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2021-08-16 House Journal

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2021-08-16                     House Journal                      Page 1380
HR 8                                                                                                                          
Pursuant to HR 8-POVERTY AND OPPORTUNITY TASK FORCE                                                                             
(House Resolve 8), a message dated July 16 was received stating the                                                             
Speaker appointed the following members to the task force:                                                                      
State Representative Appointees:                                                                                                
Representative McCarty, Representative Tarr                                                                                     
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Representative Appointee:                                                                   
Loren Peterson, Azachorok Inc., Chairman & President                                                                            
Senior Citizen Representative Appointee:                                                                                        
Stephanie Wheeler, Office of Long-Term Care, State Ombudsman                                                                    
Economics Researcher Appointee:                                                                                                 
Ralph Townsend, University of Alaska Anchorage, Director of ISER                                                                
Public Health Researcher Appointee:                                                                                             
David Parker, University of Alaska Anchorage, Director of the Center                                                            
on Alcohol and Addiction                                                                                                        
Non-Profit Member Appointees:                                                                                                   
Lynette Ortolano, Kids Kupboard, Executive Director                                                                             
Hannah Hill, Bread Line Inc., Executive Director                                                                                
Kirk Rose, Anchorage Community Land Trust, CEO                                                                                  
Justina Beagnyam, Alaska Poor People’s Campaign, Director of                                                                    
Public Member Appointees:                                                                                                       
Rochelle Adams, Native People’s Action, Indigenous Engagement                                                                   
Marlene McCabe, Lived Experience                                                                                                
Patrick Anderson, RurAL Cap, Executive Director                                                                                 
Tara Christiansen-Stiller, Alaska Children’s Trust, Director of Alaska                                                          
Resilience Initiative                                                                                                           
Tribal Government/Nonprofit Appointees:                                                                                         
Karma Ulvi, Native Village of Eagle, Chief                                                                                      

2021-08-16                     House Journal                      Page 1381
Rose Panik, Native Village of Wainwright, Tribal Administrator                                                                  
Melonie Boord, Sitka Tribe of Alaska, Social Services Director                                                                  
Large Municipality Government Appointees:                                                                                       
Greg Smith, City and Borough of Juneau, Assembly Member                                                                         
Felix Rivera, Municipality of Anchorage, Assembly Member                                                                        
Small Municipality Government Appointees:                                                                                       
Kira Eckenweiler, City of Unalakleet, Mayor                                                                                     
Chelsea Tremblay, Petersburg Borough, Assembly Member                                                                           
Refugee/Immigrant Representative Appointee:                                                                                     
Issa Spatrisano, Catholic Social Services Alaska, Alaska State Refugee                                                          
Faith Community Appointee:                                                                                                      
Edwenia Brown, Shiloh Baptist Church, Pastor