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 HFSH - 03/01/95                                                               
 HB 165 - QUALIFICATIONS FOR BOARD OF FISH MEMBERS                           
 Number 648                                                                    
 CHAIRMAN AUSTERMAN suggested a working group be established for the           
 number of bills that are similar to HB 165.  He further stated tha        
 this bill would be heard, but not moved out of committee.                     
 Number 655                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE PETE KELLY, Sponsor of HB 165, testified, "The bill            
 essentially provides for demographic representation on the Board of         
 Fish.  It calls for at least one, but not more than two persons who           
 reside in each of the following areas:  Southeast, Southcentral,              
 Western, Interior and Arctic; one person, but not more than two               
 from each of the following groups:  Commercial, subsistence,                  
 personal and sport fishing; one person, but not more than three who           
 are public members, who do not have a vested economic interest in             
 the utilization of the fishery resources in the state."  He                   
 emphasized, "It is not necessarily a representative board that                
 we're putting here together, but we're just trying to prevent the             
 exclusion of entire areas and interest in this state.                         
 CHAIRMAN AUSTERMAN questioned Representative Kelly about the number           
 of people that would serve on the Board of Fish.                              
 REPRESENTATIVE KELLY responded that a member could be commercial,             
 but also be from the Southeast region, and fill both                          
 recommendations with one person.                                              
 Number 697                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE OGAN observed, that the structure of this bill                 
 looked similar to the Big Game Services Board.                                
 TAPE 95-14, SIDE A                                                            
 Number 000                                                                    
 DALE BONDURANT testified via teleconference from Soldotna, against            
 HB 165 because it appeared to be convoluted as to its makeup.  He             
 indicated that it gets even more complicated when it gets down to             
 the section on public members.  He closed with these comments, "I             
 would like to see one person, one vote type of thing."                        
 Number 067                                                                    
 MS. ROBINSON testified via teleconference from Port Alexander, that           
 the PAF&GAC opposes HB 165.  She declared, "The suggested                     
 membership composition does not solve the board problems, because             
 not all gear groups and regions can be adequately represented on a            
 seven member board."                                                          
 Number 103                                                                    
 BRUCE SCHACTLER testified via teleconference from Kodiak, in                  
 opposition to HB 165.  He believed that this bill would continue to           
 polarize into special interests, the entire Board of Fish.                    
 Number 166                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE KELLY asked Chairman Austerman if he would like him            
 to come back and participate in the working group.                            
 CHAIRMAN AUSTERMAN indicated that it was up to him.                           
 Number 175                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE DAVIS asked if Representative Kelly could give a               
 short synopsis for those still on teleconference.                             
 REPRESENTATIVE KELLY responded in regard to HB 165.  He stated,               
 "What it's designed to do is guarantee that the commercial                    
 fishermen are represented.  So that the same thing doesn't happen             
 say to the commercial fishermen, that might have happened to the              
 Interior."  He further stated, "Where people get confused with                
 this, and rightfully so, is that there are more categories here,              
 than there are board seats."  He explained, "It gives the Governor,           
 the special interests, whoever, some latitude in letting the users            
 of the resource be represented, maybe in greater numbers."  He went           
 on to list all the various cities that recent appointees to the               
 board are from, since 1990.                                                   
 Number 255                                                                    
 CHAIRMAN AUSTERMAN suggested that the teleconference participants             
 direct specific questions on how the bill is being drafted, to                
 Representative Kelly in written form.  He further indicated that HB
 165 would be held as previously indicated.                                    
 CHAIRMAN AUSTERMAN adjourned the meeting at 6:51 p.m.                         

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