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04/29/1997 03:12 PM HES

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 HCR 18 - 80 YEAR ANNIV OF UNIV. ALASKA FAIRBANKS                              
 Number 0551                                                                   
 CHAIRMAN BUNDE announced the next item on the agenda was HCR 18,              
 Declaring 1997 to be observed as the 80th Anniversary of the                  
 University of Alaska Fairbanks and recognizing the vital role                 
 played by the University of Alaska Fairbanks.                                 
 Number 0577                                                                   
 REPRESENTATIVE JOHN DAVIES, Sponsor of HCR 18, said the resolution            
 asks the legislature to recognize the 80th anniversary of the                 
 University of Alaska Fairbanks as it is important to celebrate good           
 things.  The legislature spends a lot of their time focused on                
 problems and how to resolve them, but every once in a while there             
 needs to be recognition for those things which are going well.  He            
 felt the University of Alaska Fairbanks has done a lot of good                
 things in its 80 years of existence.                                          
 REPRESENTATIVE DAVIES also thought the resolution would assure                
 university students, faculty and staff that the legislature                   
 continues to value the mission of higher education.  While it might           
 be necessary to reduce budgets, there shouldn't be the perception             
 that there is a reduced appreciation of higher education.                     
 REPRESENTATIVE DAVIES stated that this resolution recalls the                 
 actions that the territorial legislature took 80 years ago, on May            
 3, 1917, in establishing the university.  He felt the legislature             
 should honor the efforts of many Alaskans who have contributed to             
 the creation of a strong university and that we recognize the                 
 contributions that the university has made to Alaska.  He cited               
 various accomplishments; educating teachers and leaders of Alaska,            
 developing new markets in resource areas such as fisheries, finding           
 new uses for Sitka spruce trees, allowing safe commerce in the hub            
 area of the state around Anchorage in the presence of volcanos and            
 developing engineering solutions to deal with permafrost and other            
 cold regions challenges.  This is the only northern university in             
 the United States that has meet that unique challenge.                        
 Number 0745                                                                   
 REPRESENTATIVE GREEN made a motion to move HCR 18 with individual             
 recommendations.  There being no objection, HCR 18 moved from the             
 House Health, Education and Social Services Standing Committee.               

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