Legislature(1993 - 1994)

02/11/1993 02:45 PM FIN

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  HOUSE BILL 73                                                                
       "An Act relating to state  and local taxation and other                 
       state  regulation  as  affected  by  the Alaska  Native                 
       Claims Settlement Act, as  amended, and related federal                 
       statutes; and providing for an effective date."                         
  Co-Chair MacLean provided the Committee with a memorandum to                 
  Co-Chair Larson regarding  "waiving" of HB 73.   [Attachment                 
  with federal amendments made to the Alaska Native Settlement                 
  Act (ANCSA) in 1991.                                                         
  Representative Martin asked if the  change would affect only                 
  corporation property.   Co-Chair MacLean stated HB  73 would                 
  affect corporation  and village  corporation property;  also                 
  homeowners property which they own  for a twenty year period                 
  would be taxed under this federal law.                                       
  Representative Martin asked  at which point would  it become                 
  individual  property.     Co-Chair  MacLean   explained  the                 
  property would become  taxable once it  becomes "double-up".                 
  This law is already in existence.                                            
  Co-Chair Larson MOVED TO  WAIVE HB 73 to the  next committee                 
  of referral.  There being NO OBJECTIONS, it was so ordered.                  

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