SB 216: "An Act relating to dementia awareness."

00 SENATE BILL NO. 216 01 "An Act relating to dementia awareness." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 18.09 is amended by adding a new section to read: 04 Article 2A. Dementia Awareness Program. 05 Sec. 18.09.300. Dementia awareness program. (a) The department shall 06 develop and implement a statewide dementia awareness program. The program must, 07 to the extent consistent with state law, secure the full benefits available to the state 08 under 42 U.S.C. 280c-3 - 280c-5. 09 (b) The department shall 10 (1) develop dementia educational materials and provide the materials 11 to health boards, physicians, hospitals, and medical clinics for distribution to the 12 public; 13 (2) develop targeted, job-specific educational programs related to 14 dementia for judicial staff, law enforcement, firefighters, social service providers, and 15 emergency responders that address recognizing symptoms of dementia and responding

01 to the needs of persons with dementia; 02 (3) maintain a list of state providers who diagnose, evaluate, or 03 manage dementia; 04 (4) consult with the major state and national nonprofit organizations 05 providing care and support for individuals living with dementia to develop 06 informational material about the symptoms and treatment of dementia for a public 07 awareness campaign; 08 (5) coordinate with the public and community organizations to develop 09 and implement community-based programs and activities to educate the public about 10 dementia; and 11 (6) implement a public awareness campaign designed to inform the 12 public about dementia and encourage the public to seek diagnosis using a variety of 13 media to 14 (A) publicize the scope and magnitude of dementia in the state; 15 (B) promote the benefits of early detection and diagnosis of 16 dementia, including community events that emphasize the importance of 17 seeking a diagnosis when an individual experiences symptoms of dementia; 18 (C) increase public awareness regarding the causes and nature 19 of dementia, the available methods individuals and families may use to 20 minimize the risk of developing dementia, including diet and physical exercise, 21 and the services available in the state to diagnose and treat dementia; 22 (D) promote the availability and importance of the annual 23 wellness visit available to Medicare recipients; 24 (E) publish easily understandable information about the 25 symptoms and treatment of dementia on the department's Internet website; and 26 (F) disseminate the list of state providers who diagnose, 27 evaluate, or manage dementia, a description of diagnostic procedures for 28 identifying dementia, and a description of the current state of research on 29 treatment of dementia.