Legislature(1993 - 1994)

1994-05-03 Senate Journal

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1994-05-03                     Senate Journal                      Page 4300
SB 313                                                                       
Senator Rieger requested that the reconsideration on SENATE BILL               
NO. 313 am "An Act relating to the Comprehensive Health                        
Insurance Association and to health insurance provided to residents            
of the state who are high risks; relating to health insurance fees,            
charges, premiums, rates, and rating factors; relating to disclosure of        

1994-05-03                     Senate Journal                      Page 4301
SB 313                                                                       
health care provider prices, a health care data system, and uniform            
data and procedures for health care billing and payment of claims;             
relating to coordination of insurance benefits and to determination            
and disclosure of fees paid to an insured or health care provider;             
establishing an advisory committee on a health care plan and an                
advisory committee on public health; and providing for an effective            
date" be taken up.                                                             
SB 313                                                                       
SENATE BILL NO. 313 am was before the Senate on                                
Senator Rieger called the Senate, then lifted his call.                        
Senator Rieger moved and asked unanimous consent that the bill be              
held on reconsideration to the May 4 calendar.  Without objection,             
it was so ordered.