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  HOUSE BILL NO. 297                                                           
       "An  Act  relating  to fees  for  a  commercial fishing                 
       vessel license."                                                        
  REPRESENTATIVE CARL  MOSES, SPONSOR testified in  support of                 
  HB 297.  He stressed that there has been an inequity  in the                 
  vessel  licensing fee.   He noted  that a  14 foot  skiff is                 
  charged  the same  $20 dollar fee  as a  300 foot  off shore                 
  troller.  He  observed that similar legislation  passed both                 
  Houses  in  the  previous session,  but  was  vetoed by  the                 
  Governor.    He  stated that  the  previous  legislation was                 
  amended in the  Senate to increase non-resident  fees beyond                 
  resident fees.   The Governor was concerned  that litigation                 
  involving disparities between resident and non-resident fees                 
  could  be  affected by  the legislation.    He added  that a                 
  disparity  in  resident  and  non-resident   fees  could  be                 
  confusing where residency differs among owners.  He observed                 
  that  the   legislation  will  raise   approximately  $544.0                 
  thousand dollars.  He expressed the intent that the revenues                 
  raised by the  legislation be used to support the Department                 
  of Fish and  Game's budget.   He emphasized the fairness  of                 
  charging according to the ability of a vessel to harvest the                 
  Co-Chair Hanley acknowledged that he has a boat in the 25 to                 
  50 foot range.   He questioned if the Department  would have                 
  the flexibility to issue two year licenses.                                  
  CHERYL SUTTON,  STAFF, REPRESENTATIVE  MOSES clarified  that                 
  the Department would be  able to issue two year  licenses at                 
  double the  cost of a one year licenses.   She noted that it                 
  is not the intent  of the legislation to provide  a discount                 
  for a two year license.                                                      
  Representative  Navarre  MOVED  to  report  HB  297  out  of                 
  Committee  with  individual  recommendations  and  with  the                 
  accompanying fiscal note.                                                    
  Representative   Therriault   OBJECTED   for    purpose   of                 
  discussion.  He referred  to the intent section.   He stated                 
  that anticipated that  the FY 97 House  Finance Subcommittee                 
  for the Department  of Fish and  Game will develop a  budget                 
  for  the  Department  within the  constraints  of  available                 
  funding.  Representative Therriault WITHDREW his objection.                  
  Representative Kohring summarized  that funds resulting from                 
  the increase in  vessel fees will  go into the General  Fund                 
  with the intent that they will  be appropriated for fish and                 
  game related uses.                                                           
  Representative Moses commented that most of the fees will be                 
  received before the January 1, 1995.                                         
  Representative Grussendorf pointed out that program receipts                 
  generated through limited entry  permits are deposited  into                 
  the  General  Fund.   He observed  that  the request  for an                 
  investigator by the Limited Entry Commission was denied.  He                 
  emphasized that there is no guarantee that the money will be                 
  used for the Department of Fish and Game.                                    
  There  being  NO  OBJECTION,  HB 297  was  reported  out  of                 
  HB   297   was   reported   out   of  Committee   with   "no                 
  recommendation"  and  with  a  fiscal  impact  note  by  the                 
  Department of Fish and Game.                                                 

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