Legislature(2001 - 2002)

2001-04-23 House Journal

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2001-04-23                     House Journal                      Page 1143
HB 3                                                                                              
The following, which was advanced to third reading from the April 20,                               
2001, calendar (page 1098), was read the third time:                                                
     HOUSE BILL NO. 3                                                                               
     "An Act relating to deposits to the Alaska permanent fund from                                 
     mineral lease rentals, royalties, royalty sale proceeds, net profit                            
     shares under AS 38.05.180(f) and (g), federal mineral revenue                                  
     sharing payments received by the state from mineral leases, and                                
     bonuses received by the state from mineral leases, and limiting                                
     deposits from those sources to the 25 percent required under art.                              
     IX, sec. 15, Constitution of the State of Alaska; and providing for                            
     an effective date."                                                                            
**The presence of Representative Kohring was noted.                                                 
The question being:  "Shall HB 3 pass the House?"  The roll was taken                               
with the following result:                                                                          
HB 3                                                                                                
Third Reading                                                                                       
Final Passage                                                                                       
YEAS:  28   NAYS:  11   EXCUSED:  1   ABSENT:  0                                                  
Yeas:  Bunde, Dyson, Fate, Foster, Green, Guess, Halcro, Harris,                                    
Hayes, Hudson, James, Joule, Kapsner, Kookesh, Kott, Lancaster,                                     
McGuire, Morgan, Moses, Mulder, Murkowski, Porter, Rokeberg,                                        
Scalzi, Stevens, Whitaker, Williams, Wilson                                                         
Nays:  Berkowitz, Chenault, Cissna, Coghill, Crawford, Croft, Davies,                               
Kerttula, Kohring, Masek, Meyer                                                                     

2001-04-23                     House Journal                      Page 1144
Excused:  Ogan                                                                                      
And so, HB 3 passed the House.                                                                      
Representative James moved and asked unanimous consent that the                                     
roll call on the passage of the bill be considered the roll call on the                             
effective date clause.  There being no objection, it was so ordered.                                
Representative Davies gave notice of reconsideration of his vote on                                 
HB 3.