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CSSJR 40(RES) - FISHERIES MANAGEMENT FEE                                       
Number 0039                                                                    
CHAIRMAN AUSTERMAN announced the committee would hear, CSSJR
40(RES), "Relating to the fisheries management fee proposed by                 
President Clinton."                                                            
Number 0068                                                                    
LORALI MEIER, Legislative Secretary to Senator Loren Leman, read               
the sponsor statement into the record:  "Senate Joint Resolution 40            
expresses the legislature's opposition to a proposed fisheries                 
management fee included in President's Clinton's FY 99 budget.  The            
fee is designed to fund the management and enforcement activities              
of the National Marine Fisheries Service.  Because Alaska has the              
most profitable fisheries in the country, our state's fishermen                
would pay the largest share of the $20 million that is expected to             
be generated nationwide.                                                       
"Alaska's fishermen would receive no new benefits or services from             
this fee.  President Clinton's budget does not specify whether the             
tax would apply to those fish caught in federally managed waters,              
or whether it would extend to all fish, regardless of management               
zone.  It would appear likely that the fee would be made to apply              
to all fish caught in waters around Alaska."                                   
Number 0179                                                                    
JERRY MCCUNE, Representative, United Fishermen of Alaska, stated               
that Alaska Fishermen would carry the burden of the 1 percent.  He             
pointed out the inshore fishermen do not have any federal                      
enforcement, as they are not fishing in federal waters, therefore              
they would be paying a tax for federal water fisheries.  He stated             
that he finds it unfair and is in opposition to the tax and is in              
support of CSSJR 40(RES).                                                      
Number 0260                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE SCOTT OGAN made a motion to move CSSJR 40(RES), with            
individual recommendations and asked unanimous consent.                        
Number 0301                                                                    
CHAIRMAN AUSTERMAN asked if there was an objection.  Hearing none,             
CSSJR 40 (RES) was moved out of the House Special Committee on                 

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