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SENATE BILL NO. 151                                                            
"An Act relating to public employment labor relations;                         
relating to the protection of the rights of public                             
employees under the Public Employment Relations Act;                           
establishing ethical standards for union                                       
representatives of public employees; and establishing                          
disclosure requirements for public employee labor                              
Co-Chair Therriault distributed the committee substitute                       
for SB 151, 0-LS0675\X, Cramer, 5/4/98.  [Copy on File].                       
highlighted the contents of the work draft.   He noted that                    
Section #2 would eliminate compulsory membership with a                        
provision that service fees may be included for collective                     
bargaining reimbursement in the adjustment of grievances.                      
Mr. Tibbles continued, Section #3 would establish the                          
ethical standards.  Section #4 clarifies that if there is a                    
modification of an agreement, it would be subject to                           
approval and modification of the Legislature.  Section #5                      
requires that if monetary terms have been disapproved, the                     
parties "shall" resume negotiations.                                           
Co-Chair Hanley added that Section #6 would establish if it                    
were a monetary term and if those were negotiated items                        
that had not come before the Legislature for approval.                         
Section #6 would establish that with a $10 thousand dollar                     
expenditure during the life of the bargaining agreement,                       
the Legislature shall be notified.                                             
Mr. Tibbles pointed out that Section #7 was the heart of                       
the short title.  It would establish the voluntary written                     
authorization requirement for the collection of membership                     
dues.  An authorization under that section may not be                          
irrevocable for a period longer than one year.  Section #8                     
creates the provisions regarding those that are not members                    
or pay dues.  Section #9 would place a limit on the use of                     
all money collected and determine how those funds should be                    
Co-Chair Therriault added that the proposed legislation                        
applied to public employment labor groups.                                     
SB 151 was HELD in Committee for further consideration.                        

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