Legislature(1993 - 1994)

1993-02-19 House Journal

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1993-02-19                     House Journal                      Page 0386
HB 43                                                                         
The Judiciary Committee has considered:                                        
	HOUSE BILL NO. 43                                                             
"An Act relating to the crime of conspiracy."                                 
The report was signed by Representative Porter, Chair, with the                
following individual recommendations:                                          
Do pass (3):  Porter, Phillips, Kott                                           
No recommendation (2): Green, Nordlund                                         
A letter of intent, signed by Representative Porter, Chair, appears            
Letter of Intent for                                                           
HB 43                                                                          
"The House Judiciary Committee discussed several questions regarding           
the present fiscal notes to HB 43, An Act relating to the Crime of             
Conspiracy. In the committee's view, there may be some minimal                 

1993-02-19                     House Journal                      Page 0387
HB 43                                                                        
impact upon the criminal justice system, but not nearly to the extent          
estimated by some of the criminal justice agencies.  The Judiciary             
Committee respectfully suggests that the Finance Committee closely             
examine the assumptions upon which the fiscal notes for HB 43 are              
presently based.                                                               
Testimony presented to the committee indicated that, on the federal            
level, criminal defendants who are charged with both conspiracy and            
for the completed criminal offense are sometimes motivated to enter            
a plea admitting guilt to one or the other crime, disposing of the case        
in a timely and relatively efficient manner.  This would tend to               
somewhat lessen the pressures on the criminal justice system, not              
increase them.                                                                 
Several witnesses, including members of the defense bar, testified that        
Alaska's present criminal laws regarding accomplice liability and              
attempts are relatively broad; thus the range of criminal conduct that         
would be chargeable under a new conspiracy law is a narrow one. In             
the view of the committee, this position is consistent with the 'zero'         
fiscal notes submitted by the Departments of Law and Public Safety."           
The following fiscal notes apply to HB 43:                                     
Fiscal note, Alaska Court System, 2/19/93                                      
Fiscal note, Dept. of Corrections, 2/19/93                                     
Fiscal notes (2), Dept. of Administration, 2/8/93                              
Zero fiscal note, Dept. of Law, 2/19/93                                        
Zero fiscal note, Dept. of Public Safety, 2/8/93                               
HB 43 was referred to the Finance Committee.