Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1995-09-27 House Journal

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1995-09-27                     House Journal                      Page 2327
qualify under the program.  The Municipality of Anchorage has asked            
me to veto a legislative change to their allocation ($16,809 for the           
UAA Consortium Library) because it is not a municipal project, was             
not on the municipality's priority list and does not have the required         
municipal matching funds.  Under the rules of the program, these funds         
will remain available to Anchorage next year for allocation to projects        
which are specified on the municipality's priority list.                       
Notes on Two Appropriations Approved by the Governor                         
Base Schools  I approved the appropriation of $8,650,000 to upgrade        
elementary schools at Eielson Air Force Base, Elmendorf Air Force              
Base and Fort Richardson.  This funding will be matched by nearly              
$15,000,000 which has now been firmly committed by the federal                 
Departments of Defense and Education.  Once these schools have been            
reconstructed and upgraded to acceptable standards, title to them will         
be transferred to the local school districts.  While these schools were        
not on the top of the state Department of Education's priority list for        
work in FY96, we have an opportunity this year to capture two federal          
HB 268                                                                       
dollars for each one we commit as a state.  This is a first step towards       
reducing the long list of schools around the state that need to be             
reconstructed or have major renovations made in order to provide               
good, safe facilities needed to provide a quality education for our            
children. (Sec. 6)                                                             
Federal Highway Fund Authorizations  There are five federal                
highway projects added by the Legislature which I have not vetoed              
even though they are not in the FY96 Statewide Transportation                  
Improvement Plan (STIP) prepared by the Department of                          
Transportation and Public Facilities. DOT is currently reviewing all           
transportation plans and will be proposing amendments to the STIP              
before the next legislative session.                                           
Although these five federal projects have been left intact in the FY96         
budget, I am not recommending they be automatically added to the               
STIP.  All federal projects will be reviewed on their merits by the            
department and may or may not be added to the STIP.  By not vetoing