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2022-05-18 Senate Journal

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2022-05-18                     Senate Journal                      Page 2998
HB 157                                                                                                                        
Senator Hughes moved and asked unanimous consent to take from the                                                               
table SENATE CS FOR CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 157(FIN) am S                                                                         
"An Act requiring the disclosure of the identity of certain persons,                                                            
groups, and nongroup entities that expend money in support of or in                                                             
opposition to an application filed for a state referendum or recall                                                             
election; relating to political contributions; relating to the location of                                                      
offices for the Alaska Public Offices Commission and the locations at                                                           
which certain statements and reports filed with the commission are                                                              
made available; clarifying the limits on making, accepting, and                                                                 
reporting certain cash campaign contributions; relating to campaign                                                             
finance reporting by certain groups; changing the date a legislator is                                                          
required to report certain campaign contributions and expenditures;                                                             
increasing the time the Alaska Public Offices Commission has to                                                                 
respond to a request for an advisory opinion; relating to penalties                                                             
assessed for campaign finance violations; relating to complaints                                                                
alleging campaign finance violations; repealing a reporting                                                                     
requirement for certain contributions; relating to contribution limits                                                          
and recall campaigns; relating to campaign signs on private property;                                                           
relating to the reporting of financial and business interests by                                                                
municipal officers, former municipal officers, and candidates for                                                               
municipal office; relating to reporting of contributions made after the                                                         
date of the election by a candidate for the legislature; and providing                                                          
for an effective date." Objections were heard.                                                                                  

2022-05-18                     Senate Journal                      Page 2999
The question being: "Shall the Senate take SENATE CS FOR CS FOR                                                                 
HOUSE BILL NO. 157(FIN) am S from the table?" The roll was taken                                                                
with the following result:                                                                                                      
SCS CSHB 157(FIN) am S                                                                                                          
Take from the Table?                                                                                                            
YEAS:  8   NAYS:  11   EXCUSED:  0   ABSENT:  1                                                                               
Yeas:  Begich, Gray-Jackson, Kawasaki, Kiehl, Micciche, Olson,                                                                  
Reinbold, Wielechowski                                                                                                          
Nays:  Bishop, Costello, Holland, Hughes, Myers, Revak, Shower,                                                                 
Stedman, Stevens, von Imhof, Wilson                                                                                             
Absent:  Hoffman                                                                                                                
and so, SENATE CS FOR CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 157(FIN)                                                                            
failed to be taken from the table.