Legislature(1993 - 1994)

04/02/1993 08:40 AM House FIN

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  HOUSE BILL NO. 197                                                           
       "An  Act  making   an  appropriation  to   the  Alyeska                 
       Settlement Fund  and  making  appropriations  from  the                 
       Alyeska Settlement Fund; and providing for an effective                 
  Representative Larson  noted that  the original  HB 197  was                 
  before the Committee.                                                        
  REPRESENTATIVE HARLEY OLBERG spoke in support of HB 197.  He                 
  explained that HB 197:                                                       
       *    Appropriates  $28.2  million   dollars  from   the                 
            Alyeska Settlement fund;                                           
       *    14.5 million dollars  of the $28.0  million dollar                 
            appropriation  is  for docks  and  construction of                 
            response  storage  facilities   at  Tatitlek   and                 
       *    $6 million dollars  is for  the construction of  a                 
            road from Cordova to Shepard Point;                                
       *    $7.5 million is  for the  acquisition of land  for                 
            the Kachemak bay State Pard and;                                   
       *    $200.0  thousand  dollars  is  for  communications                 
            equipment to be  purchased by  the US Coast  Guard                 
            and the State.                                                     
  Representative Olberg pointed out that the total  settlement                 
  is $31.7 million dollars.                                                    
  Representative  Parnell  MOVED  to  report  HB  197  out  of                 
  Committee  with  individual  recommendations  and  with  the                 
  accompanying fiscal note.                                                    
  Representative Therriault  asked who would  own and  operate                 
  the Shepard Point dock.                                                      
  the question is  being addressed by  the Senate.  He  stated                 
  that the Department of Transportation and  Public Facilities                 
  would probably build the dock.                                               
  There being NO OBJECTION, HB 197 was moved from committee.                   
  HB  197  was  reported  out  of Committee  with  "individual                 
  recommendations"  and  with  a  fiscal  impact note  by  the                 
  Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.                          

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