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2022-04-25 Senate Journal

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2022-04-25                     Senate Journal                      Page 2407
SB 39                                                                                                                         
The Judiciary Committee considered SENATE BILL NO. 39 "An Act                                                                   
relating to elections; relating to voter registration; relating to ballots                                                      
and a system of tracking and accounting for ballots; establishing an                                                            
election offense hotline; designating as a class A misdemeanor the                                                              
collection of ballots from other voters; designating as a class C felony                                                        
the intentional opening or tampering with a sealed ballot, certificate, or                                                      
package of ballots without authorization from the director of the                                                               
division of elections; and providing for an effective date" and                                                                 
recommended it be replaced with                                                                                                 

2022-04-25                     Senate Journal                      Page 2408
          CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 39(JUD) "An Act                                                                                
          relating to elections; relating to voters; relating to the                                                            
          crimes of unlawful interference with voting, unlawful                                                                 
          interference with an election, election fraud, and                                                                    
          election official misconduct; and providing for an                                                                    
          effective date."                                                                                                      
Signing do pass: Senator Holland, Chair; Senators Hughes, Shower.                                                               
Signing amend: Senator Kiehl.                                                                                                   
The following fiscal information was published today:                                                                           
     Fiscal Note No. 4, indeterminate, Office of the Governor                                                                   
     Fiscal Note No. 5, zero, Department of Law                                                                                 
     Fiscal Note No. 6, zero, Department of Revenue                                                                             
The bill was referred to the Rules Committee.