Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1996-06-05 Senate Journal

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1996-06-05                     Senate Journal                      Page 4306
SB 1010                                                                      
Senator Taylor gave notice of reconsideration on CS FOR SENATE                 
BILL NO. 1010(L&C) am and moved and asked unanimous consent                    
that it be taken up at this time.  Without objection, it was so                
CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 1010(L&C) am was before the Senate                      
in third reading on reconsideration.                                           
The question to be reconsidered: Shall CS FOR SENATE BILL                      
NO. 1010(L&C) am "An Act relating to vehicle records and hearings              
of the Department of Public Safety; increasing the period under                
which a person may drive a motor vehicle under a temporary permit;             
relating to ownership of certain abandoned vehicles; relating to               
suspension or revocation of a vehicle registration, certificate of             
registration, registration plate, or special permit; relating to renewal       
of a driver's license by mail; relating to procedures applicable to            
administrative revocation of a driver's license; relating to commercial        
driver training schools; increasing the property damage amounts for            
financial  responsibility  laws  related to vehicles and proof of motor        

1996-06-05                     Senate Journal                      Page 4307
SB 1010                                                                      
vehicle eligibility in order to lawfully operate a motor vehicle in the        
state; amending the definitions of commercial motor vehicle and                
commercial purposes; relating to prohibitions against operation of             
a commercial motor vehicle and being on duty to operate a                      
commercial motor vehicle and to disqualification from driving a                
commercial motor vehicle; relating to certain notifications in                 
accidents involving property damage; relating to vehicle registration          
procedures; and providing for an effective date" pass the Senate?              
The roll was taken with the following result:                                  
CSSB 1010(L&C) am                                                              
Third Reading - On Reconsideration                                             
Effective Date                                                                 
YEAS:  20   NAYS:  0   EXCUSED:  0   ABSENT:  0                              
Yeas:  Adams, Donley, Duncan, Ellis, Frank, Green, Halford,                    
Hoffman, Kelly, Leman, Lincoln, Miller, Pearce, R.Phillips, Rieger,            
Salo, Sharp, Taylor, Torgerson, Zharoff                                        
and so, CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 1010(L&C) am passed the                         
Senate on reconsideration.                                                     
Senator Halford moved and asked unanimous consent that the vote                
on the passage of the bill be considered the vote on the effective             
date clause.  Without objection, it was so ordered and the bill was            
referred to the Secretary for engrossment.