Legislature(1995 - 1996)

03/27/1995 02:40 PM FIN

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  HOUSE BILL 101                                                               
       "An Act  making appropriations  for operating  expenses                 
       for certain programs  for which  the costs are  derived                 
       from mandated  formulas or  criteria, and  for expenses                 
       for certain leases and contracts for state services and                 
       operations; and providing for an effective date."                       
  DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES                                     
  DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY AND REGIONAL AFFAIRS                                 
  Co-Chair Hanley  provided the  Committee with  a copy  of an                 
  amendment as  prepared by  the Co-Chair's  office, Amendment                 
  in both the Department of Health and Social Services, Public                 
  Assistance, Aid  to Families with Dependant Children (AFDC),                 
  and the  Medical  Assistance components  and  the  Municipal                 
  Revenue Sharing component in the Department of Community and                 
  Regional Affairs' budget.                                                    
  Co-Chair  Hanley  pointed out  that  the AFDC  component was                 
  returned  to  the Governor's  recommended  level  minus $110                 
  thousand dollars.  The "hold harmless" had been an oversight                 
  not  included  in  the  budget.    He  continued,  Municipal                 
  Assistance  and  Revenue Sharing  had  not been  included in                 
  DCRA's budget computations.  Co-Chair Hanley concluded  that                 
  the  amounts   allocated  would  represent  a   ten  percent                 
  reduction from FY95 authorized.                                              
  Representative Mulder MOVED  to adopt  Amendment #1.   There                 
  being NO OBJECTION, it was adopted and incorporated.                         
  UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA                                                         
  Representative  Martin,  Subcommittee  Chair,  provided  the                 
  Committee  with  a   copy  of   the  University  of   Alaska                 
  Subcommittee recommendations for  HB 100.   [Copy on  file].                 
  He  advised  that  the  Subcommittee  had   withdrawn  their                 
  previous recommendations to maintain  the FY95 funding level                 
  for  the  University as  proposed  in the  Governor's budget                 
  request in order to provide a $4 million dollar savings from                 
  excess travel allocations.                                                   
  Representative  Mulder MOVED  to adopt  and  incorporate the                 
  University   of   Alaska  Subcommittee   recommended  budget                 
  closeout amounts.  There being NO OBJECTION, it was adopted.                 
  HB 100 was HELD in Committee for further consideration.                      

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