Legislature(2005 - 2006)

2005-02-28 House Journal

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2005-02-28                     House Journal                      Page 0451
HB 76                                                                                             
The following was read the second time:                                                             
     HOUSE BILL NO. 76                                                                              
     "An Act relating to the Big Game Commercial Services Board and                                 
     to the regulation of big game hunting services and transportation                              
     services; and providing for an effective date."                                                

2005-02-28                     House Journal                      Page 0452
with the:                                                     Journal Page                          
 RES RPT 8DP                                                            234                         
 FN1: ZERO(DFG)                                                         234                         
 FN2: ZERO(DPS)                                                         234                         
 FN3: (CED)                                                             234                         
 FIN RPT CS(FIN) 3DP 5NR                                                284                         
 FN1: ZERO(DFG)                                                         284                         
 FN2: ZERO(DPS)                                                         284                         
 FN4: ZERO(DNR)                                                         284                         
 FN5: (CED)                                                             284                         
Representative Coghill moved and asked unanimous consent that the                                   
following committee substitute be adopted in lieu of the original bill:                             
     CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 76(FIN)                                                                  
     (same title)                                                                                   
There being no objection, it was so ordered.                                                        
Amendment No. 1 was offered  by Representative Samuels:                                              
Page 3, line 6, following "licenses":                                                               
 Insert "at the first meeting of the board after the applicant for                              
the license satisfies the requirements for the license"                                         
Page 3, line 25:                                                                                    
 Delete "[;"                                                                                        
 Insert ";                                                                                          
       (8)  meet at least twice annually ["                                                     
Representative Samuels moved and asked unanimous consent that                                       
Amendment No. 1 be adopted.                                                                         
Objection was heard and withdrawn.  There being no further objection,                               
Amendment No. 1 was adopted.                                                                        
CSHB 76(FIN) am will advance to third reading on tomorrow's