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GENERAL SUBJECT(S):                                                                                                           
     HB  47-APPROP: GOVERNOR'S CAPITAL BUDGET                                                                                   
        Health and Social Services                                                                                              
        Labor and Workforce Development                                                                                         
The following overview was taken in log note format.  Tapes                                                                     
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 LOG SPEAKER                DISCUSSION                                                                                      
      TAPE HFC 00 - 54                                                                                                        
      SIDE A                                                                                                                  
 000                        DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION                                                                      
      DAN SPENCER,          Discussed the first two projects for the                                                            
      DIRECTOR, DIVISION    Pioneer's Homes. He noted that funds in                                                             
      OF ADMINISTRATIVE     the Homes Emergency Repairs and                                                                     
      SERVICES, DEPARTMENT Maintenance fund are prioritized.                                                                  
      OF ADMINISTRATION                                                                                                         
 424 JAME KOHN, DIRECTOR, Noted that homes would be reviewed for                                                                
      ALASKA LONGEVITY      safety code compliance. The Sitka                                                                   
      BONUS PROGRAM         Pioneers Home Boiler would be replaced.                                                           
 491 Co-Chair Mulder        Observed that homes must be upgraded to                                                             
                            I-1.1 Occupancy codes.                                                                            
      Mr. Kohn              Noted that it is a fire code that homes                                                             
                            must be upgraded to. The upgrade will                                                               
                            make the building last longer so that                                                               
                            there is more time to assist residents in                                                           
                            the event of an emergency evacuation.                                                             
 700 GARY SHERIDAN,         Discussed the Ketchikan Pioneers' Home                                                              
      DEPARTMENT OF         Exterior Entry Door Upgrade.                                                                      
 760 Mr. Sheridan           Noted that the Ketchikan Pioneers' Home                                                             
                            kitchen wall needs to be recovered.                                                               
 797 Mr. Sheridan           Discussed the emergency light home and                                                              
                            fire alarm upgrade for the Juneau Pioneer                                                           
                            Home. He noted that it is difficult to                                                              
                            hear alarms in various parts of the                                                                 
                            building. The Ketchikan home would also                                                             
                            have an alarm upgrade.                                                                            
 897 Representative Croft Felt that the request was high for the                                                                
                            Ketchikan alarm upgrade.                                                                          
 948 Mr. Sheridan           Discussed the Alzheimer's Disease and                                                               
                            Related Disabilities Modifications. He                                                              
                            noted that there are two projects at the                                                            
                            Anchorage home. He observed that                                                                    
                            Alzheimer's patients have different                                                                 
                            needs. Homes were built with residential                                                          
                           issues in mind. Programs must be created                                                             
                           to serve residents with a high level of                                                              
                           confusion. The projects focus in                                                                     
                           establishing units to meet these needs.                                                            
1247 JANE DEMMERT,         Discussed the Adult Day Facility                                                                     
      EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Prototype Design for Dementia Clients.                                                              
      ALASKA COMMISSION ON                                                                                                      
      AGING, DEPARTMENT OF                                                                                                      
1304 BILL THOMAS,          Discussed the State-Owned Buildings                                                                  
      DIVISION OF FINANCE, Valuation Project. He noted that records                                                             
      DEPARTMENT OF        on cost were not kept. The project would                                                             
      ADMINISTRATION       hire a consultant to assist the Division                                                             
                           of Finance in creating a methodology to                                                              
                           recreate historical costs.                                                                         
1395 MARY MARSHBURN,       Discussed the request for license plates                                                             
      DIRECTOR, DIVISION   and drivers license manuals.                                                                       
      OF MOTOR VEHICLES,                                                                                                        
      DEPARTMENT OF                                                                                                             
1445 Representative John Asked why the request is in the capital                                                                
      Davies               budget.                                                                                            
1457 Ms. Marshburn         Noted that it is a large fixed cost and                                                              
                           expands two years. The request provides                                                              
                           for the purchase of licenses.                                                                      
                           DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES                                                           
1575 JANET CLARKE,         Discussed the request for Deferred                                                                   
    DIRECTOR, DIVISION   Maintenance, Renewal and Replacement                                                                   
      OF ADMINISTRATIVE    Equipment. She observed that the state                                                               
      SERVICES, DEPARTMENT would need $3 million dollars to take                                                                
    OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL care of these needs. A building and                                                                    
      SERVICES             condition audit was done to prioritize                                                               
1640 Ms. Clark             Provided members with the Department of                                                              
                           Health and Social Services, FY02 Deferred                                                            
                           Maintenance Capital Request (copy on                                                                 
1677 Ms. Clark             Reviewed the handout. She noted that                                                                 
                           there are a number of boilers that need                                                              
1709 Ms. Clark             Noted that the McLaughlin Youth Center                                                               
                           needs roof repairs.                                                                                
1725 Ms. Clark             Observed that the Juneau Johnson Youth                                                               
                           Center and the Nome Youth Facility need                                                              
                          roof repairs.                                                                                       
1833 Ms. Clark             Continued to review repairs needed at:                                                               
                           Yukon Flats Care Center, Fairbanks Youth                                                             
                           Facility, Dillingham Health Center,                                                                  
                           Denardo Center and the Sitka Public                                                                  
                           Health Center. Facilities need boiler,                                                               
                           ramp, carpet, plumbing, fan, dielectric,                                                             
                           siding, tile, control panel, door, and                                                             
                            paint repairs.                                                                                    
 1997 Co-Chair Williams     Questioned if the department has funded                                                             
                            boiling repairs over the last year.                                                               
 2019 Ms. Clark             Noted that most of the funding goes to                                                              
                            keeping staff on 24 hours a day at youth                                                            
                            facilities. She stressed that there has                                                             
                            not been sufficient funding for repairs.                                                            
                            She observed that the request would fund                                                            
                            up to project 32. Over 200 projects that                                                            
                            have been identified.                                                                             
 2009 Representative        Asked for a list regarding the total                                                                
      Whitaker              repairs need.                                                                                     
 2163 Ms. Clark             Noted that the Alaska Psychiatric                                                                   
                            Institute Replacement would be funded                                                               
                            through legislation if it were passed.                                                            
 2187 Ms. Clark             Discussed the request for Public Health                                                             
                            Nurse, Probation Officer, Social Worker                                                             
                            Safety and Support Equipment. She noted                                                             
                            that $500 thousand dollars would go to                                                              
                            direct field staff. Federal funds of                                                                
                            $2,331 million dollars would be provided.                                                           
                            There is no requirement for a state                                                                 
                            match. Some projects can earn federal                                                               
 2263 Ms. Clark             Noted that much of the previous request                                                             
                            would fund new vehicles. The department                                                             
                            did a vehicle field survey. She noted                                                               
                            that the survey found that, in Anchorage,                                                           
                            12 staff shares one vehicle.                                                                      
 2341 Ms. Clark             Noted that the Division of Family and                                                               
                            Youth Services have not kept up with                                                                
                            vehicle replacement.                                                                              
 2358 Representative John Observed that there is a need for new                                                                 
      Davies                vehicles in addition to the replacement                                                             
                            of existing ones. He asked for an up to                                                             
                            date replacement schedule.                                                                        
      TAPE HFC 01 - 54,                                                                                                       
      Side B                                                                                                                  
 024 Ms. Clark              Noted that the Division of Family and                                                               
                            Youth Services have focused on the need                                                             
                            for staff.                                                                                        
 062 Ms. Clark              Discussed the need for security                                                                     
                            improvements. She discussed page 15 in                                                              
                            the department's request. The department                                                            
                            has some replacement credits, but they                                                              
                            are insufficient to purchase new                                                                    
                            vehicles. The department is asking for                                                              
                            the additional funding. The bulk of                                                                 
                            federal funds would go to the public                                                                
                            health lab.                                                                                       
 210 Ms. Clark              Discussed the request for the Juneau                                                                
                            Public Health Center. She provided                                                                
                           members with information on the Center                                                               
                           (copy on file). She noted that the                                                                   
                           heating and ventilation system upgrade is                                                            
                           needed to be in compliance with safety                                                               
349 Ms. Clark              Discussed the request for the Residential                                                            
                           Child Care Facility Capital Needs                                                                    
                           Assessment and Grant Program. She                                                                    
                           observed that there is $349 thousand                                                                 
                           dollars in federal funds and a request                                                               
                           for $150 thousand dollars in general                                                                 
                           funds. She showed a list of grantees. She                                                            
                           emphasized the responsibility to assure                                                              
                           that children in state custody are safe.                                                           
447 MATT ANDERSON,         Reviewed the Emergency Medical Services                                                              
      MANAGER, SECTION OF Equipment Grants. He noted that rural EMS                                                             
    COMMUNITY HEALTH AND services have had difficulty keeping                                                                   
      SAFETY, DEPARTMENT   staff. The Code Blue project was                                                                     
    OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL developed to quantify and prioritize                                                                   
      SERVICES             needs for rural emergency services. Rural                                                            
                           communities have problems with training,                                                             
                           and equipment. There is a need for                                                                   
                           patient care, and emergency vehicles. The                                                            
                           project matches equipment to community                                                               
                           needs. The program works with the                                                                    
                           Department of Agriculture.                                                                         
700 Ms. Clark              Discussed the Alaska Psychiatric                                                                     
                           Institute Stop-Gap Repair request. She                                                               
                           observed that there are fire and life                                                                
                          safety needs.                                                                                       
777 Ms. Clark              Reviewed the Housing Modification for                                                                
                           Trust Beneficiaries and People with                                                                  
                           Disabilities request. The project helps                                                              
                           keep people in their homes and is on-                                                                
821 Ms. Clark              Reviewed the Substance Abuse Treatment                                                               
                           for Rural Women with Children request.                                                               
                           She noted that women in treatment do                                                                 
                           better if their children are allowed to                                                              
                          be with them.                                                                                       
859 Representative         Referred to the Housing Modification for                                                             
    Hudson               Trust Beneficiaries and People with                                                                    
                           Disabilities request.                                                                              
886 Ms. Clark              Clarified that there are three state                                                                 
                           grantees that work with clients. Private                                                             
                           homes are modified.                                                                                
927 Ms. Clark              Discussed the Deferred Maintenance,                                                                  
                           Americans with Disabilities Improvements                                                             
                           to Service Providers for Beneficiaries                                                               
                           People with Disabilities. This provides                                                              
                           funding for providers.                                                                             
1011 Ms. Clark             Discussed suicide prevention and the                                                                 
                           Galena Mental Health Center. She stressed                                                          
                            that the suicide rate in Alaska is                                                                  
 1084 Ms. Clark             Commented on the developmental                                                                      
                            disabilities systems reform initiative.                                                           
 1156 Ms. Clark             Noted that the program provides equipment                                                           
                            grants to service providers for trust                                                               
                            beneficiaries and people with                                                                       
 1187 Ms. Clark             Commented on the recovery camps request                                                             
                            in the amount of $100 thousand dollars.                                                             
                            The project funds the capital portion of                                                            
                            the Family Recovery Camp Development                                                                
 1235 Ms. Clark             Spoke to the Hearing, Screening Assistive                                                           
                            technology for children request in the                                                              
                            amount of $100 thousand dollars.                                                                  
 1268 Co-Chair Williams     Asked if there was a waiting list.                                                                
 1288 Ms. Clark             Replied that she would provide that                                                                 
 1309 Representative        Asked how many children would benefit                                                               
      Hudson                from the increment.                                                                               
 1321 Ms. Clark             Offered to provide that information.                                                              
 1328 Ms. Clark             Testified to the Consumer Designed and                                                              
                            Managed Projects request in the amount of                                                           
                            $175 thousand dollars.                                                                            
 1355 Ms. Clark             Commented on the Micro Enterprise Funds                                                             
                            request in the amount of $150 thousand                                                              
 1378 Ms. Clark             Spoke to the Provider Resource Sharing                                                              
                            and Coordination request.                                                                         
 1396 Ms. Clark             Spoke to the Mental Health Transition                                                               
                            Housing Facility request for the homeless                                                           
                            increment in the amount of $200 thousand                                                            
                            DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS                                                                         
 1447 JOSEPH REEVES,        Spoke to the projects of the Department.                                                          
      DEPUTY DIRECTOR,                                                                                                          
      DIVISION OF                                                                                                               
      SERVICES, DEPARTMENT                                                                                                      
      OF CORRECTIONS                                                                                                            
 1478 Mr. Reeves            Noted that the requests have been                                                                   
                            consolidated.  There is no state general                                                            
                            fund match required.  Approval will not                                                             
                            require any funding from the operating                                                              
 1522 Mr. Reeves            Addressed facility maintenance, repair,                                                             
                            renewal, replacement and renovation of                                                              
                            state property. The request is in the                                                               
                            amount of $1 million dollars.  The                                                                  
                            project funds critical annual facility                                                              
                            maintenance for capital projects.                                                                 
      Mr. Reeves           Noted that the back up illustrates that                                                              
                           most state facilities have some need for                                                             
                           repair and maintenance.                                                                            
1702                       Discussion followed on the various                                                                   
1741 Mr. Reeves            Spoke to the replacement and repair of                                                               
                           security systems, and life and safety                                                                
                           equipment. He noted that the request was                                                             
                           in the amount of $500 thousand dollars.                                                            
1854 Mr. Reeves            Continued listing the items for                                                                      
                           consideration of the community jails                                                                 
                           facilities maintenance, repair and                                                                   
                           renovation and life and safety equipment                                                             
                           in the amount of $100 thousand dollars.                                                            
1923 Representative        Asked why the funding source had changed.                                                          
1934 Mr. Reeves            Spoke to the one time federal funding.                                                               
                           He added that the state would attempt to                                                             
                           receive other funding in the future when                                                             
                           they are available.                                                                                
1978 Mr. Reeves            Spoke to the Correctional Institutions                                                               
                           Roof Repairs and Replacement request. He                                                             
                           noted that the increment would be for                                                                
                           $2,090.0 in federal funds. It would be                                                               
                           used to replace the current flat roofs                                                               
                           and replace them with arched roofs.                                                                
2034 Representative John Asked where the federal funds came from.                                                             
2055 Mr. Reeves            Replied that they came from grants that                                                              
                           were applied for by the department. This                                                             
                           is the second one received.                                                                        
2075 Representative John Asked if the 50 beds would be available                                                                
      Davies               for how long.                                                                                      
2091 Mr. Reeves            Noted that the bed would be available for                                                            
                           up to 20 years.                                                                                    
2098                       DEPARTMENT OF LABOR                                                                                
2116 REMOND HENDERSON,     Spoke to the request in the amount of                                                                
      DIRECTOR, DIVISION   $150 thousand dollars for the home                                                                   
      OF ADMINISTRATIVE    modifications for individuals with                                                                   
      SERVICES, DEPARTMENT disabilities and would be received from                                                              
      OF LABOR AND         Alaska Housing and Finance Corporation                                                               
      WORKFORCE            (AHFC).                                                                                            
      TAPE HFC 01 - 55,                                                                                                       
      Side A                                                                                                                  
000 Mr. Henderson          Addressed the assistive technology loan                                                              
                           fund request in the amount of $100                                                                   
                           general fund thousand dollars. The                                                                   
                           maximum loan amount would be $40 thousand                                                            
153 Representative Croft  Asked the amount of federal funding.                                                                
170 Mr. Henderson          Replied that the entire amount was                                                                 
                            federally funded in 1997.                                                                         
 193 Representative         Asked if the Department of Health &                                                                 
      Hudson                Social Services and the department tapped                                                           
                            the same funding source.                                                                          
 265 Mr. Henderson          Replied that these funds would be used                                                              
                            for modifications to the homes so that                                                              
                            the resident could go to work. They have                                                            
                            a similar purpose but different                                                                     
 325 Co-Chair Williams      ADJOURNMENT                                                                                       
                            The meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.                                                            

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