Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1996-05-04 Senate Journal

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1996-05-04                     Senate Journal                      Page 3944
HB 394                                                                       
Senators Sharp, Kelly, Leman, Miller, Green, Pearce moved and                  
asked unanimous consent that they be shown as cross sponsors on                
SENATE CS FOR CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 394(RES) An Act                            
authorizing shallow natural gas leasing from sources within 3,000              
feet of the surface; relating to regulation of natural gas exploration         
facilities for purposes of preparation of discharge prevention and             
contingency plans and compliance with financial responsibility                 
requirements; addressing the relationship between shallow natural gas          
and other natural resources; and adding, in the exemption from                 
obtaining a waste disposal permit for disposal of waste produced               
from drilling, a reference to shallow natural gas.  Without objection,         
it was so ordered.