Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1995-03-28 Senate Journal

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1995-03-28                     Senate Journal                      Page 0810
HB 128                                                                       
The Resources Committee considered CS FOR SPONSOR                              
SUBSTITUTE FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 128(RES) am "An Act                              
relating to the disposal of wastes; giving the Alaska Oil and Gas              
Conservation Commission authority to regulate disposal in the                  
annular space  of an oil or  gas well, or in the  annular space of a           

1995-03-28                     Senate Journal                      Page 0811
HB 128                                                                       
water well associated with exploration and production of oil or gas,           
of drilling mud, cuttings, and nonhazardous drilling operation wastes,         
and exempting that disposal from the requirement of a waste disposal           
permit issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation; and             
establishing an exemption from the requirement of obtaining a waste            
disposal permit from the Department of Environmental Conservation              
for certain activities that yield solid and liquid waste material              
discharges and cooling water discharges" and recommended it be                 
replaced with                                                                  
SENATE CS FOR CS FOR SPONSOR                                                  
SUBSTITUTE FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 128(RES)                                         
Signing do pass: Senator Leman, Chair, Senators Halford, Frank,                
Taylor.  Signing no recommendation: Senators Hoffman, Lincoln.                 
Zero fiscal note for the Senate Committee Substitute published today           
from Department of Administration.  Previous House zero fiscal                 
The bill was referred to the Rules Committee.