Legislature(1993 - 1994)

1994-04-05 Senate Journal

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1994-04-05                     Senate Journal                      Page 3446
SB 346                                                                       
The Labor and Commerce Committee considered SENATE BILL                        
NO. 346 "An Act requiring that charitable gaming permittees,                   
operators, and vendors may not turn over a pull tab or bingo prize             
of $50 or more to a person entitled to that prize unless the person            
provides certain information to the permittee, operator, or vendor and         
signs a receipt for the prize; requiring the reporting of winners of           
prizes of $50 or more to the Department of Health and Social                   
Services to ensure that recipients of services provided by the                 
Department of Health and Social Services are reporting charitable              
gaming winnings and are eligible for those services."  Signing no              
recommendation: Senator Kelly, Chair, Senators Sharp, Rieger.                  
Fiscal notes from Department of Health and Social Services (2) and             
zero fiscal note from Department of Revenue published today.                   

1994-04-05                     Senate Journal                      Page 3447
SB 346                                                                       
SENATE BILL NO. 346 was referred to the Health, Education and                  
Social Services Committee.