Legislature(2015 - 2016)

2015-03-25 Senate Journal

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2015-03-25                     Senate Journal                      Page 0580
SR 3                                                                                                                          
Message dated March 24 was received stating the Governor read the                                                               
following resolution and transmitted the engrossed and enrolled copies                                                          
to the Lieutenant Governor's Office for permanent filing:                                                                       
                    SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 3 Establishing a                                                                     
          Senate Special Committee on Energy.                                                                                   
                             Senate Resolve No. 3                                                                              

2015-03-25                     Senate Journal                      Page 0581
Letter dated March 23 was read, stating in accordance with art. III,                                                            
sec. 26 of the Alaska Constitution and AS 16.05.221, I submit the                                                               
following appointee for legislative confirmation:                                                                               
Board of Fisheries                                                                                                            
Robert Ruffner - Soldotna                                                                                                       
Appointed:  3/23/2015    Term Expires:  6/30/2015                                                                               
Reappointed:  7/1/2015    Term Expires: 6/30/2019                                                                               
The appointment was referred to the State Affairs and Resources                                                                 
The resume for this appointment has been submitted to the Offices of                                                            
the Senate Secretary and the Chief Clerk.