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2009-03-05 House Journal

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2009-03-05                     House Journal                      Page 0396
SJR 5                                                                                                                         
The State Affairs Committee considered:                                                                                         
    CS FOR SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 5(FIN)                                                                                   
    Urging the United States Department of Defense to continue to                                                               
    provide retirement benefits for members of the Alaska Territorial                                                           
    Guard who served during World War II.                                                                                       
The report was signed by Representative Lynn, Chair, with the                                                                   
following individual recommendations:                                                                                           
Do pass (4):  Gatto, Seaton, Gruenberg, Lynn                                                                                    
The following fiscal note(s) apply:                                                                                             

2009-03-05                     House Journal                      Page 0397
1.  Zero, Senate Finance Committee/All Depts.                                                                                   
CSSJR 5(FIN) was referred to the Rules Committee for placement on                                                               
the calendar.