Legislature(1993 - 1994)

1993-04-15 Senate Journal

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1993-04-15                     Senate Journal                      Page 1422
SB 200                                                                       
SENATE BILL NO. 200 by SENATOR JACKO, entitled:                                
"An Act allowing the holders of a multiple-                                   
beneficiary charitable gaming permit that consists                             
entirely of noncommercial broadcasting stations or                             
networks of such stations to sell a pull-tab series at                         
more than one location during the same day if the                              
sales are made at the customary business location of                           
one or more of the holders, at another location by                             
an employee of one of the stations or networks, or                             
by a registered vendor; allowing permittees that are                           
noncommercial broadcasting stations or networks of                             
such stations to contract with vendors to sell pull-                           
tabs on behalf of the permittee at retail                                      
establishments, eating establishments, and                                     
establishments with liquor licenses; allowing                                  
municipalities to prohibit vendors from conducting                             
gaming activities within the municipality; relating to                         
reports by the commissioner regulating charitable                              
gaming to the legislature; requiring registration of                           
vendors; relating to multiple-beneficiary charitable                           
gaming permits and door prizes for charitable                                  
gaming; preventing persons with felony convictions                             
or convictions for crimes involving theft or                                   
dishonesty or a violation of gambling laws from                                
being  involved in charitable gaming activities as a                           

1993-04-15                     Senate Journal                      Page 1423
SB 200                                                                       
permittee, licensee, vendor, person responsible for an                        
activity, fund raiser or consultant of a licensee, or                          
employee in a managerial or supervisory capacity                               
and providing exceptions for certain persons whose                             
convictions are at least 10 years old and are not for                          
violation of an unclassified felony described in AS                            
11, a class A felony, or extortion; prohibiting a                              
prize or award of more than $250,000 in a pull-tab                             
game that provides a right to participate in a lottery;                        
requiring a vendor contracting with a permittee to                             
pay the permittee at least 50 percent of the ideal net                         
for each pull-tab series delivered to the vendor by                            
the permittee; and providing for an effective date."                           
was read the first time and referred to the Finance Committee.