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2009-04-06 House Journal

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2009-04-06                     House Journal                      Page 0739
SJR 16                                                                                                                        
CS FOR SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 16(RES) by the Senate                                                                        
Resources Committee:                                                                                                            
    Expressing support for responsible development of the oil and gas                                                           
    resources in federal waters offshore of Alaska's coast as a means                                                           
    to ensure energy independence, security for the nation, and jobs                                                            
    for Alaskans; and urging the United States Congress to provide a                                                            

2009-04-06                     House Journal                      Page 0740
    means for consistently sharing with all coastal energy-producing                                                            
    states, on an ongoing basis, revenue generated from oil and gas                                                             
    development on the outer continental shelf, to ensure that those                                                            
    states develop, support, and maintain necessary infrastructure and                                                          
    preserve environmental integrity.                                                                                           
was read the first time and referred to the Resources Committee.