Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1996-05-06 Senate Journal

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1996-05-06                     Senate Journal                      Page 4064
HB 517                                                                       
The Rules Committee considered CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO.                           
517(TRA)(title am) An Act relating to motor vehicle records and                
hearings of the Department of Public Safety; increasing the period             
under which a person may drive a motor vehicle under a temporary               
permit; relating to ownership of certain abandoned motor vehicles;             
relating to suspension or revocation of a motor vehicle registration           
or special permit; relating to renewal of a driver's license by mail;          
relating to procedures applicable to administrative revocation of a            
driver's license; relating to commercial driver training schools;              
increasing the property damage amounts for proof of financial                  
responsibility and proof of motor vehicle eligibility in order to              
lawfully operate a motor vehicle in the state; amending the definition         
of `commercial motor vehicle'; relating to prohibited operation of a           
commercial motor vehicle and to disqualification from driving a                
commercial motor vehicle; relating to certain notifications in                 
accidents involving property damage; relating to motor vehicle                 
registration procedures; and providing for an effective date.  Signing         
to calendar:  Senator Miller, Chair, Senator Pearce.  Signing to               
calendar and do pass:  Senator Sharp.  Signing under other                     
recommendations:  Senator Salo.                                                
The bill is on today's calendar.