereas                                                              
an abortion  is more  complex in  that it  can affect that  girl's                                                              
ability to  carry a baby to term  later on and might  increase the                                                              
risk of  various cancers.  Getting  an abortion, she  surmised, is                                                              
psychologically  and emotionally  traumatic  for a  lot of  women.                                                              
During the  developmental stage, a  teenager might be  inclined to                                                              
be independent  but  she is not  always fully  prepared to  handle                                                              
that  independence, and  thus when  facing a  decision that  could                                                              
potentially affect her  body for the rest of her  life, having the                                                              
input of her parent or guardians is vital.                                                                                      
MS. DAVIS  offered her  belief HB 35  would reduce the  likelihood                                                              
of  a  child  being victimized  without  parental  knowledge.    A                                                              
teenager can  be pressured into  having sex and then  be pressured                                                              
into  having an  abortion without  the responsible  adults in  her                                                              
life  ever knowing  about it.    Given the  liability issues  that                                                              
parents face these  days, the decision to have  an abortion should                                                              
not  be  made  without  a  parent's  knowledge.    She  asked  the                                                              
committee  to  please  pass  HB  35  and  protect  the  rights  of                                                              
parents.   She  explained that  she was  molested as  a child  and                                                              
then  raped  as  a  teenager,  and   thus  understands  the  chaos                                                              
associated  with such trauma,  and relayed  that although  telling                                                              
her  mother what  had happened  was  probably one  of the  hardest                                                              
conversations she's ever  had, it was also a great  relief to then                                                              
have her mother's support and advice.                                                                                           
MS. DAVIS,  noting that she is  a registered nurse and  that other                                                              
medical professionals  have  been testifying  against HB  35, said                                                              
she  is   concerned  that   without  parental  guidance,   medical                                                              
professionals,  being in a  position of  authority, could  guide a                                                              
teenager  into   having  an  abortion  without  concern   for  her                                                              
family's values, and  this may not bode well in the  long term for                                                              
the family's cohesion and communication.                                                                                        
4:36:28 PM                                                                                                                    
LEE CAGE, after  mentioning that he is a licensed  clinical social                                                              
worker  and  the  father  of  six  children,  stated  that  he  is                                                              
strongly in  support of HB 35  and has learned much  from people's                                                              
4:37:44 PM                                                                                                                    
D. A.  McGILVARY relayed  that she  has seven  children and  [will                                                              
soon  have]  fifteen  grandchildren,   and  indicated  that  after                                                              
reading HB 35 in  its entirety, she believes that  it will protect                                                              
a pregnant  minor who  is frightened of  telling her  parents that                                                              
she has  decided to get  an abortion.   All protections  under all                                                              
circumstances  are seemingly  in place,  she opined.   Given  that                                                              
parental   consent   is   required   for   vaccinations   or   the                                                              
administering of  aspirin, so much more  so does a child  need her                                                              
parents' consent  and support in situations  involving [abortion];                                                              
the psychological  impact must be  horrendous, she  surmised, when                                                              
a woman  "kills  her unborn  child" and  then tries  to keep  it a                                                              
secret.   She asked the  committee to please  pass HB 35  in order                                                              
to give  parents back  their right  to be  parents to  their minor                                                              
children.    She  offered  her belief  that  some  statutory  rape                                                              
crimes  are   going  undetected   due  to   "private  and   secret                                                              
abortions."   In conclusion, she  said, "These children  are gifts                                                              
of god, from whatever  source, and we just can't  be snuffing them                                                              
out,  and, good  gracious,  if they're  going  to  do that,  their                                                              
parents  need  to know  and  assist  in  the before,  during,  and                                                              
4:41:32 PM                                                                                                                    
SETH  CHURCH  relayed that  he's  been  involved in  the  juvenile                                                              
justice   system   (JJS)  for   some   years,  and   offered   his                                                              
understanding  that  the  reason  the  nation's  JJS  doesn't  use                                                              
typical [adult]  correctional facilities  is because kids  are not                                                              
fully developed  mentally  until the age  of 18,  and is  also why                                                              
the  federal   government  created   the  [Juvenile   Justice  and                                                              
Delinquency Prevention  Act of 1974].   This developmental  factor                                                              
is critical  when considering  the issue of  a minor  receiving an                                                              
abortion,  he  opined, particularly  given  that  a minor  is  not                                                              
considered to  be fully capable  of making decision  in situations                                                              
involving  tobacco, alcohol,  and military  service, for  example.                                                              
He indicated  that he is in favor  of HB 35 because  it makes good                                                              
sense  and  places the  authority  to  make  a decision  [about  a                                                              
minor's  abortion]  back  in  the   hands  of  the  parents.    In                                                              
conclusion,  Mr.  Church offered  the  following  quote by  Thomas                                                              
Paine,  "A generous  parent would  have  said, 'If  there must  be                                                              
trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.'"                                                                   
4:44:04 PM                                                                                                                    
KIM BODIKER relayed  that when her mother was pregnant  with her -                                                              
the last  of five children  - her  mother's doctor encouraged  her                                                              
to have  an abortion  because there  was a  50-50 chance  that the                                                              
baby would  be "brain dead"  at birth,  but she refused,  and once                                                              
she  did  give birth,  that  doctor  then  saw  the error  of  his                                                              
advice.   A  pregnant  15-year-old receiving  such  advice from  a                                                              
doctor, however,  might simply acquiesce to having  an unnecessary                                                              
abortion.   A doctor may  not know all  of the circumstances  in a                                                              
pregnant  teenager's   life,  but  her  parents  would.     It  is                                                              
important for parents  to realize their responsibilities  to their                                                              
children  by  having  their  children  come  to  them  to  discuss                                                              
matters such as abortion, for example.                                                                                          
MS. BODIKER  offered her  belief that  even though some  teenagers                                                              
do live in very  abusive situations, there are  options other than                                                              
abortion  for such  teenagers to  pursue.  Her  parents were  very                                                              
involved in every  major decision in her life, and  her life would                                                              
be for the worse,  she surmised, if they hadn't  been so involved.                                                              
Parents  have  the  experience   and  the  knowledge  to  consider                                                              
consequences  that a  teenager may  not be able  to envision,  and                                                              
this is a  protection teenagers need; parents,  for example, would                                                              
have  knowledge of  their child's  medical  conditions, and  could                                                              
institute protections  against a predator,  and adoption of  HB 35                                                              
would help ensure  that such information comes to  light and would                                                              
[encourage]  better parent-child  relationships.   In  conclusion,                                                              
she asked members to vote "Yes" on HB 35.                                                                                       
4:47:54 PM                                                                                                                    
CAROL  SZOPA said  she  is for  passage  of HB  35,  and that  she                                                              
agrees with the  prior speakers [in favor of the  bill].  Alaska's                                                              
adults need  to protect  their children,  she opined,  and offered                                                              
her understanding  that under  current [case]  law, any  adult can                                                              
influence a  pregnant minor  into having  an abortion  without her                                                              
own parents  ever knowing;  for  example, the  parents of  the boy                                                              
who got  a girl pregnant  could take the  girl in for  an abortion                                                              
and thus  save themselves and their  son from having to  pay child                                                              
support.    Currently  nothing  protects  a  pregnant  minor  from                                                              
making a  decision not in  her own best  interest.   Children need                                                              
their  parents to help  them because  their young  brains  are not                                                              
fully developed.   She relayed  that her daughter  became pregnant                                                              
at the  age of 17  and later  shared with her  that it  would have                                                              
been  horrible  had she  not  been able  to  get advice  from  her                                                              
mother.   House Bill  35, she  opined, is  about parental  rights,                                                              
parental consent,  and the rights  of a child  to be able  to rely                                                              
on  her parents,  not her  boyfriend or  his parents  or a  school                                                              
counselor or  other some other adult  who doesn't know  that child                                                              
like her  parent do.  In conclusion,  she expressed her  hope that                                                              
HB 35 will get passed [from committee].                                                                                         
4:50:10 PM                                                                                                                    
JANET  CREPPS, Deputy  Director,  U.S. Legal  Program, Center  for                                                              
Reproductive  Rights,  relayed that  she  would be  testifying  in                                                              
opposition to HB  35, and mentioned that she has  been a member of                                                              
the  Alaska Bar  Association  (ABA)  since 1983,  has  represented                                                              
abortion  providers in  Alaska for  more  than a  decade, and  was                                                              
lead counsel  [for the  appellees in  State v. Planned  Parenthood                                                            
of Alaska].   She opined  that HB  35 is clearly  unconstitutional                                                            
under the  Alaska Supreme Court's  decision in Planned  Parenthood                                                            
of  Alaska.   In that  case, the  court struck  down the  existing                                                            
[parental]  consent   requirement  because  it  gave   parents  an                                                              
impermissible veto  over a minor's  decision to have  an abortion;                                                              
determined that the  State could accomplish its  goals through the                                                              
less-restrictive means  of [requiring parental  notification]; and                                                              
clarified that  [the then-existing]  parental consent  requirement                                                              
went  too far.   This  decision is  a binding  precedent that  the                                                              
legislature  should recognize  and apply  when considering  HB 35.                                                              
Ms. Crepps added:                                                                                                               
     And I'd  like to  address one  particular aspect  of the                                                                   
     opinion  in response  to something  that  Representative                                                                   
     Coghill   said  when   he  was   presenting  the   bill.                                                                   
     [Representative]  ... Coghill  mentioned that the  court                                                                   
     described   the  previous   parental   consent  law   as                                                                   
     constitutionally  suspect.    That statement  came  when                                                                   
     the  court was considering  whether  or not the  consent                                                                   
     requirement   was  the   least   restrictive  means   of                                                                   
     accomplishing  the State's  goal.  The  point the  court                                                                   
     was making was  that on its face, the law  [was] suspect                                                                   
     because it  required consent  instead of notice.   After                                                                   
     a  thorough  examination  of  the law  and  the  State's                                                                   
     asserted  justifications  for  it, the  court  concluded                                                                   
     that its suspicions  were confirmed and the  law was, in                                                                   
     fact, unconstitutional.                                                                                                    
MS. CREPPS  offered her belief that  the consent provision  is not                                                              
the only  serious problem with  HB 35 but  that there are  in fact                                                              
other  provisions  that  also  make   it  unconstitutional.    For                                                              
example,  the bill  imposes a  mandatory  48-hour delay  following                                                              
notice about  the abortion to a  parent.  While other  notice laws                                                              
in the U.S.  allow a parent to  waive the delay by  giving consent                                                              
to the  abortion, under HB  35, a parent  who is ready  to consent                                                              
cannot waive the  waiting period even if the  parent believes that                                                              
it  is in  the minor's  best interest  to  proceed without  delay.                                                              
There  is  no  legitimate  justification,   she  opined,  for  the                                                              
legislature to require  a delay against the wishes  of the parent.                                                              
Furthermore,   she  also  opined,   the  definition   of  "medical                                                              
emergency"   [as   used   in   proposed    AS   18.16.010(g)]   is                                                              
unconstitutionally  vague;   no  other  such  law   containing  an                                                              
exception  for  a  medical  emergency   uses  the  words  "medical                                                              
instability"  - this is  not a  medical term  nor will  it provide                                                              
physicians   with   enough   guidance   to   meet   constitutional                                                              
standards.     In  conclusion,   she  asserted   that  HB   35  is                                                              
unconstitutional on  numerous grounds, and urged the  committee to                                                              
reject the bill.                                                                                                                
MS. CREPPS,  in response  to comments,  opined that  HB 35  is not                                                              
only  unconstitutional,  for  the  reasons  found  by  the  Alaska                                                              
Supreme Court when  it considered the previous law,  but is worse;                                                              
it is more  burdensome - it combines  notice and consent  - and is                                                              
therefore  more  unconstitutional  than  the  previous  law.    In                                                              
response to  a question,  she reiterated  that the term,  "medical                                                              
instability" is not  a medical term, and observed  that neither is                                                              
it further defined  in statute.  The constitutional  standards for                                                              
due process,  she pointed out,  require that all  laws, especially                                                              
those  imposing  criminal  penalties or  severe  civil  penalties,                                                              
have to  be clear  enough to  provide those  who must  comply with                                                              
the  law  and   those  who  must  enforce  the   law  with  enough                                                              
information  to do  so and  to do so  fairly.   The term  "medical                                                              
instability" isn't  anything that  a physician would  recognize or                                                              
be able to  conform to in  order to avoid either  jeopardizing the                                                              
health of the minor or facing severe penalties.                                                                                 
REPRESENTATIVE COGHILL disagreed.                                                                                               
4:57:15 PM                                                                                                                    
HEATHER CHURCH, after  relaying that she is a  nursing student and                                                              
plans to get  licensed in Alaska, mentioned that  according to the                                                              
teaching  she is receiving,  the  patient is  to be considered  by                                                              
community nurses  as [part  of] the family,  and that she  and her                                                              
fellow nursing students  have been working with teen  parents.  As                                                              
nursing students,  she explained, "we  see that ...  teen parents'                                                              
families are  very involved."  In  conclusion, she said  she is in                                                              
support of  the bill, and  asked members  to please vote  "Yes" on                                                              
HB 35.                                                                                                                          
4:58:33 PM                                                                                                                    
HEIDI DOUDNA,  after mentioning that  she is the mother  of seven,                                                              
said  she  is very  supportive  of  HB  35,  and agrees  with  the                                                              
concept  that  parents  have  the  right to  be  involved  in  all                                                              
medical  decisions  that  involve   their  minor  children.    She                                                              
expressed  her trust that  legislators will  rectify any  problems                                                              
with  the current  wording of  the bill  in order  to ensure  that                                                              
parents will have  the right to decide what is best  for their own                                                              
children's  psychological  and  physical  long-term  health.    In                                                              
conclusion, she asked members to please vote "Yes" on HB 35.                                                                    
4:59:38 PM                                                                                                                    
ANNIE  DOUGHERTY,  after  mentioning that  others  have  expressed                                                              
many  of her  points,  said  she is  in  support of  HB  35.   She                                                              
offered her belief  that the primary reason a  minor would attempt                                                              
to  have an  abortion  without parental  knowledge  or consent  is                                                              
because she  is scared - being a  child and pregnant is  scary, as                                                              
is deciding  to have  an abortion.   However,  hiding the  problem                                                              
from her parents  will only ensure that the minor  remains in fear                                                              
even after  she has the abortion  because it will then  be just so                                                              
much  harder  for  her  to  approach  her  parents  for  help  and                                                              
comfort.  She noted  that even though she is a  loving mother, her                                                              
own  children  are fearful  about  having  to  admit to  her  that                                                              
they've  been doing  something they  shouldn't;  it's natural  for                                                              
children to  feel fear, but it's  important to teach  children the                                                              
importance of admitting  that they have a problem in  order to get                                                              
the appropriate help.                                                                                                           
MS.  DOUGHERTY offered  her belief  that the  majority of  parents                                                              
love their children  and want what's best for them.   And although                                                              
there are  some children who aren't  blessed with a  loving family                                                              
and may  thus rightly  fear the  consequences of disclosing  their                                                              
[pregnancy  and desire  to  have an  abortion]  to their  parents,                                                              
HB 35,  she  opined,  provides   protections  for  such  children.                                                              
[Passage  of  HB  35], she  proffered,  will  result  in  children                                                              
taking responsibility  for their  mistakes -  and a child  who has                                                              
gotten pregnant has  made a mistake; children shouldn't  deal with                                                              
mistakes just by  trying to cover them up.  She  cautioned against                                                              
not passing HB 35  simply out of fear that some  parents will hurt                                                              
their  children or  force them  into doing  something [they  don't                                                              
want to].   It's the parents'  responsibility and right  to parent                                                              
their  children and  work together  with their  children to  solve                                                              
their  children's   problems.    In  conclusion,   she  asked  the                                                              
committee to please pass HB 35.                                                                                                 
5:04:25 PM                                                                                                                    
GERR  C. KEFFER  said  that  he and  his  wife have  raised  three                                                              
children and  are now grandparents,  and believe in the  right and                                                              
responsibility of parents  to take care of their  own children; in                                                              
the   government's  responsibility   to   ensure  protection   for                                                              
families; and in less government.                                                                                               
5:05:12 PM                                                                                                                    
DICK  STOFFEL  said   he  is  in  favor  of  HB   35,  hopes  [the                                                              
legislature]  will pass  it, and  offered  his belief  that it  is                                                              
very constitutional  for parents to have the right  to consent "in                                                              
this matter."                                                                                                                   
5:05:45 PM                                                                                                                    
TIFFANY ROGERS-BORGES  said she would be testifying  in support of                                                              
HB 35,  offering her  belief that it  will maintain  the integrity                                                              
of  families in  a  difficult situation.    She characterized  the                                                              
names of  entities such as Planned  Parenthood and the  Center for                                                              
Reproductive  Justice as  euphemisms for  abortionists seeking  to                                                              
practice on  young, lonely  teenagers.   Abortion won't  solve the                                                              
problem of  abuse or rape, and so  the focus should instead  be on                                                              
what has the  highest value, and keeping something  hidden doesn't                                                              
qualify nor  does tearing parents  away from their  children; what                                                              
has the  highest value, she opined,  is the preservation  of life,                                                              
consent,  and  notice.    Autonomy   regarding  military  service,                                                              
driving  a car,  or  undergoing other  medical  procedures is  not                                                              
being given  to children, and so  neither should it be  given to a                                                              
minor  seeking an  abortion -  parents  should be  united on  this                                                              
issue.   In  conclusion,  she  said  she disagrees  with  [studies                                                              
illustrating]  that  a  large  population   of  the  young  adults                                                              
currently  in prison  were borne  of young mothers,  and with  the                                                              
concept  that  an  entire  segment of  the  population  should  be                                                              
eliminated simply for the sake of convenience.                                                                                  
5:07:49 PM                                                                                                                    
MARLENE MEYER  said she is in strong  favor of HB 35,  and offered                                                              
her belief  that HB 35 will  help victims of abuse  by encouraging                                                              
those  who are seeking  an abortion  to disclose  their abuse  and                                                              
thus  receive help  from the  court system.   House  Bill 35,  she                                                              
opined,  will also  protect the  rights of  supportive parents  in                                                              
Alaska.    In   conclusion,  she  expressed  her   hope  that  the                                                              
committee will pass HB 35.                                                                                                      
5:09:05 PM                                                                                                                    
JACKIE  GENGLER,  mentioning  that  she  is the  mother  of  five,                                                              
offered  her belief  that  in addition  to  protecting a  pregnant                                                              
minor, HB 35 would  also protect the unborn child  as well, noting                                                              
that  her children  now play  with the  child of  the woman  whose                                                              
mother  was advised  to  abort  her.   "This"  is  a very  serious                                                              
matter, she said in conclusion, and urged support of HB 35.                                                                     
5:10:25 PM                                                                                                                    
DEVON SCHRODER  relayed that she  would be speaking  in opposition                                                              
to  HB  35,  and  mentioned  that she  has  two  daughters.    She                                                              
indicated her  belief that a person  shouldn't start being  a good                                                              
parent  and providing  for  a safe  and  secure relationship  with                                                              
his/her  child only  after the  child  becomes pregnant.   Such  a                                                              
relationship  should instead  start  long before  anything like  a                                                              
teenage  pregnancy ever  comes  up; "preventative  maintenance  is                                                              
the key for  me," she added,  noting that she is  already speaking                                                              
with her 8-year-old  daughter, at an age-appropriate  level, about                                                              
physical interactions  with others.  That discussion,  she pointed                                                              
out, will need to  continue as time goes on so  that a comfortable                                                              
and open  relationship is fostered,  perhaps thereby  reducing the                                                              
likelihood of  a teenage pregnancy  occurring in the  first place.                                                              
She  said   she  doubts   that  many   teenagers  who   have  open                                                              
communication  with  their  parents  engage  the  services  of  an                                                              
abortion  provider without  their  parents.   The  bill would  not                                                              
encourage children  to sneak around  behind their  parents' backs,                                                              
she surmised, and  suggested that what's needed is  to foster good                                                              
parenting to begin  with.  Her parents, she noted,  spoke with her                                                              
at an early age  about all of her options and  explained the facts                                                              
of  life.     Fostering  communication  the  entire   time  is  an                                                              
important part of raising children, she said in conclusion.                                                                     
5:12:20 PM                                                                                                                    
SUSAN REEVES,  after mentioning  that she is  the mother  of three                                                              
young children,  said she  doesn't think  that having  an abortion                                                              
is done  out of  fear of one's  parents, and  that she  hopes that                                                              
she has a  good relationship with  her children so that  they will                                                              
feel comfortable coming  to her.  However, she  remarked, she also                                                              
hopes that  if her  children find themselves  in a situation  that                                                              
doesn't give  them the opportunity to  ask her for her  support or                                                              
advice,  that they  would have the  intelligence  to do what  they                                                              
felt was  right and have a  way and the means  to do it in  a safe                                                              
manner.  Passage  of HB 35, she  surmised, would tie the  hands of                                                              
those providing  good, safe, quality  care at [organizations  such                                                              
as] Planned Parenthood.   She opined that children  who are raised                                                              
to  be  strong   and  independent  will  be  able   to  think  for                                                              
themselves and  be able to  make their  own decisions -  not based                                                              
on fear  - and  thereby take  care of  difficult situations  in an                                                              
appropriate manner, but  not if their ability to do  so is removed                                                              
[via the  passage of  HB 35], which  will just  create a  mess and                                                              
nightmare for the public to deal with.                                                                                          
5:13:57 PM                                                                                                                    
BELISHA  JEFFRIES said  she is  opposed  to HB  35, and  mentioned                                                              
that she grew up  during a time when abortions were  viewed as bad                                                              
things, and that  she knows some of her daughter's  friends who've                                                              
become  pregnant have  been afraid  to tell their  parents.   When                                                              
children  are raised  by  parents  who take  the  time to  explain                                                              
things to them,  a lot of those children make  very good decisions                                                              
and feel  that they know  what is right  for them.   Ms. Jefferies                                                              
said she would  like to know what's  going on with her  daughter -                                                              
if  her daughter  were  to  be underage  and  decided  to have  an                                                              
abortion -  but she  wouldn't want to  stop her daughter  because,                                                              
in the  end, it will be  her daughter who  will have to  raise the                                                              
5:15:28 PM                                                                                                                    
ORVILLE  SMITH said  he  is against  HB  35 for  various  reasons,                                                              
adding that everything  he was going to say has  already been said                                                              
by prior testifiers.                                                                                                            
5:15:55 PM                                                                                                                    
STEVE BRADLEY  said he  is against HB  35, adding that  everything                                                              
he was going to say has already been said by prior testifiers.                                                                  
5:16:19 PM                                                                                                                    
KAREN MARTIN  relayed that she has  four living children,  has had                                                              
one  miscarriage,  and was  encouraged  to  abort her  last  child                                                              
because of her age  but declined to do so.  She  shared her belief                                                              
that  every   child,  at  the   moment  of  conception,   has  the                                                              
"inalienable  right ...  [to] life,  liberty, and  the pursuit  of                                                              
happiness," and  questioned how different  the world would  be had                                                              
various  historical  and present-day  figures  been  aborted.   In                                                              
conclusion,  she  encouraged members  to  watch  the video  of  an                                                              
abortion that's available on the Internet.                                                                                      
5:18:26 PM                                                                                                                    
ROBIN  SMITH  said she  opposes  HB  35.   She  characterized  the                                                              
assertion  by  some  that  children   can't  ever  access  medical                                                              
treatment  without parental  consent  as inaccurate,  and  pointed                                                              
out  that  no  state  explicitly  requires  parental  consent  for                                                              
contraceptives,  [pregnancy]  tests,   testing  and  treatment  of                                                              
sexually  transmitted diseases  (STDs),  counseling, medical  care                                                              
for drug and  alcohol abuse, outpatient mental  health services, a                                                              
cesarean  section,  prenatal care,  or  the  delivery  of a  baby.                                                              
Furthermore,  once a  minor has  a baby, she  has parental  rights                                                              
over that  baby regardless of her  age.  And although  the concept                                                              
of parents  and children  interacting in  a situation  involving a                                                              
teenage  pregnancy   sounds  good,  attempting  to   mandate  such                                                              
behavior  via the  passage  of HB  35  is akin  to  passing a  law                                                              
mandating that  all families  shall be  loving and supportive  and                                                              
all  children  shall  talk  to their  parents  if  they  get  into                                                              
trouble;  the bottom  line  is that  [passing  such laws]  doesn't                                                              
MS. SMITH offered  her understanding that the  governor's daughter                                                              
-  Bristol Palin  -  has said  that  unintended  pregnancy is  the                                                              
problem  and   that  abstinence-only  education  in   the  schools                                                              
doesn't work.   What's  really needed  to help prevent  abortions,                                                              
Ms.  Smith  surmised,  is  to  provide  comprehensive,  medically-                                                              
accurate,  sex  education  in  the   schools,  thus  lowering  the                                                              
possibility of teenage  pregnancy to begin with.   In addition, if                                                              
parents want their  children to talk to them  about their troubles                                                              
in  an atmosphere  of  mutual  respect,  then parents  must  start                                                              
interacting with  their children  in that manner  at a  very early                                                              
age, and  so perhaps providing parenting  classes would also  be a                                                              
good  idea.   Unfortunately,  Alaska  has  high rates  of  alcohol                                                              
abuse  and  domestic  violence,  and the  highest  rate  of  child                                                              
sexual abuse  in the  country; given  these facts,  HB 35  is just                                                              
not a  good law to  impose, particularly  given the  distance some                                                              
teenagers  will  have to  travel  in  order  to use  the  judicial                                                              
bypass procedure outlined in the bill.                                                                                          
MS.  SMITH,  in  conclusion,  said   she  opposes  HB  35  because                                                              
teenagers  already have  access  to quite  a bit  of medical  care                                                              
without parental  consent, and because it will  endanger teenagers                                                              
who may try  to induce an abortion  themselves [so as  not to have                                                              
to get consent from their parents].                                                                                             
5:23:02 PM                                                                                                                    
KATIE HULL  mentioned that she is  now raising a family,  and that                                                              
as a  teenager, she  became pregnant.   Ms.  Hull said  she agrees                                                              
with the comments  made by Ms. Smith, particularly  with regard to                                                              
providing  comprehensive  sex  education  in the  schools;  giving                                                              
girls  this  information is  the  only  way  to "stop  this  whole                                                              
entire issue."   Noting that she is now a teacher,  she said there                                                              
are many  [sexually active] girls  in high school who  still don't                                                              
know how  to avoid  becoming pregnant,  and so  telling them  only                                                              
about abstinence  isn't going to  solve the problem.   She relayed                                                              
that  when  she  became  pregnant,  she had  many  options  and  a                                                              
supportive family and  chose to keep her child, and  that now that                                                              
she is an  adult, her family has  taken in many troubled  kids who                                                              
don't have  supportive families or  the luxury of someone  to talk                                                              
to.  If the  legislature tries to take away [a  minor's ability to                                                              
obtain an  abortion without parental  consent], she  predicted, it                                                              
will just  make the problem  a lot worse.   There is  nothing that                                                              
can be done to  prevent families from falling apart  or to prevent                                                              
kids  with family  problems  from  living on  the  street, and  it                                                              
won't  help anybody  to take away  their options  [with regard  to                                                              
terminating a pregnancy].                                                                                                       
5:24:39 PM                                                                                                                    
CASSONDRA  ODDEN, after  mentioning  that she  is  against HB  35,                                                              
relayed that she  is the mother of a 3-year-old  daughter and will                                                              
do her  best to  raise her daughter  such that  she will  feel she                                                              
can come talk  to her about any  situation.  She said,  "The thing                                                              
is,  I remember  what it  was like  to be  a teenager  - I  didn't                                                              
always feel comfortable  talking to my parents; I hope  that if my                                                              
daughter were uncomfortable  talking to me about  a pregnancy, she                                                              
would  be able  to seek  counsel elsewhere."   She  said that  she                                                              
would  do anything  to keep  her  daughter safe  and healthy,  and                                                              
hopes that  the legislature will do  so too, and do so  by keeping                                                              
HB 35  from passing;  there shouldn't  be any more  complications,                                                              
in  an already  complicated situation,  for a  teenager who  needs                                                              
5:26:32 PM                                                                                                                    
SCOTT PUSTAY said  he is opposed to HB 35, is in  favor of keeping                                                              
Alaska's  teenagers healthy  and safe,  and thinks  that the  bill                                                              
will prevent that from happening.                                                                                               
5:27:16 PM                                                                                                                    
TABITHA CHRISMAN  said she is  for HB 35.   She said that  she has                                                              
been volunteering  at a local  "crises pregnancy center,"  and has                                                              
noticed that  the happiest  of the  girls who  come to  the center                                                              
are  those who  have  their parents  involved.    She offered  her                                                              
understanding that  in situations involving pregnant  minors, "the                                                              
parents  are paying  for pretty  much everything"  and the  minors                                                              
are still  living with  their parents.   She believes,  therefore,                                                              
that  parents  should   have  a  say  in  what   their  children's                                                              
decisions are.                                                                                                                  
CHAIR RAMRAS, after noting that no one else wished to testify,                                                                  
closed public testimony on HB 35, and relayed that HB 35 would                                                                  
be held over.                                                                                                                   

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