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  HOUSE BILL NO. 1001                                                          
       "An  Act  making   appropriations  for  the   operating                 
       expenses of the  executive branch of  state government;                 
       and providing for an effective date."                                   
  Representative Navarre MOVED to adopt work draft for HB 1001                 
  (FIN),  #9-LS1898 (copy on file).  There being NO OBJECTION,                 
  it was so ordered.                                                           
  MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET,  OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR  testified in                 
  support of CSHB  1001 (FIN).   She noted  that the  Governor                 
  requested $5.0 million dollars in  federal receipts and $9.0                 
  million in general fund  dollars.  She observed  that $200.0                 
  thousand dollars were  included for the Mat-Su Borough.  She                 
  emphasized  the Administration's concern  that the  needs of                 
  the area residents  are met.  She stressed  that the fire is                 
  out of  control.  She promised to  keep legislators informed                 
  on  the progress  of  the  fire  suppression  effort.    She                 
  observed that an assessment would  be completed to determine                 
  the level  of assistance  needed.   A presidential  disaster                 
  declaration will be requested.                                               
  Representative Grussendorf noted that  there are other fires                 
  burning in  the state.   He questioned  if there would  be a                 
  problem in other areas in regards  to resources.  Ms. Slagle                 
  noted that the  State has  reciprocal agreements with  other                 
  states.  She expected  that support from other states  would                 
  be available.                                                                
  Representative Martin expressed concern  that the local hire                 
  issue not interfere with a quick response.                                   
  Representative Brown  asked if the  funds would be  spent in                 
  the  current fiscal year.   Ms.  Slagle emphasized  that the                 
  extent of the disaster  is unknown.  She estimated  that all                 
  of the funds would be spent in the current fiscal year.  She                 
  stated  that  the appropriation  would be  for  FY 96.   She                 
  explained that section 1 was extended through June 30, 1997,                 
  so that any remaining  funds could be spent for  clean-up in                 
  FY  97.  She reiterated that it  appears that the funds will                 
  all be needed in the current fiscal year.                                    
  Ms. Slagle observed that  if more funds are needed  for fire                 
  suppression after  the end of the special  session there are                 
  other avenues  the Governor  can pursue  to  make sure  that                 
  there is adequate funding to continue.                                       
  Representative Navarre MOVED  to report CSHB 1001  (FIN) out                 
  of Committee with individual recommendations.                                
  CSHB 1001 was  reported out  of Committee with  a "do  pass"                 

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