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2022-02-02 Senate Journal

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2022-02-02                     Senate Journal                      Page 1709
SCR 8                                                                                                                         
SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 8 BY THE SENATE                                                                                
FINANCE COMMITTEE,                                                                                                              
          Suspending Rules 24(c), 35, 41(b), and 42(e),                                                                         
          Uniform Rules of the Alaska State Legislature,                                                                        
          concerning House Bill No. 41, relating to                                                                             
          management of enhanced stocks of shellfish;                                                                           
          authorizing certain nonprofit organizations to engage                                                                 
          in shellfish enhancement projects; relating to                                                                        
          application fees for salmon hatchery permits and                                                                      
          shellfish enhancement project permits; and relating to                                                                
          the marketing of aquatic farm products by the Alaska                                                                  
          Seafood Marketing Institute.                                                                                          
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