Legislature(1999 - 2000)

1999-05-16 Senate Journal

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1999-05-16                     Senate Journal                      Page 1524
SB 52                                                                        
Senator Mackie requested that the reconsideration on CS FOR                    
SENATE BILL NO. 52(FIN) am An Act relating to competition in                   
the provision of local exchange telephone service; relating to fair and        
equal access to cable television utility services and facilities; and          
providing for an effective date be taken up. The bill was before the           
Senate on reconsideration.                                                     

1999-05-16                     Senate Journal                      Page 1525
SB 52                                                                        
Senator Mackie moved and asked unanimous consent that the                      
reconsideration on the bill be held to the May 17 calendar. Without            
objection, it was so ordered.