SB 117: "An Act relating to disbursement of the permanent fund dividend."

00 SENATE BILL NO. 117 01 "An Act relating to disbursement of the permanent fund dividend." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 43.23.055 is amended to read: 04 Sec. 43.23.055. Duties of the department. The department shall 05 (1) annually pay permanent fund dividends from the dividend fund in 06 quarterly installments; 07 (2) subject to AS 43.23.011 and (8) of this section, adopt regulations 08 under AS 44.62 (Administrative Procedure Act) that establish procedures and time 09 limits for claiming a permanent fund dividend; the department shall determine the 10 number of eligible applicants by October 1 of the year for which the dividend is 11 declared and pay the dividends by December 31 of that year; 12 (3) adopt regulations under AS 44.62 (Administrative Procedure Act) 13 that establish procedures and time limits for an individual upon emancipation or upon 14 reaching majority to apply for permanent fund dividends not received during minority 15 because the parent, guardian, or other authorized representative did not apply on

01 behalf of the individual; 02 (4) assist residents of the state, particularly in rural areas, who, because 03 of language, disability, or inaccessibility to public transportation, need assistance to 04 establish eligibility and to apply for permanent fund dividends; 05 (5) use a list of individuals ineligible for a dividend under 06 AS 43.23.005(d) provided annually by the Department of Corrections and the 07 Department of Public Safety to determine the number and identity of those 08 individuals; 09 (6) adopt regulations that are necessary to implement AS 43.23.005(d) 10 and 43.23.048; 11 (7) adopt regulations that establish procedures for the parent, guardian, 12 or other authorized representative of a disabled individual to apply for prior year 13 permanent fund dividends not received by the disabled individual because no 14 application was submitted on behalf of the individual; 15 (8) adopt regulations that establish procedures for an individual to 16 apply to have a dividend disbursement under AS 37.25.050(a)(2) reissued if it is not 17 collected within two years after the date of its issuance; however, the department may 18 not establish a time limit within which an application to have a disbursement reissued 19 must be filed; 20 (9) provide any information, upon request, contained in permanent 21 fund dividend records to the child support services agency created in AS 25.27.010, or 22 the child support enforcement agency of another state, for child support purposes 23 authorized under law; if the information is contained in an electronic data base, the 24 department shall provide the requesting agency with either 25 (A) access to the data base; or 26 (B) a copy of the information in the data base and a statement 27 certifying its contents; 28 (10) establish a fraud investigation unit for the purpose of assisting the 29 (A) Department of Law in the prosecution of individuals who 30 apply for or obtain a permanent fund dividend in violation of a provision in 31 AS 11, by detecting and investigating those crimes; and

01 (B) commissioner to detect and investigate the claiming or 02 paying of permanent fund dividends that should not have been claimed by or 03 paid to an individual and to impose the penalties and enforcement provisions 04 under AS 43.23.270; 05 (11) adopt regulations under AS 44.62 (Administrative Procedure Act) 06 so that contributions under AS 43.23.062 are given a priority over donations under 07 AS 43.23.064 if the total amount of contributions and donations elected by an 08 applicant exceeds the amount of the permanent fund dividend that the applicant is 09 entitled to receive.