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SENATE BILL NO. 110                                                            
"An Act relating to licensure of landscape                                     
SENATOR JERRY MACKIE noted that SB 110 related to the                          
licensure of landscape architects.  In order for Alaskan                       
landscape architects to secure federal projects, the State                     
must provide landscape architect licensing capabilities.                       
Alaskan landscape architects are currently excluded from                       
participating in securing the federal jobs and the money                       
going to companies located outside of the State.  The                          
legislation would provide the State with another tool to                       
support the hire of Alaskan workers and companies.                             
He added that the fiscal note indicates that in accordance                     
with AS 08.01.065, all licensees are required to pay the                       
costs of regulating their profession; the program would be                     
paid entirely by program receipts.                                             
Senator Mackie requested that the Committee entertain the                      
proposed amendment to the House Labor and Commerce version                     
of the legislation.  The deletion exemptions provide for an                    
adequate scope of exempted criteria related to                                 
architectural landscaping.  The Chairman of the Labor and                      
Commerce Committee is in concurrence with the proposed                         
Senator Mackie added that the legislation would not affect                     
people doing landscaping in their own yards or someone                         
else's.  It would only affect those situations requiring                       
the landscaping, engineering and/or designing of particular                    
public projects.                                                               
Representative J. Davies noted that language on Page 11,                       
Line 10, would address concerns of Committee members.                          
DEVELOPMENT, spoke in favor of the amendment.  She pointed                     
out that the exemptions added on Page 12, apply to                             
architecture, engineering and land surveying.  Additional                      
exemptions would also be included for designing buildings.                     
Existing exemptions cover anything less than a four-plex.                      
She pointed out that the problem with the language on Page                     
12, Line 11, was that the word "person" could mean                             
"business and/or  corporation".                                                
Co-Chair Therriault MOVED to adopt Amendment #1.  There                        
being NO OBJECTION, it was adopted.                                            
Co-Chair Therriault questioned the up-front fees.  Ms.                         
Reardon replied that language would allow the entire group                     
of architects, engineers and landscapers to pay fees                           
individually, but this would instead allow a sharing of                        
costs between the three professions.  She noted that the                       
Board of Commissions supported this language.                                  
Representative Mulder MOVED to report HCS CSSB 110(FIN) out                    
of Committee with individual recommendations and with the                      
accompanying fiscal note.  There being NO OBJECTION, it was                    
so ordered.                                                                    
HCS CSSB 110 (FIN) was reported out of Committee with a "do                    
pass" recommendation and with a fiscal note by the                             
Department of Commerce and Economic Development dated                          

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