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2016-02-10 Senate Journal

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2016-02-10                     Senate Journal                      Page 1820
SCR 4                                                                                                                         
The Judiciary Committee considered SENATE CONCURRENT                                                                            
RESOLUTION NO. 4 Relating to the duties of delegates selected by                                                                
the legislature to attend a convention of the states called under art. V,                                                       
Constitution of the United States, to consider a countermand                                                                    
amendment to the Constitution of the United States; establishing as a                                                           
joint committee of the legislature the Delegate Credential Committee                                                            
and relating to the duties of the committee; providing for an oath for                                                          
delegates and alternates to a countermand amendment convention;                                                                 
providing for a chair and assistant chair of the state's countermand                                                            
amendment delegation; providing for the duties of the chair and                                                                 
assistant chair; providing instructions for the selection of a convention                                                       
president; and providing specific language for the countermand                                                                  
amendment on which the state's convention delegates are authorized                                                              
by the legislature to vote to approve, and recommended it be replaced                                                           
                     CS FOR SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION                                                                       
          NO. 4(JUD)                                                                                                            
Signing do pass: Senator McGuire, Chair; Senators Coghill, Costello.                                                            
Signing do not pass: Senator Wielechowski.                                                                                      
The following fiscal information was published today:                                                                           
     Fiscal Note No. 2, indeterminate, Legislative Agency                                                                       
The resolution was referred to the Finance Committee.