Legislature(1997 - 1998)

1997-05-10 Senate Journal

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1997-05-10                     Senate Journal                      Page 1953
HB 198                                                                       
CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 198(FIN) An Act relating to regional                     
dive fishery development associations and to dive fishery                      
management assessments; and providing for an effective date was                
read the second time.                                                          
Senator Lincoln offered Amendment No. 1 :                                       
Page 2, following line 9:                                                      
	Insert a new bill section to read:                                            
   "* Sec. 2.  AS 37.05.146 is amended to read:                              
	Sec. 37.05.146.  Definition of program receipts and non-                     
general fund program receipts.  In AS 37.05.142 - 37.05.146 and               
AS 37.07.080, "program receipts" means fees, charges, income earned            
on assets, and other state money received by a state agency in                 
connection with the performance of its functions; all program receipts         
except the following are general fund program receipts:                        
		(1)  federal receipts;                                                       
		(2)  University of Alaska receipts (AS 14.40.491);                           

1997-05-10                     Senate Journal                      Page 1954
HB 198                                                                       
		(3)  individual, foundation, or corporation gifts,                           
grants, or bequests that by their terms are restricted to a specific           
		(4)  receipts of the following funds:                                        
		(A)  highway working capital fund (AS                                       
		(B)  correctional industries fund (AS                                       
		(C)  loan funds;                                                            
		(D)  international airport revenue fund (AS                                 
		(E)  funds managed by the Alaska Housing                                    
Finance Corporation (AS 18.56.020), the Alaska Railroad                        
Corporation (AS 42.40.010), the Municipal Bond Bank                            
Authority (AS 44.85.020), the Alaska Aerospace                                 
Development Corporation (AS 14.40.821), or the Alaska                          
Industrial Development and Export Authority (AS                                
		(F)  fish and game fund (AS 16.05.100);                                     
		(G)  school fund (AS 43.50.140);                                            
		(H)  training and building fund (AS                                         
		(I)  retirement funds (AS 14.25, AS 22.25,                                  
AS 26.05.222, AS39.35, and former AS 39.37);                                   
		(J)  permanent fund (art. IX, sec. 15, Alaska                               
		(K)  public school fund (AS 37.14.110);                                     
		(L)  second injury fund (AS 23.30.040);                                     
		(M)  fishermen's fund (AS 23.35.060);                                       
		(N)  FICA administration fund (AS                                           
		(O)  receipts of the employee benefits                                      
program established under AS 39.30.150 - 39.30.180;                            
		(P)  receipts of the deferred compensation                                  
program established under AS 39.45;                                            
		(Q)  clean air protection fund (AS                                          
		(R)  receipts of the group insurance                                        
programs established under AS 39.30.090;                                       

1997-05-10                     Senate Journal                      Page 1955
HB 198                                                                       
		(S)  mental health trust fund (AS 37.14.031);                               
		(5)  receipts of or from the trust established by AS                         
37.14.400 - 37.14.450, except reimbursements described in AS                   
		(6)  receipts of a dive fishery management                                   
assessment levied under AS 43.76.150."                                       
Renumber the following bill sections accordingly.                              
Senator Lincoln moved for the adoption of Amendment No. 1.                     
Senator Taylor objected.                                                       
Senator Taylor moved and asked unanimous consent that the bill be              
moved to the bottom of todays calendar.  Without objection, it was             
so ordered.