HB 282: "An Act establishing an Office of Public Policy Events at each campus of the University of Alaska."

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 282 01 "An Act establishing an Office of Public Policy Events at each campus of the University 02 of Alaska." 03 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 04 * Section 1. AS 14.40 is amended by adding a new section to read: 05 Sec. 14.40.105. Establishment of Offices of Public Policy Events. (a) The 06 University of Alaska shall establish an Office of Public Policy Events at each campus 07 of the university. Each Office of Public Policy Events shall 08 (1) organize, publicize, and stage debates, forums, and lectures from 09 diverse perspectives that address public policy issues that are widely discussed and 10 debated in society; 11 (2) invite speakers with a wide diversity of perspectives to participate 12 in debates, forums, and lectures, including speakers that are not affiliated with the 13 university who hold perspectives and opinions that are poorly represented on the 14 campus;

01 (3) when necessary, provide honoraria and reimbursement for travel or 02 lodging expenses to participants in a debate, forum, or lecture organized by the Office 03 of Public Policy Events; 04 (4) maintain an up-to-date calendar, both in print and online, that is 05 accessible to the public and lists all events organized by the Office of Public Policy 06 Events and all other on-campus public policy debates, forums, and lectures that are 07 open to the campus community; for each event, excluding an event sponsored by an 08 off-campus group taking place in a rented facility, the calendar must include the title 09 of the event, the name of each speaker, the institutional affiliation, if any, of each 10 speaker, and the name of the organization sponsoring the event; 11 (5) deliver paper and electronic copies of the calendars described in (4) 12 of this subsection from the previous academic year to the governor, the senate 13 secretary, and the chief clerk of the house of representatives not later than September 1 14 of each calendar year and preserve and make available to the public in the University 15 of Alaska libraries all current and past calendars; 16 (6) make a video recording of each event organized by the Office of 17 Public Policy Events and make the video recordings available to the public 18 (A) online within 10 business days after the event until at least 19 five years have elapsed from the date of the event; and 20 (B) in the University of Alaska libraries permanently; 21 (7) ensure that an event organized by the Office of Public Policy 22 Events is open to all University of Alaska students, faculty and staff, and the general 23 public, except that the office may, if necessary, restrict the attendance of a person who 24 is not affiliated with the university. 25 (b) Notwithstanding (a) of this section, the University of Alaska may assign 26 the duties of an Office of Public Policy Events to an existing administrative office on 27 each campus if the university designates an administrator in that office as the director 28 of public policy events for that campus. The director of public policy events shall 29 perform the duties described in (a) of this section. 30 (c) In this section, "campus" means a portion of the University of Alaska 31 designated as a campus by the Board of Regents.