Legislature(1999 - 2000)

2000-04-28 House Journal

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2000-04-28                     House Journal                      Page 3565
HB 179                                                                       
The Judiciary Committee has considered:                                        
SPONSOR SUBSTITUTE FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 179                                     
"An Act eliminating the Alaska Public Offices Commission and all              
campaign contribution and expenditure limits; transferring the                 
administration of lobbying, conflict of interest, and financial                
disclosure statutes from the Alaska Public Offices Commission to               
the division of elections; relating to reporting of campaign                   
contributions and expenditures; defining 'full disclosure,'                    
'purposely,' 'recklessly,' and 'resident'; amending the definition of          
'contribution,' 'group,' and 'political party'; changing the residency         
requirements for candidates for public offices; and providing for              
criminal penalties for violation of these provisions."                         
and recommends it be replaced with:                                            

2000-04-28                     House Journal                      Page 3566
HB 179                                                                       
CS FOR SPONSOR SUBSTITUTE FOR HOUSE BILL NO.                                  
"An Act requiring the report of contributions to and expenditures             
on behalf of candidates or groups exceeding $500; requiring an                 
individual, person, or group making contributions or expenditures              
exceeding $500 or an expenditure for advertising or campaign                   
material to report the contribution or expenditure within 30 days;             
specifying that telephone communications intended to influence the             
election of a candidate or outcome of a ballot proposition or                  
question need only be identified by the name of the candidate,                 
group, or individual paying for the communication; and providing               
that nothing in AS 15.13.090 shall be construed to prohibit surveys            
or polls not intended to influence the election of a candidate or              
outcome of a ballot proposition."                                              
The report was signed by Representative Kott, Chair, with the                  
following individual recommendations:                                          
Do pass (3):  James, Rokeberg, Kott                                            
No recommendation (4):  Croft, Murkowski, Green, Kerttula                      
The following fiscal notes apply to CSSSHB 179(JUD):                           
Fiscal note, Dept. of Administration, 4/28/00                                  
Zero fiscal note, House State Affairs Committee, 4/26/00                       
SSHB 179 was referred to the Finance Committee.