Enrolled HCR 9: Designating May 1 - 7, 2022, as Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week.

00Enrolled HCR 9 01 Designating May 1 - 7, 2022, as Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week. 02 _______________ 03 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 04 WHEREAS many people with serious, chronic mental illness, such as schizophrenia, 05 bipolar disorder, and severe depression, or gastrointestinal disorders, including gastroparesis, 06 nausea, and vomiting, require treatment with medications that work as dopamine receptor 07 blocking agents, including antipsychotics; and 08 WHEREAS, while ongoing treatment with dopamine receptor blocking agents can be 09 very helpful, and even lifesaving, taking these medications can lead to tardive dyskinesia; and 10 WHEREAS tardive dyskinesia is a movement disorder that is characterized by 11 random, involuntary, and uncontrolled movements of different muscles in the face, trunk, and 12 extremities; and 13 WHEREAS, although not everyone who takes a dopamine receptor blocking agent 14 develops tardive dyskinesia, the disorder can develop months, years, or decades after a person 15 starts taking these medications, can continue even after the person has discontinued the use of 16 the medications, and can even be permanent; and 17 WHEREAS it is estimated that over 500,000 Americans suffer from tardive

01 dyskinesia; and 02 WHEREAS, according to the National Alliance for Mental Illness, one in every four 03 patients receiving long-term treatment with an antipsychotic medication will experience 04 tardive dyskinesia; and 05 WHEREAS years of difficult and challenging research have resulted in recent 06 scientific breakthroughs, with two new treatments for tardive dyskinesia recently approved by 07 the United States Food and Drug Administration; and 08 WHEREAS, because tardive dyskinesia is often unrecognized and patients suffering 09 from it are commonly misdiagnosed, the American Psychiatric Association recommends 10 regular screenings for tardive dyskinesia for patients taking dopamine receptor blocking 11 agents; and 12 WHEREAS the Alaska State Legislature supports raising awareness of tardive 13 dyskinesia in the public and medical community; 14 BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature designates May 1 - 7, 2022, as 15 Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week and encourages individuals in the state to become better 16 informed about and aware of tardive dyskinesia.