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04/11/1996 02:07 PM House HES

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 CO-CHAIR BUNDE announced the next order of business was CSSB 165.             
 CO-CHAIR BUNDE announced there had been adequate public testimony             
 at previous hearings and closed public testimony at this time.  He            
 asked Representative Rokeberg to present the amendments.                      
 Number 1860                                                                   
 REPRESENTATIVE ROKEBERG said the original HESS committee had                  
 appointed a subcommittee on CSSB 165(HES).  The subcommittee came             
 up with an amendment which addresses some of the questions raised             
 in the committee hearing.  He moved to adopt Amendment 1 for                  
 discussion purposes.                                                          
 REPRESENTATIVE BRICE objected for discussion purposes.                        
 CO-CHAIR BUNDE asked Representative Rokeberg to speak to the                  
 REPRESENTATIVE ROKEBERG said, "In the interest of moving this bill            
 along, we did expedite the process and that's why I have permission           
 of the subcommittee members, because of the further referral and I            
 had some conversations with the various people involved in the bill           
 and came up with what I would call consensus changes to the                   
 legislation before us, which is the Version G.  The first part of             
 the amendment relates to page 3, line 10, and this particular                 
 section of the amendment speaks to a concern that was raised about            
 the definition of psychological services.  Previously, in statute,            
 the psychological associate license would specify areas or areas of           
 activities of competency and that would be specified on the                   
 license.  There was testimony that the scope of psychological                 
 services was found in statute, but a review of the statute showed             
 that the definition was for -- to practice psychology, which was              
 all encompassing, and the only statutory definition, which is all             
 encompassing and really related particularly back to a psychologist           
 which is different, as we know from the testimony, than a                     
 psychological associate."  It was pointed out that existing                   
 regulations 12 AAC 60.185, subsection (b) states, "The standards to           
 be adhered to a licensed psychologist and licensed psychological              
 associates rendering psychological services in the state are                  
 `general guidelines for the providers of psychological services'              
 1987 edition of the American Psychological Association.  General              
 guidelines for providers of psychological services is incorporated            
 by reference in this section."  He explained that by adding the               
 words, "as defined in regulation" adopts the reference in                     
 regulations which define the differential between a licensed                  
 psychologist and a licensed psychological associate.  Therefore,              
 the scope of work is more readily defined.                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE ROKEBERG said the second part of the amendment is              
 more substantive in form.                                                     
 CO-CHAIR TOOHEY asked if there would be any reason to add "and                
 billed as such" following the insertion of "as defined in                     
 regulation."  She said the amendment defines the difference between           
 a psychologist and a psychological associate and it all comes down            
 to the fee for service.                                                       
 REPRESENTATIVE ROKEBERG said he wasn't sure this section spoke to             
 TAPE 96-40, SIDE A                                                            
 Number 001                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE ROKEBERG said he appreciated Co-Chair Toohey's                 
 position, but the scope of the work done by the subcommittee in the           
 time frame, really didn't speak to that particular issue and it               
 wasn't the intent of this amendment.  The second part of the                  
 amendment page 3, line 13, which deletes "and (2)." and inserts               
 ",(2) and (4)." has a major substantive affect on this bill.  He              
 referred to page 3, lines 1 and 2, which states, "(4) takes and               
 passes the objective examination developed or approved by the board           
 for psychological associates."  He explained that by inserting (4)            
 into Section 6, it mandates that a person would have take and pass            
 an examination in order to receive a temporary license, which is              
 substantially different than the version of the bill that came                
 before the committee.  The rationale is that, particularly given              
 the shortening of the period of supervision to a two year period,             
 a person has to pass an examination after graduating from an                  
 accredited university, but before going into the public sector as             
 a psychological associate.  Also, depending on what university                
 attended, a person may not have the proper academic background to             
 meet the requirements, so taking an examination is he feels the               
 responsibility of the state in determining the educational                    
 background of the individual with a state license.  It was his                
 understanding that the people who support this legislation, also              
 support this amendment.                                                       
 Number 198                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE BRICE withdrew his objection.                                  
 CO-CHAIR BUNDE asked if there was further objection to Amendment 1.           
 Hearing none, Amendment 1 was adopted.  He asked for the wishes of            
 the committee.                                                                
 Number 228                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE ROKEBERG moved CSSB 165(L&C), Version G, as amended            
 with attached fiscal notes and individual recommendations.  Hearing           
 no objection, it was so ordered.                                              

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