Legislature(1993 - 1994)

03/26/1993 03:00 PM HES

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  HB 105:  BOOT CAMP FOR NON-VIOLENT FIRST OFFENDERS                           
  Number 022                                                                   
  CHAIR BUNDE noted that the committee was hearing HB 105 for                  
  the second time, and that after discussion about an                          
  amendment at the previous hearing, the sponsor had returned                  
  with an amended bill.  He announced his intention to resolve                 
  problems wIth the bill and move it out of committee.                         
  REP. VEZEY asked for a description of the amendment.                         
  CHAIR BUNDE asked him to wait until the bill's sponsor had                   
  Number 032                                                                   
  REP. ED WILLIS, PRIME SPONSOR of HB 105, addressed the                       
  amendment.  He referred to a blank committee substitute                      
  prepared as a work draft for the House Health, Education and                 
  Social Services (HESS) Committee, and pointed out the                        
  differences between it and the original.  The title was                      
  amended to allow individuals to contract with the Department                 
  of Corrections to contract with persons, which he said would                 
  allow contracts for boot camps with both non-profits, as has                 
  been Rep. Nicholia's concern, and with for-profit                            
  corporations, as had been Rep. Vezey's concern.                              
  REP. TOOHEY asked whether the change mandated or allowed the                 
  Department of Corrections to contract out operation of boot                  
  REP. WILLIS said the change allowed such contracts.                          
  CHAIR BUNDE said the change did not require boot camps to be                 
  operated by non-state entities.                                              
  Number 070                                                                   
  REP. VEZEY commented favorably on the craftsmanship                          
  evidenced by the first amendment.                                            
  Number 076                                                                   
  REP. WILLIS referred to a second change, on page 1, lines 9-                 
  13, and page 2, lines 1-4, adding language to allow first                    
  time misdemeanant in the program, as Corrections                             
  Commissioner Lloyd Rupp had asked.  The imprisonment term                    
  was set at at least 150 days for both first-time                             
  misdemeanants and first-time felons who had not previously                   
  been in a boot camp program, he said.  Changes on page 2,                    
  line 22, section 4, added language to ensure that personal                   
  accountability and the work ethic would be part of the boot                  
  camp training program.  Changes on page 3, lines 7-11,                       
  provide for contracting, he said.  Changes on page 3, lines                  
  12-25, address the limitations of the Department of                          
  Corrections' statistical information system, he said.                        
  Changes on page 3, lines 26-31, and page 4, lines 1-11, are                  
  aimed at making elements of the bill pertaining with                         
  eligibility agree with one another.  He said that the                        
  Department of Corrections has reviewed and approved the                      
  changes to HB 105 reflected in the amended version of the                    
  Number 134                                                                   
  REP. B. DAVIS moved that the committee accept the committee                  
  substitute (CS) of HB 105, as amended.                                       
  CHAIR BUNDE, hearing no objections, declared that the                        
  committee had adopted CSHB 105, as amended.  He asked                        
  whether including misdemeanant to the program would change                   
  the fiscal note for the bill.  He said he was receiving "a                   
  strong signal" from a representative of the Department of                    
  Corrections that the fiscal note would not be affected by                    
  the change.                                                                  
  Number 152                                                                   
  REP. NICHOLIA moved for passage of CSHB 105 with individual                  
  CHAIR BUNDE called for a roll call vote on the motion.                       
  Those voting yes were:  Reps. Vezey, B. Davis, Nicholia,                     
  Toohey, Bunde and G. Davis.  Those voting no:  none.  He                     
  indicated that the bill had PASSED WITH INDIVIDUAL                           
  RECOMMENDATIONS.  He called for a brief at-ease.                             

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