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2022-05-18 House Journal

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2022-05-18                     House Journal                      Page 3061
HB 325                                                                                                                        
A message dated May 18 was received stating the Senate passed:                                                                  
     HOUSE BILL NO. 325                                                                                                         
     "An Act relating to domestic violence."                                                                                    
with the following amendment, and it is transmitted for consideration:                                                          
     HOUSE BILL NO. 325 am S(efd add S)                                                                                         
     "An Act relating to petitions for a change of name for certain                                                             
     persons; relating to the duty to register as a sex offender; relating                                                      
     to sexual offenses; relating to domestic violence; relating to the                                                         
     code of military justice; relating to consent; relating to the testing                                                     
     of sexual assault examination kits; relating to lifetime revocation                                                        
     of a teaching certificate for certain offenses; amending Rule 84,                                                          
     Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure; and providing for an effective                                                            
     (SCR 27 - title change resolution)                                                                                         
The message further stated that under Uniform Rule 43(b)                                                                        
engrossment had been waived and certified amendments were attached                                                              
(Senate Journal page 3006).                                                                                                     
HB 325 is under Unfinished Business.