Legislature(1999 - 2000)

2000-04-05 Senate Journal

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2000-04-05                     Senate Journal                      Page 2887
SB 34                                                                        
Senator Taylor requested that the reconsideration on CS FOR                    
SENATE BILL NO. 34(FIN) be taken up. The bill was before the                   
Senate on reconsideration.                                                     
The question to be reconsidered: Shall CS FOR SENATE BILL                      
NO. 34(FIN) An Act relating to tattooing, body piercing, and ear               
piercing; relating to other occupations regulated by the Board of              
Barbers and Hairdressers; relating to fees charged by the Board of             
Barbers and Hairdressers; and providing for an effective date pass             
the Senate? The roll was taken with the following result:                      
CSSB 34(FIN)                                                                   
Third Reading - On Reconsideration                                             
Effective Dates                                                                
YEAS:  18   NAYS:  1   EXCUSED:  0   ABSENT:  1                              
Yeas:  Adams, Donley, Ellis, Elton, Halford, Hoffman, Kelly Pete,              
Kelly Tim, Leman, Lincoln, Mackie, Miller, Parnell, Pearce, Phillips,          
Taylor, Ward, Wilken                                                           
Nays:  Green                                                                   
Absent:  Torgerson                                                             

2000-04-05                     Senate Journal                      Page 2888
SB 34                                                                        
and so, CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 34(FIN) passed the Senate on                    
Senator Mackie moved and asked unanimous consent that the vote                 
on the passage of the bill be considered the vote on the effective             
date clauses. Without objection, it was so ordered and the bill was            
referred to the Secretary for engrossment.