SR 2 am: Urging the governor to issue a new declaration.

00 SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 2 am 01 Urging the governor to issue a new declaration. 02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE: 03 WHEREAS, on January 14, 2021, the governor issued a declaration under AS 26.23, 04 stating that the outbreak of COVID-19 was occurring in the state because of widespread 05 community transmission; and 06 WHEREAS, since the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in the state in March 2020, the 07 effects have resulted in serious consequences for all residents of the state; and 08 WHEREAS the Senate recognizes that, because of local action, students throughout 09 the state have been deprived of in-person learning, and the state has seen increased incidence 10 of depression and other emotional harm in students as a result of school closures, as well as 11 increased instances of child abuse and food insecurity; and 12 WHEREAS the Senate also recognizes that communities in the state have seen fit to 13 impose lockdown orders, which have severely reduced economic activity in those 14 communities, resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs, the closure of many businesses, and 15 significant economic harm to a large proportion of Alaskans in various economic sectors; and 16 WHEREAS it is the position of the Senate that a health care provider may not

01 administer a COVID-19 vaccine to an individual without first obtaining the informed consent 02 of the individual or, if the individual is a minor child, of a parent or guardian of the minor 03 child; and 04 WHEREAS the Senate supports that an individual or a parent or guardian of a minor 05 child may object to the administration of a COVID-19 vaccine based on religious, medical, or 06 other grounds, and that a person may not require an individual to provide justification or 07 documentation to support the individual's decision to decline a COVID-19 vaccine or to 08 decline a COVID-19 vaccine for a minor child; and 09 WHEREAS, partly because of the state's robust COVID-19 response efforts and the 10 governor's leadership, the state currently has the third-lowest COVID-19 fatality rate in the 11 United States; and 12 WHEREAS, because of diligent efforts, the state has one of the highest vaccination 13 rates in the United States; and 14 WHEREAS the Senate acknowledges the state's transition from a disaster to a 15 recovery phase and supports the reduction of mandates to carefully but fully reopen the state's 16 economy, while safely protecting Alaskans; and 17 WHEREAS the governor's January 14, 2021, declaration is set to expire on 18 February 14, 2021; and 19 WHEREAS there is insufficient time to allow the Alaska State Legislature to fully 20 debate and determine the least restrictive means to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and pass 21 legislation, instead of relying on additional emergency orders, while, at the same time, being 22 certain that the state does not lose access to federal funding for programs important to 23 Alaskans; 24 BE IT RESOLVED that the Senate, without waiving the authority of the legislature 25 under AS 26.23.020(c) or 26.23.025(b), urges the governor to issue a new, narrowly defined 26 declaration, not to exceed 30 days, to access funding and protect the health and safety of 27 Alaskans.